4 National Selfie Day Deals & Freebies To Take Advantage Of On June 21

National Selfie Day is Thursday, June 21, and it's an excuse to post pictures of your face all over the internet, even though you should post pictures of yourself year-round if that's what you're into. But like most holidays of dubious origin, National Selfie Day brings a certain allure — brands are capitalizing on the day, which means you're more likely to get free stuff. If you're looking for National Selfie Day deals and freebies, you've come to the right place. Thursday is also National Smoothie Day, so it's also good day for anyone who wants to save money. Unfortunately, selfie day doesn't bring as many free things as other holidays, but they're still out there.

Even if you're not a selfie person, Thursday gives you a reason to practice. Instagram and Facebook will be flooded with self-indulgent pictures, so there's no reason not to indulge. Even if you're not good at coming up with creative selfies, you can just pull out your front-facing camera and smile at the camera. It's the one day where no one can judge you for not being original, and that's the beautiful thing about it. Once you're done posing for a selfie, you should enter the giveaways and look for the freebies mentioned below.


A FaceTune Giveaway

The FaceTune app is instrumental for great selfies. Even though it's often used for manipulating pictures and erasing blemishes, you can also change the lighting and color of a picture with FaceTune. If you want a chance at $100 worth of Tarte Cosmetics, use #Facetune2 and #NationalSelfieDay and you could get a bunch of free stuff. The contest ends Thursday night at midnight, and with three winners, your chances may be better than you'd think. If you're a makeup lover, this is a super easy giveaway to enter on National Selfie Day.



McDonald's is arguably seizing on the holiday more than any other brand. They're partnering with Kirby Jenner, a Kardashian parody account run by a team of people, per Teen Vogue, to release the Frylus, which is a stylus that works on smartphones and allows you to take pictures without having to put your hands on the screen. To be honest, the whole thing feels a bit like a marketing ploy that's meant to fool all of us, but McDonald's says the tool will be available in 2,000 locations. If you need a new stylus, tomorrow's the day to get one for free.



Conoco isn't the most glamorous brand around — let's be real. Gas stations don't exactly inspire envy or provide great selfie backdrops. But the brand is doing something fun for National Selfie Day. If you send in a selfie Thursday, a caricature artist will sketch it for you. It isn't clear how long Conoco will provide sketches, so it's a good idea to log on before the official 12 p.m. start time to make sure your face is drawn in all of its glory.


Lucky Charms cereal isn't offering you free stuff, but if you buy the product anyway, you could be featured by the brand if you take a selfie with a bowl of cereal. Not bad for an effort that'll only take a few minutes, and you can kill two birds with one stone and get breakfast out of the way at the same time.

Like many holidays that pop out of nowhere, National Selfie Day isn't something that's recognized nationally or acknowledged by people who aren't extremely online all of the time. But it gives you a reason to get free stuff, win contests and post pictures of yourself without feeling any guilt or weirdness, which is a good thing.