5 Crystals To Help You Maximize The December New Moon’s Good Vibes

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The last new moon of 2018 will rise out of sight in the sky in Sagittarius territory on Dec. 7 at 2:20 a.m.. The new moon's alignment will be influenced by its relation to Mars and Neptune, in addition to its inspiration from Sagittarius. The combination of these three powerhouses will leave us reaching for the help of crystals for the the December new moon. That's not to say that December's new moon will be a sinister event, more so that it will be a heavy event, with a lot to think about, so guidance and support should be sought and cherished.

While every new moon is an opportunity to start over and create new beginnings in place of dead ends, the last new moon of the year holds even more importance. According to astrologer Linda Furiate, the new moon is an imperative time to "stop and think about our values" and sort out what deserves to stay, and what needs to go. So while you're thinking about your life in such dire terms, the Sagittarius influence will be encouraging you to be a bit extra about your reflections, temping you to uproot your entire life, rather than just make slight edits.

According to AstrologyKing, the combination of Mars' fiery attitude and Neptune's angsty energy might join together to create a pretty powerful sense of discontent. Try to filter out some of that negativity, understanding that a lot of it is not coming from you, and reach for one of the following crystals to help you stay level headed and light as you take the time to evaluate your life and make minor, subtle changes to improve your mental and physical health this lunar cycle.

Red Calcite

This stone can help to balance out the feelings of anger. Keep this stone near you and consider if the anger that you're experiencing is out of proportion. Likely, they way things feel during the December new moon are not nearly as harsh as they are in reality. So hold this stone and meditate on your anger, try to see if it's inline with your values and see if you can simmer down your reaction.

Black Moonstone

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If your relationships feel rocky, reach for this stone to help calm the waters. According to Crystal Guidance, black moonstone "opens your energy field to higher vibrations" so you can literally rewrite your negativity and turn it into something more positive and progressive. You can't control others in relationships, but you can control your own reactions, and this stone might help you to lighten up, literally.

Rose Quartz

If you can't lower your negativity, work on increasing your positivity. This crystal is the stone of love. Meditate with it and allow it to bring warmth into your day so that you can combat dark feelings with lightness.


If you're experiencing anger or frustration during the new moon, and can't help but feel like it's the fault of others, Peridot will help you turn your attention inward so that you can look at yourself and see the ways in which you are responsible for your own feelings. It's important to hold yourself accountable during this time, and when you're judging the value of others, it's key to see yourself clearly, too.

Tiger's Eye

To make the most of the new moon, you'll really have to spend some time focusing on your life and what's working and what needs a bit of work. To set yourself up for a productive and positive new year, keep Tiger's Eye nearby and stay on a progressive train of thought.