These Water Bottles Have Filters — & They're Travel Game-Changers

When faced with the stresses of exploring new terrain, the littlest things can have the biggest impact — like access to clean hydration from a water bottle with a filter for travel. These kinds of bottles feature built-in filtration systems that work on the go, and, yes, they deserve to be your new favorite travel companion. Lightweight and always portable, they work by removing harmful microorganisms from water — sometimes even from remote, natural sources — while also improving its overall taste, odor, and clarity.

There are two main options to consider when choosing the best water bottle for you: 1) heavy-duty ones that are powerful enough to make water from almost any source, from streams to unsafe taps, drinkable, and 2) ones with simpler filters that improve the quality and taste of already-drinkable tap water. And though they're all relatively easy to clean and maintain, it is important to change the filters regularly, which is an added expense to keep in mind.

Here, find some of the best travel water bottles with filters available on Amazon. They all feature different price points and boast varying levels of filtration power and functionality, but fear not — they put high-quality hydration at your fingertips.


A Powerful Water Bottle With A Filter That Purifies Unsafe Water In Just 15 Seconds

If your next adventure involves drinking water from a questionable source, a powerful filtered water bottle, like this one from GRAYL, will be your new best friend. In addition to providing standard water filtration, the brand says its filter — which lasts for up to 300 uses — also gets rid of 99.9999 percent of viruses and disease-causing bacteria, simultaneously removing many harmful chemicals and metals. Plus, it's so simple to use: Just fill up the outer container, insert the press that contains the purifier cartridge, and get ready to have safe drinking water in 15 seconds!

  • Pick up replacement filters for $25 here.


A Budget-Friendly Water Bottle That Filters Water From Outdoor Sources

For a more affordable yet equally effective option that safely filters water from outdoor sources, consider Woder's bottle that costs a fraction of what the brand's more luxe competitors charge. Thanks to a drop-in ionic filtration system, it also supposedly removes 99.99 percent of contaminants — from lead to pesticides and even E-Coli — in an easy-to-use way. Just remove the lid, fill up the bottle, replace the filter-connected lid, open the drinking spout, and squeeze the bottle as you drink through the straw. Bonus: Though it sifts out dangerous particles, the filter — which can operate for 145 refills from outdoor sources and all the way up to 575 refills from already-safe drinking water — leaves behind healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium.

  • Pick up replacement filters for $13 here.


A Brita Water Bottle That's Great For Improving The Quality Of Tap Water

Sick of stale tap water? A portable, BPA-free Brita water bottle gives you the option to filter drinking water for a much cleaner taste — no matter where you are. Featuring a built-in carrying loop and a flip-open straw, it gets rid of the chlorine taste and odor that typically plagues tap water. "Every time you open the bottle, you realize how well it is working to reduce the unpleasant smell and taste of the water," one happy user lauded in an Amazon review. Each filter lasts about two months, and the entire bottle is top rack dishwasher-safe.

  • Pick up a three-pack of replacement filters for $24 here.


A Water Bottle That Filters Drinking Water As You Pour It In

Also for already-safe tap water, this top-filtering bottle from FIT Top is another great, purifying option with a unique functionality: The water filters as you pour it in, rather than as you drink it. One Amazon reviewer appreciated the bottle for its "aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-use, relatively fast-filtering design," while another raved about its filtration system, highlighting that it "eliminates having to suck hard on a straw or a slow flow spout as the water is filtered — you just pop up the cap and drink." While it's not strong enough to filter truly unsafe water, it's perfect for improving the taste and clarity of municipal drinking water while you travel. As another satisfied customer put it, "If you are picky at the slightest difference in water taste, this will help save you lots of money when you travel on bottled water."

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