It’s International Yoga Day — Here’s How To Celebrate

by Carolyn de Lorenzo

In case you need some extra inspiration to hop on your yoga mat today, it's International Yoga Day, friends. First created as a global event in 2014 by the United Nations (UN), International Yoga Day is all about celebrating the benefits of the ancient Indian mind-body practice. Whether you love your Kundalini, Hatha, or Vinyasa flow, yoga can be accessible at any ability level. And with several yoga methods to choose from, and events spanning the globe, there are so many inspiring ways to observe International Yoga Day in 2019.

Few practices are as enduring as yoga is. The benefits of a regular yoga practice include increased flexibility, muscle strength, and cardiovascular health. Yoga can also help increase stress resilience and may help ease depression and anxiety for some people, says the American Osteopathic Association. Yoga isn't just a physical practice; the asanas, or poses, comprise just one of eight limbs of yoga, each with its own mind-body benefits.

No matter what your reasons for practicing yoga are, yoga offers something for pretty much everyone. If you've been curious about the practice but never tried it before, today is the perfect time to find out what all the buzz around yoga is about. So, find a class or event in your area, and give it a go. In case you need a place to start, here are 4 ways to join in the fun, and observe International Yoga Day today.


Check Out A Special Yoga Event

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From coast to coast in the United States, Lululemon is running a number of events for International Yoga Day. If you're in the Rochester, NY area, for instance, you can join in for a sunrise yoga series at the Wilder Room at Clover View Plaza. All proceeds will be donated to Yoga for a Good Hood, which helps bring yoga to people of color and low income communities. You can also check out a guide to international yoga events taking place here.


Create Your Own Gathering

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If you're not able to access a class in your area, or travel to a yoga event out of town today, get some friends together and roll out the mats. Hit the park for an outdoor flow, or gather for a streaming session and dinner at your place. Glo, for instance, is a great online resource for affordable yoga and meditation classes for most ability levels.


Try Office Yoga

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Part of the beauty of yoga is its adaptability to varying needs, and if you can't get to class today, try some chair poses on your lunch break. Office yoga is a thing, Yoga Journal says, and with a few simple poses and a mat, you can get stretched, centered, and more peaceful in minutes.


Volunteer For A Favorite Cause

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According to Business Today, yoga is way more than just a workout. It's an ancient mental, physical, and spiritual practice that aims to develop greater inner peace and health in the individual.

Not only does this process potentially yield greater overall happiness, it can also help you feel more connected to the world around you. When you take action for a cause that matters to you, you make a positive contribution in your community, while engaging with other like-minded folks. Whether you volunteer your time at an animal shelter, or donate to your local food bank, giving back is a great way to commemorate International Yoga Day.


No matter how you choose to get involved today, International Yoga Day is the perfect opportunity to try a new method, get together with friends, or take that class you've been meaning to try. A regular yoga practice can be a great way to upgrade your self-care game, so jump in, try a new flow, and reap all the fantastic benefits that yoga has to offer.