The New Moon In July Will Affect Everyone, But These 4 Signs Will Get Off Easy

by Crystal Duan

"Cancer season," as the era of late June to mid-July is known, may be an emotional time for many of us here on Earth. The fourth sign of the zodiac is the sign of the house and home that has us naturally reflecting on what comfort means to us during this period.

But this 2018, the ride's only going to get a little tearier, but powerful. On July 12, there will be a new moon in Cancer that will surely give us even more energy to deal with. Although it will affect virtually everyone, there are signs the July new moon will affect the least. Each year, we're supposed to reassess our views of what makes us stable and loved when the moon, which rules emotion to begin with, is in this natural planetary placement.

This new moon in Cancer is special because it forms what is known as a "conjunction" with the sun in Cancer. There will be an extra oomph of Cancerian vibes to transform our closest bonds. If your sun sign is in Cancer or its opposite, Capricorn, you'll definitely feel the tension of a transformation coming your way.

Other signs that are in the same modality as Cancer, known as "cardinal," or who are its "trine elements" as water or earth signs, will feel a similar effect with their emotions.

Those with placements in Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius will have to work a little harder this season to do the work that the subconscious may need. Read on to see how:


You're a natural talker as a mutable air sign — and sometimes you like to detach from your emotions, as the Cancer season tends to fall in your second house of material possessions. So you may be too busy floating around, looking at the shiny things you've acquired, to smell the roses of potentially bonding with close connections this July 12. Make sure you take time to reflect on what you may be missing out on!


Cancer falls in your 12th house of the subconscious, so you may be less privy to notice the type of painful, but beautiful emotional transformations a moon in Cancer can bring to your life. As a fixed fire sign, you burn so steadily for those around you that sometimes you forget you can depend on others, too! This July 12, take the time to meditate a little more and tap into that unifying energy — it may benefit you more than you know.


As the mutable fire sign, sometimes you may burn so fast that others miss out on the awesome perspective you have to offer. You may be impatient with the emotions this season, as everyone may be taking a pause to think about their feelings. You're too busy trying to figure out how to philosophically save the world, usually — but it doesn't hurt to join in on the feel-good vibes.


You're known as the detached sign that knows how to keep it real, consistently. Your innovative fixed air spirit is a breath of fresh air, so to speak, for many. This new moon, set an intention to be more upfront to people about the greatness you may see in them. You don't naturally want to wear your feelings on your sleeve like Cancer loves, but this season, maybe you can try to relate to that for a change! After all, you're a sign that loves change.

No matter what your sign may be, a new moon in Cancer can give birth to so many new, amazing emotions for us all to feel. You may be in touch with the ones happening to you, or less so — either way, this is an opportunity for us all to learn as we hit the midway point of 2018. Bring it on, New Moon.