4 Zodiac Signs Who Won’t Be Affected By Venus Retrograde This Month

David McNew/Getty Images News/Getty Images

After the summer of eleventy-million retrogrades, you're probably looking forward to some karmic peace. Not so fast my friendlies. Venus turns retrograde Oct. 5, and she's here to shake things up. Because Venus is the planet that retrogrades the least, the energy is mega intense. However, zodiac signs Venus retrograde 2018 will affect the least — Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces — will have the easiest time during Venus's 40-day backspin. Venus only turns retrograde every 18 months and spends less time in that position than some of the bigger planets like Saturn and Jupiter. This means Venus has to pack a powerful punch into a short amount of time, which often results in relationship upheaval for a number of signs.

Not so for Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces. These signs basically have a suit of cosmic armor to protect them from the love-goddess planet's most nefarious influences. "Venus will retrograde in both Scorpio and Libra, with the majority of the retrograde spent in Scorpio. A serious review concerning matters of love, values, and intimacy will be activated across the houses of the natal chart ruled by Scorpio and Libra," Lee Coleman wrote for Because Venus will skate backward through two signs, most signs can expect a lot of conflicting messages and feelings, but four signs will be able to harness the best of Venus in Libra and Scorpio to propel themselves forward.

Cancer, you're the sign most likely to fall in love on the first date, and for once a retrograde has your back. Venus retrograde 2018 is going to bring you all of the love and desire you deserve, so drink from the cup of love until you get your fill. "With the Venus retrograde occurring in the super-sexy part of your chart dedicated to, well, sex, it’s likely you’ll have a lot on your plate (or in your bed) during this Venus retrograde. You may reconnect with old flames or strike up with hot new ones," Coleman revealed. Just remember that this wave of erotica could fizzle out when Venus turns direct so make sure to protect your heart.

Virgo, your intense focus on the details means you may have been ignoring the bigger picture, and perhaps everything around you has changed while you weren't paying attention. Venus retrograde 2018 is giving you the gift of sight and wants you to examine your surroundings and evaluate whether or not your current home, neighborhood, or city is still a good fit for you, according to Darkstar Astrology. What's more, Venus could also bring a financial opportunity at the beginning of November, which will help facilitate a move if you decide you want a fresh start.

Capricorn, you may have experienced a lot of upheaval and disruption to your routine this past summer. However, it's likely been for the best and allowed you to identify new opportunities for friendship. Venus retrograde 2018 will bring more of the same, which will help you get even more comfortable in your new normal. That being said, Coleman advised that you use Venus to decide which friendships, projects, and goals are actually worth pursuing. "As the retrograde continues, apply that same filter to your career, taking note of how the most viable of your new aspirations may affect your long-term career moves."

Pisces, October is going to be doubly delicious for you with a new moon that has you getting out of your head and trusting your gut. Because of this, the energy of Venus retrograde 2018 is going to allow you to manifest a fairytale love story if you so desire. However, to make this happen, Darkstar Astrology noted that you might have to do some traveling. "You will feel however a strong pull toward places where you might have had a romantic connection in the past. You could even stumble across an exotic old flame if other astrological factors support this."

Overall, Venus retrograde 2018 is encouraging all signs of the zodiac to open their hearts and minds to the possibility of love and friendship. "If you have found yourself closed off or feeling anxious around others, during this time frame you may decide that it’s time to make some shifts and to work on being a little more open," Forever Conscious noted on its website. "Opening your heart is never easy, and requires a lot of trust in yourself and in others, but it is necessary to put yourself out there if you want to make and build connections." Good luck my friendlies, and may the odds be ever in your favor.