These 4 Signs WON’T Be Affected By Jupiter Retrograde This Year

by Brittany Bennett
Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Although every sign will at least sorta, kinda feel the effects of Jupiter retrograde as it occurs between Mar. 9 and Jul. 10 in 2018, it'll affect every sign in different ways — and it'll affect some signs more than others. Considering Jupiter retrograde is one of the weightier retrogrades that occurs in our solar system (unsurprising, since it literally lasts for four months), being one of the signs that has it easy would be ideal — so it's worth finding out if your sign won't be affected by Jupiter retrograde.

According to Astrology King, "Jupiter retrograde in transit is a regular cycle occurring every 13 months, and lasting for about four months. Transiting Jupiter retrograde represents a time of philosophical or spiritual introspection and reflection. You will have to deal with particular issues involving growth and development, happiness and success." Jupiter, the planet of luck, began it's retrograde just earlier in March, so it's still got a lot of time left to go — and as a result, many people might be feeling a little more prone to analyzing their lives, reflecting on their past, and maybe even a little bad luck. While this slow down may be frustrating for the lot of us, there are some signs that will feel the affects of Jupiter retrograde in a "lite" sort of fashion, if you will.

While there are still benefits from self-reflection, like taking the time to strengthen yourself for what the future holds, slowing down is an annoying road block. So, ~lucky~ you if one of these signs is yours: You won't have to go through the next few months in excruciatingly slow motion. Congratulations, everyone!


While other signs of the zodiac are taking a long hard look in the mirror and learning about self-care, Taurus can enjoy a slow down in terms of spending. Which, honestly, is the probably best thing for your bank account. Forever Conscious writes, "this means giving up a luxury object or not being able to buy something self-indulgent, such as that gas-eating SUV or the latest kitchen gadget. Many Taurus individuals will also have to curb their spending when it comes to buying liquor and food." You might not want to purchase that Instant Pot just yet, but, I think you'll get by without it for a few more months. ~So rough.~


While your personal life might be going through some ~things~, this Jupiter retrograde affords you some downtime, which is always welcomed. Think: getting off the hook when it comes to weekend plans for some "you" time. Forever Conscious says, "You will not expect a lot from others and they will not be expecting a lot from you, not because they dislike you but because they are giving you some space to heal." Enjoy the time for yourself and with your closest loved ones.


This retrograde will have you reviewing your finances. And looks like that's all in your favor! As Love by Luna writes, "You may have seen an increase in your income by looking for better jobs or by asking for a raise, and if not, this is the time to review how you can do so." Seems like it won't be a bad idea to make a game plan to increase your income, Libra. It seems that luck is on your side during this retrograde. Put your best resume forward and let the rest ... flow.


Ready to make dreams come true? Jupiter thinks it's about time. While you may be getting less group texts blowing up your phone, use this time to your advantage to re work your vision board and meditate on how to make it all happen. Love by Luna says, "You will be considering what you want long-term and how you get it. Think about that vision you've always wanted. Make a plan. You're good at that. Create the steps. Make it possible. This can cover any area of life." Enjoy this quiet time making it all happen, Capricorn!