4 New Trader Joe's Items From April 2019 You Have To Try Immediately

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's knows what the people want and knows how to give it to them. Right now, it would seem as though the people want sweets. The four new items from Trader Joe's that dropped in April have almost all been sweet treats. Maybe it's the good mood from warm weather that makes people crave sugar. Maybe these new products were released with the forthcoming Easter holiday in mind. Whatever inspired the new Trader Joe's releases, fans will be here for them, and already adding them to a grocery list.

Trader Joe's never goes too long without adding something new to shelves. The retailer is primarily known for its array of unique and inventive products (and, of course, being the place to go for everything pumpkin in the fall). The specialty grocer does a marvelous job of slightly altering classic favorites; you'll find an example of this on the list. What TJ truly doesn't get enough credit for, though, the store is its understanding and consideration of dietary restrictions and choices. There are plenty of vegan and gluten-free products on shelves and advertised in the weekly Fearless Flyer. Plus, labeling common allergens on its packages is standard practice for the chain. Trader Joe's has how to run a grocery store down pat, and its April releases solidify that.