4 Meditations To Keep You Grounded During This Weekend’s Intense New Moon

Group diverse young beautiful women sitting in lotus position meditating during session at yoga studio. Girls practising exercises visualizing calming the brain increasing awareness and attentiveness

Typically, a new moon is a low-key celestial event that simply serves as a prompt for introspection amongst all zodiac signs. However, the effects that the Oct. 27 new moon will have on us are going to be way more intense than that. That in mind, you'll want to arm yourself with some meditations for the October new moon, because if you don't schedule in this time for self-care, you'll find the event ~challenging~.

With Scorpio season already putting an intense energy into the air, things are made more unpredictable and more mysterious by Uranus, which will be perfectly aligned with the moon on Oct. 27. According to astrologer Kyle Thomas, Uranus has an intangible energy; it's the planet known for its ability to shake things up and inspire a change of course. This not only means that we should anticipate our plans being changed by unforeseen circumstances, but also that we should be ready to deal with something that's going to take a lot of energy. This is why it's so import to schedule some quiet time for yourself to meditate and find your center before things get ~wonky~.

Here I've put together a list of meditations that will help you carve out that introspective space you'd usually find with the new moon, and ready yourself for intense surprises.

Find Your Inner Calm Meditation

If the combination of the energy from Uranus and Scorpio screw up your plans during the October new moon, this meditation will offer some tools for you to stay calm. If you're in the right mindset and not overwhelmed by minor challenges that arise, you won't be flustered or thrown off course.

Anxiety Relief Meditation

During this time, Scorpio's energy might be intensifying some of your feelings, making you more anxious or restless than usual. Take some time to practice on your breathing and diffuse your anxiety before it becomes unmanageable with this simple meditation for beginners.

Uranus Influence Meditation

Uranus gets a bad reputation for screwing up plans and making complications, but if you focus on the positive aspects of the planetary influence, you can have a totally different experience with it. This meditation will help you think about Uranus as a great opportunity for some spontaneity, freedom, and fun.

Scorpio Season Meditation

This meditation is incredibly calming, so it can be used to help you fall asleep, or connect more deeply with yourself in an energizing way. Follow the guided narration and confront all of the areas of your life that are activated right now and breathe into them to make them more manageable and less intimidating. If you ride the waves of Scorpio's influence on the October new moon, you can get in-tune with yourself in a profound way.