These Zodiac Signs Have A Chance Of Finding A New Job During Mercury Retrograde

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Mercury is officially in retrograde. Ring the alarm bells, hide in the cellar, and ration your beans. Just kidding, you'll be fine — we're in this together. If you're currently looking for a new job, you'll need to manage your expectations for the next 20 days. Anyone familiar with astrology knows that a planetary backspin like Mercury retrograde is never a good time to start something new, especially when it comes to work-related things. But, plot twist: There are some zodiac signs who may find a new job during Mercury retrograde, despite this rule of thumb.

I know, it sounds strange. And no, brand new opportunities likely won't be landing on any of our desks for the next 20 days. But, there are some signs that will find ways around this — aka, it's in their nature to go out, find those opportunities, and lay them on their own desks. These signs are more likely to find new prospects in old chapters, or to stir up fresh ideas out of stale projects.

Bustle talked to astrologer Kyle Thomas about the signs are going to be able to find job opportunities during the most unfavorable time of the year to get hired. According to Thomas, all of these zodiac signs have two things in common: An openness to the past, and a creative approach to professional endeavors. These are the signs that are most likely to find themselves a job during Mercury's retrograde:



"With Mercury spinning backwards in your employment sector, you could actually find a new job opportunity through an older place of employment or co-worker," Thomas tells Bustle. So be open to meeting up with contacts from the past, or even reach out to them if you're looking for a new opportunity right now.


"Mercury is dancing slowly backwards in your income sector, so if you want to shift the way some things with your finances are going, you can now," Thomas goes on to explain that this is also an excellent time to reevaluate your rates. If you're a freelancer, take charge and change your rates on your own — and if you work for someone else, make an appointment to discuss your salary.



According to Thomas, your career is a major focus for the rest of 2019, and "with Mercury causing some ruckus right now, you could be changing direction or realizing you may need to take another approach." Though it might seem counter-productive, it's actually going to be helpful to go back to old bosses at this time to see if you can "re-align, or reignite old career projects that can bring you into the spotlight."


"With Mercury spinning a storm in your actual zodiac sign, this may be causing you to feel like every area of your life is halted," Thomas warns. That said, he points out that this is a great time to reconsider some of your plans and ambitions. "By going back to ~anyone~ from the past, you could see that connection in business or work re-opened for you to seize a new opportunity ahead." So lean into all opportunities to re-connect with the past and so what you can take from it to enrich your professional future. Also hang in there, you're going to make it out Mercury's retrograde alive, and one year older, to boot.