40 Cheap Things That Make Spending Time At Home Way Better


It doesn't take long for cabin fever to strike when you're stuck indoors. For me, it only takes about two days before I find myself crawling up the walls. When you've played every board game, vacuumed the carpets, and at least skim-read all your books, time seems to pass extra-slowly. That's why I've stocked up on all of these cheap products that make spending time at home so much better.

You'd think this list would just be a ton of board games, but that couldn't be further from the truth. There's a nourishing face mask chock-full of antioxidants, a lap desk for relaxing on the couch, and even a heated blanket to keep you extra cozy. Or, if you like being creative, there's an adult coloring book on the list. With more than 60 pages of designs, it'll take at least a few afternoons before you crush the entire thing. And yes, there are some games featured in this collection; who doesn't like a good round of Jenga?

When you're shopping all the genius products available, there's so much variety that everybody in your house can find something to enjoy. So what are you waiting for? You've got a whole day ahead of yourself; you might as well add a few things to your cart to help pass the time.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

1. This Essential Oil Diffuser With A Chic Wood Grain

This diffuser-humidifier hybrid is not only able to run for up to nine continuous hours, but the faux wood grain on the exterior gives it a chic appearance. It runs at a super-quiet volume and the automatic shut-off kicks in when the water reservoir runs dry — so you can sleep easy.

2. An Oversized Hoodie That Feels Like A Cozy Blanket

Get extra comfortable by relaxing around your home in this oversized blanket sweatshirt. One size is made to fit most, and the kangaroo pocket on the front is great for remotes, phones, snacks, or even just warming up your hands.

3. The Weighted Blanket That Can Help You Sleep Better

Made from a 100% cotton exterior and filled with glass beads, this weighted blanket aims to reduce sleeplessness, soothe stress, and promote a sense of tranquility. It comes in several weights and sizes, but for the best results, it's recommended that you choose one that is 10% of your body weight.

4. A Soft Bed Topper Made From Gel-Infused Memory Foam

Looking to add more support to your bed? Search no further than this super-soft topper. It's made from memory foam infused with a cooling gel that contours to the shape of your body and even helps keep you cool all night long.

5. The Card Game That's Fun For The Whole Family

While playing this family-friendly card game (which is full of magical enchiladas), players take turns drawing cards until someone draws an "exploding kitten." That player can then play a defuse card — which can be a laser pointer, kitty yoga, catnip sandwich, and more — to distract the kitten. Whoever remains standing at the end wins.

6. A Deep-Tissue Massager You Can Use All Over Your Body

No matter where you're feeling sore, this deep-tissue massager can reach into your tense muscles to help alleviate pain. Each order comes with four interchangeable massage heads depending on how sore you're feeling, and the power cable is extra-long so that it's easy to maneuver all around your body.

7. The Panini Press For Cafe-Quality Sandwiches At Home

Perfect for grilling up paninis, quesadillas, and grilled cheeses, this cafe-style panini press has a floating lid that makes it easy to press almost any thickness of sandwich. Plus, it has non-stick heating plates that easily wipe clean with a soapy rag and can be stored upright and out of the way.

8. A Lap Desk That Makes Work From Your Couch More Comfortable

This portable laptop desk makes working from your couch a little more comfortable. It has a removable cushion on the bottom, cable management to keep your cords out of your way, and the surface is designed to combat heat emitted from your laptop or tablet.

9. A Padded Mat That Helps Keep Your Legs From Getting Sore

Just place it in front of your stove or sink, and this padded mat can help prevent your legs from growing sore while you're standing. It's stain- and wear-resistant so that it still looks fresh even if it gets dirty, and the edges don't curl up in order to reduce the likelihood of tripping over it.

10. The Rainfall Shower Head With An Adjustable Arm

Few things are as luxurious as taking a rainfall shower, and now you can experience it in the comfort of your own home with this shower head. The extendable arm lets you adjust how far it sticks out from your wall, and there are zero tools required for installation.

11. An Automatic Soap Dispenser That You Don't Need To Touch

It's always important to keep your hands clean, and this automatic soap dispenser means you won't have to press down on a dirty pump to wash your hands. Just add liquid (not foaming) soap and four AAA batteries.

12. A Miniature Fridge That Can Also Warm Up Your Meals

Use this miniature fridge to keep up to six cans of soda cold during long drives, or use its warming function to heat up some leftovers for lunch. Each order comes with a regular AC plug as well as an adapter for the car, and the motor is even eco-friendly as it's made without any freon.

13. The Super-Plush Faux Throw Blanket That's Heated

The next time the cold weather has you feeling chills, just warm yourself up with this heated throw blanket. The faux sherpa is incredibly soft, and the electrical wires are extra-thin so that you can barely feel them while you're relaxing. There are 10 temperature settings to choose from, and the automatic shut-off kicks in after two hours. It's even machine-washable.

14. A Pair Of Pillowcases Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Stuffed with cushy, high-quality memory foam and covered with a breathable bamboo fiber case, this king-size pillow feels luxe but cost just 20 bucks. The case zips off making it easy to clean and it's even anti-bacterial and anti-mite.

15. This Toothbrush Holder That Helps Keep Your Bristles Clean

You can make sure your toothbrushes stay clean with this holder. It's able to hold up to five brushes and protects the bristles from dust, dirt, and more. Each order also comes with an automatic toothpaste dispenser, which is great for helping to cut back on potential mess.

16. The String Lights That You Can Use Inside And Outside

Better Homes & Gardens cafe lights give off a warm glow that is perfect for setting the mood indoors or outdoors. The string is 20 feet long, feature 20 lights, and have built-in clips that make them easy to hang.

17. The Robe Made With An Extra-Luxurious Faux Fur Collar

Step out of the shower and into luxury when you put on this robe. The faux fur collar makes you feel extra-chic as you keep warm while drying off, and the flannel material feels so plush against your skin that you might just fall asleep in it. Grab it in one of eight different colors and prints.

18. A Pair Of Slipper Socks Made From Cozy Microfiber

These slipper sock booties have a plush fleece lining that will keep your feet warm and cozy and grippy bottoms to keep you from slipping. They're cute enough for your Instagram and at just $13 bucks, they're a steal.

19. A Plush Faux Fur Blanket That Comes In 8 Rich Shades

Add a splash of softness to any room in your home with this faux fur throw blanket. It's available in two shades (gray and brown) and two sizes. Plus, it's made with a shaggy fleece face and silky soft micromink back that you can't help but feel relaxed on.

20. This Massage Roller That Stays Cold For Up To 6 Hours

NuRich's cryosphere is a massage device that can be used for hot or cold therapy to help increase blood circulation or relieve muscle pain.

21. The Acupressure Mat And Pillow That Can Help Alleviate Pain

You only need to lay on this acupressure mat and pillow for about 30 minutes every day, and the hundreds of raised points can help alleviate soreness in tired muscles. It's made from a blend of 100% cotton and a plant-based foam — and it can even help stimulate blood circulation.

22. A Light Therapy Lamp That Helps Melt Away The Winter Blues

If you're lacking a little sunshine in your life, try using this light therapy lamp when you're feeling down. It simulates the sunshine to help boost your mood and productivity.

23. The Mixing Bowl Set That's Perfect For DIY Face Masks

Don't dirty up one of your dining bowls with a DIY face mask — just mix it up using the tools in this set instead. Each order comes with a headband to hold your hair back, as well as a brush, spatula, exfoliating sponge, and measuring spoons.

24. A Go-To Game That's Great For People Of All Ages

Being stuck at home is a great time to play games, and this Jenga set is a classic option the whole family can enjoy. The 54 blocks are made from real wood — and with over 500 five-star reviews, it's clear this game is a hit with reviewers.

25. This Coloring Book With Fun Designs For Adults

With more than 60 beautiful designs (all based off of Thomas Kinkade's most popular artworks) for you to color, this coloring book is a great way to spend a few hours in the afternoon or de-stress your mind after a long day.

26. A Miniature Projector That Brings The Theater To Your Home

Televisions can be incredibly expensive, but this miniature projector is only $90. It lets you beam movies, videos, photos, and more onto a blank wall (or ceiling!) in your home so that it's easy for everybody to see. Despite its budget price-point, it has high-quality features, including a lamp-life of 40,000 hours and a three-year warranty.

27. This Electric Nail Drill That's Perfect For Home Manicures

Step up your home-mani/pedis with an electric nail drill to keep them in top shape. Each order comes with five interchangeable heads including shaping, buffing, and cuticle pushing tools.

28. A Spa Gift Basket Formulated With Sunflower Seed Oil

Who says you can't give yourself a gift? You deserve it — so kick back and relax in the tub with this spa gift basket. Each order comes with shower gel, bubble bath, bath salt, a bath bomb, body lotion, and more. Plus, everything's infused with refreshing lavender essential oils. The added sunflower seed oil and vitamin E help brighten your skin, and you can reuse the tin basket afterwards.

29. The Bathtub Caddy Tray Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo

With spots for candles, drinks, and your iPad and phone, this bamboo caddy will seriously up your bath game. The non-slip pads on the extendable arms help keep it stable while you soak, and there are multiple slots where you can store drinks, books, soap, or even a laptop.

30. This Sleep Mask That Won't Put Pressure On Your Eyes

This unique eye mask is designed to completely block out light while still allowing for air ventilation. The strap is adjustable and the 3-D shape means it won't press directly against your eyes, making it more comfortable than your average eye mask.

31. The Scratch-Off Poster That Keeps Track Of The Movies You've Watched

You can easily keep track of which classic movies you have to watch with this fun scratch-off poster. There are 100 movies on the poster, including No Country for Old Men, Good Will Hunting, Casablanca, and more. Plus, it makes a great conversation piece hanging on any wall.

32. A Green Tea Matcha Mud Mask Full Of Antioxidants

Green tea is chock-full of antioxidants, and this green tea matcha mud mask is a great way to help get your complexion glowing. Plus, the green tea also has antibacterial properties that eliminate acne-causing bacteria. It's safe for all types of skin, you can even use it to help reduce facial inflammation.

33. The Device That Lets You Enjoy S'mores Indoors

When you're stuck inside and craving a delicious campfire treat, just bust out this s'mores maker. It's completely flameless and made with rust-resistant stainless steel. Each order comes with four roasting forks, and the built-in compartments let you store graham crackers and marshmallows.

34. This Pack Of Night Lights With Built-In Motion Sensors

Unlike other night lights that are always on, these feature built-in motion sensors so they only turn on when someone's within 10 feet. They come with three in a pack, and you can stick them anywhere (not just an outlet).

35. The Smart Power Strip With 3 Built-In USB Ports

Make sure all your devices are charged with this smart power strip as you relax on the couch. The cable is extra-long, so you won't be stuck next to an outlet while powering up electronics. Plus, each individual smart outlet can be controlled using voice commands when paired with Google Home or Alexa.

36. A Set Of Bed Sheets Made From Super-Soft Microfiber

With over 32,000 reviews on Wayfair, these microfiber sheets have garnered a serious cult-following thanks to their soft, quality fabric and rich color selection. Grab them in more than a dozen colors, including gray, purple, lake blue, and more.

37. A Bluetooth Speaker For The Shower

This $30 Bluetooth speaker is not only relatively affordable, but it's packed with features. From its deep bass to 30 hours of play time, this speaker delivers quality for a seriously low price. Plus, it's water-resistant so you can use it while you shower. (Just don't drop it directly in the water!)

38. A Tablet Stand You Can Mount On Your Wall

Mounting your tablet is an easy way to give your home a high-tech face-lift. And with this set, you get two mounting brackets so you don't have to commit to one spot. For instance, you may want to have one mount in the kitchen (perfect for recipes or watching movies while you wash dishes) and the other in your office so you can use your tablet as a second monitor. It's compatible with practically any type of tablet, and the quick-release button is convenient.

39. These Smart Light Bulbs That Help You Set The Mood

With thousands of colors to choose from, these smart bulbs make it easy to set a relaxing mood in your home. They're compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Microsoft Cortana, so that you can control them using voice commands, and the free downloadable app lets you adjust the brightness, color, and more from the comfort of your couch.

40. A Lamp Made With Real Salt From The Himalayan Mountains

Harvested from the Himalayan Mountains, this rock salt lamp emits a soothing orange glow to help you de-stress after a long day. The wooden base is made with a neem wood, has a 6-foot cord, and the dimmer switch lets you easily adjust how bright it is.