4 Mercury Retrograde Summer 2019 Predictions For Capricorn Zodiac Signs That Prove You Should Prioritize Self-Care Right Now


There's a lot of cosmic action happening in July. We're dealing with two new moons, two eclipses, and, to top off the astrological sundae, Mercury is retrograde. No wonder we're all feeling some type of way. that's a lot! The planet of communication has been out of sorts since Jul. 7 and won't turn direct until Jul. 31. Until then, there are a few more hurdles to overcome. But with the knowledge of Mercury Retrograde summer 2019 Capricorn predictions, you'll be equipped with strategies to endure the transit so that you can soar once Mercury turns direct.

Mercury moves into Cancer from Jul. 19 to Jul. 31 and blasts into Capricorn's partnership sector. Relationships — romantic, platonic, professional — will all be highlighted. It's important to slow down and respect each relationship during this seemingly chaotic time. The planet rules communication, technology and travel and when it's retrograde it notoriously stirs up ~drama~. Pay attention to how you address situations. Take water cooler breaks when you need to.

Of all the zodiac signs, you're the most likely to stay on top of agendas and push forward, sending follow up e-mail after follow up e-mail. While that's usually appreciated it has the ability to come off the wrong way during this retrograde. Slow down. Re-re-re-RE-read your e-mails before shooting them off. Don't just look out for typos. Make sure your language is clear to avoid a frustrating back-and-forth. Once Mercury turns direct, everything will return to smooth(er) sailing and the agenda will be clear(er).

You Need Time To Relax


Don't zoom through the day, swatting away e-mails and texts from close friends or colleagues like they're pesky mosquitos. "Listen (without interrupting) and confirm that you're totally clear on what the person is saying, asking or expecting before you part ways," the AstroTwins Ophira & Tali Edut wrote on their site, AstroStyle. It's important to clearly communicate to avoid any sort of drama. Do this by slowing down, thinking about what you want to say and how to best say it.

Past Flames Could Reignite


Seeing an ex's name appear on your phone might actually provide some comfort this Mercury Retrograde, Capricorn. "Partnership is your main focus during this time, but you could actually find immense luck by revisiting love or friendship from the past. If you’ve been hoping to rekindle a flame with an ex, ask them to go for a quick day trip somewhere or go to a place you’re likely to bump into them at. They’ll likely feel the spark reignite," astrologer Kyle Thomas tells Bustle. If you're communicating coherently, and both on the same page emotionally, this could be a considerable time to reignite the flame. The same could be true for an old friend.

Expect Delays But Be Patient


You work hard, Capricorn. And you don't work hard to stay stationary. You work hard to keep moving forward! Mercury Retrograde loves a delay. "You may be seeing some backtracking with loans, dues, debts, or relationships before you feel you're going forward. You may be waiting for information, and patience is required," Cafe Astrology shared. Frustrating? Sure. But you'll be back on track in no time. (Starting Jul. 31 when Mercury turns direct, to be exact!)

You'll Start Establishing Boundaries


The end of Mercury Retrograde ushers us into Leo season. Partnerships will be in the lion's spotlight. "Setting boundaries with others is essential at this time in order to define limits," astrologer Lisa Stardust tells Bustle. Find your inner roar and stick up for yourself if need be. Just be aware that with Mercury still retrograde you run the risk of miscommunication. Remember to be as crystal-clear as possible.