If You’re One Of These 4 Signs, Jupiter Retrograde Is Going To Be ROCKY

by Brittany Bennett
David McNew/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The term retrograde has a bad reputation. It's not all about walking on egg shells. A retrograde can actually help propel us forward once the planet in transit turns direct. Think of Jupiter turning retrograde for 4 months less as something to dread and more as something to benefit from. There are some signs that will be more affected by Jupiter retrograde than others, and honestly, it's all going to be ok. Take the lessons and be better for it.

Four months seems like an eternity to have a planet out of whack. But Jupiter in retrograde isn't exactly that other pesky planet that meddles with our communication and slows our travel. While there still may be delays to our plans, the zodiac might not feel as frustrated as when under the spell of Mercury's retrograde. But there are still lessons to learn and the past to reflect upon.

Mark your calendars, Jupiter is retrograde from Mar. 9 to Jul. 10. According to, Jupiter is the planet of luck, and is described as, "the guardian of the abstract mind, this planet rules higher learning, and bestows upon us a yen for exploring ideas, both intellectually and spiritually." Does that mean that with the planet in retrograde some signs will fall upon unlucky times? Not exactly.

With retrogrades it's important to proceed with caution and focus on any loose ends that aren't yet neatly knotted into a bow. While the entire zodiac is embarking on this retrograde season, there are some signs that will feel the affects of retrograde the most.


It's natural for a Gemini to want to be in twenty places at one time. Unfortunately, nobody has figured out how to manipulate time to make that possible. Jupiter in retrograde will sort of, kind of force Gemini to sit still and focus on one project at a time. Cafe Astrology says, "Jupiter, transiting your work and health sector, begins its four-month retrograde cycle on the 9th, and this can tame your enthusiasm just enough that you see these things more realistically if you've been pushing too hard in these areas." If you're overextending yourself when it comes to work, take this retrograde as time to slow down, focus on editing what projects are already in the work and make sure you find the time to get to the gym. If only to get a dose of endorphins to kick start a brand new self-care (and therefore, self-love) routine. You'll get it all done. And then be in the right frame of mind to take on more!


Okay, Cancer. Sink back into that sofa. It's time for a rest from all that chaos that's been having you on your toes — whether you've found it to be exciting or not. AstroStyle says, "You've had your share of intensity since Jupiter first entered this sign on October 10, 2017, as the venturesome planet amplified everything from your love life to your artistic talents to capital-D "drama." This quiet time will certainly be welcomed as a crab is a homebody at heart. Enjoy the slow down.


Sagittarius is used to being the person people come to for help. Your shoulder is practically a counter collecting your friends' tears. And while you love to just take care of everything so that they're done to your ~standards~, Jupiter will ask you to step away from the self appointed role of therapist and general manager and teacher. Cafe Astrology says, "Your needs for some level of solitude are strong now, but if you've been overdoing this withdrawal or escape, or if you've been so devoted to taking care of others that you forget your needs, then this retrograde cycle will help you balance things out." Finding a balance between your natural — and wonderful — tendencies to take care of others and yourself is a must during this 4 month retrograde cycle.


There are so many million dollar ideas flaring up in your mind. And while they may all be brilliant, you can't exactly execute the tasks necessary to conquer them all ... all at once. If you're dreaming of billboards and boardrooms, this retrograde will help you redirect that attention to to do lists and budget spreadsheets. It's not that your dreams are impossible, it's just that Jupiter in retrograde will make it clear that there are necessary logistical steps that need to be taken before you can reach the top. It's time to slow down, assess the path and build your own brick path to your end goal. Enjoy the ride.