If You’re One Of These 4 Zodiac Signs, This Month’s New Moon Will Affect You The Most

Carsten Koall/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The last new moon of the year will rise in the sky on Friday, December 7, at 2:20 a.m., marking the last new beginning of 2018. While there might not be a reason to set your alarm to see it, as the new moon is virtually invisible to us, you might want to wake up early, as there will be a lot to think about. The new moon has the power to effect all signs to some degree — it's a time to start fresh, to let go, and to move on — but not all signs will have the same new moon experience. The zodiac signs the December 2018 new moon will affect the most will be feeling some significant energy to make changes, to say the least.

Bustle talked to astrologer Mecca Woods about which signs will be feeling the effects of the new moon the strongest, and what they have in store for them, both spiritually and physically on Dec. 7. Spoiler alert: it's all good things. Actually, the new moon in Sagittarius is going to give all of us energy to better ourselves, our personal lives, and our daily experiences. A sense of adventure with wrap around us all, inspiring change, growth, and many moments of clarity — which is definitely something to look forward to as we make our way into resolution season. Here are the signs that will be channeling the new moon's effects tenfold and how:


Woods tells Bustle that the new moon is going to inspire Sags to put some energy into self care. Taking the time to attend to your body, or experimenting with a make over will help to improve your confidence going forward. So treat yourself to that beauty day, you deserve it and it's going to do wonders for you both internally and externally. The best way for your to reflect and move forward is to exfoliate and then moisturize.


Get ready and get excited for some new new! According to Woods, you can expect "new starts in relationships, and new opportunities and connections in business, too." So put yourself out there, say RSVP "yes" to all the holiday occasions you can handle, there are tons of positive, long-term opportunities waiting for you thanks to the new moon. The more you put yourself out there, the higher your chances are of finding what you're looking for.


This new moon, according to Woods, "home and family will take the spotlight," which means you might be in a good place to move into a new home, redecorate your old home, or work on your relationships with your family. So if you're feeling like a homebody, just lean into it — the stars approve.


Good news: the hard work has paid off! People in your work place are paying attention to you and are ready to show their appreciation in a meaningful way! Woods tells Bustle that thanks to the new moon, there is "opportunity for career advancement and achieving big goals"! You deserve it, so enjoy having something extra to celebrate this holiday season. Aka, finally you have something good to report at your family dinner!