This Zodiac Sign Is More Prone To Getting A Cold During July’s Mercury Retrograde

by Kaitlyn Wylde
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Though anyone who is an Aquarius zodiac sign might feel as though their adaptable nature allows them to quite literally float away from astrological events like Mercury retrograde, I'm sorry to say this is not the case. No zodiac sign is immune to Mercury retrograde, even an Aquarius. There are, however, some key predictions for Aquarius signs during Mercury retrograde summer 2019 which reveal that the air sign is definitely going to be feeling the pull of the planet's backward motion in all aspects of their lives. Even if they're on top of their game at work, things are going to feel stressful, and even if their personal relationships are thriving, they're going to feel tense at times during the remainder of the retrograde season.

Bustle talked to astrologer Linda Furiate about how Aquarians will specifically be effected by the retrograde season, as their astrological personalities will navigate the crisis and casual conflicts in a unique way. While Furiate agrees that Aquarians are independent thinkers and often do avoid certain fates on account of their personalities and the way they move through the world, retrograde doesn't spare them. Here are a few predictions that Furiate sees for Aquarians, whether they believe in the effects of retrograde or not, they can expect to experience these events or feelings.

Work Might Get Stressful


According to Furiate, "Aquarians may find themselves knee deep with an unexpected workload," so try to be as efficient as you can with your time. That way, if a big project presents itself, you won't be crushed by it. Getting up a little earlier or staying at the office a little later might help you to stay on top of your work and even leave room for incoming responsibilities.

Minor Health Issues Might Arise


Don't waste your sick days during Mercury's retrograde, as Furiate warns that you might be feeling under the weather. "The Aquarian may find that they must alter or reschedule an important meeting or presentation due to a minor health concern," so take your vitamins, get good sleep, and make back up plans for important work events.

You Might Need To Take The Lead


Aquarians aren't always the first person to step up and take the lead, but they might find themselves in a situation where they have to. "A normal routine day could encounter the need to step into a leadership role when a co-worker or family member may need their help," Furiate predicts, so if you see the need for someone to step up, know that you're the person for the job and can handle it.

You'll Need To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone


"This summer’s retrograde season may test Aquarius to step outside of their cozy box," Furiate suggests, so consider saying "yes" to an invitation that you're inclined to decline. Forcing yourself to try things that don't feel comfortable will help you grow and give you a chance to have a summer experience that you won't forget. With retrograde season coming to a close, you'll want to take advantage of that brave energy while you can — maybe it will stick with you.