40 Fascinating Things With Over 1,000 Reviews On Amazon

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It's not always easy for a product to stand out to me when I'm shopping online. Most of the time, I have a clear agenda: I want to get on, fill up my shopping cart, and check out as quickly as possible. But I always do a double-take when it comes to interesting items with incredibly high reviews on Amazon, because it usually means that people are getting jazzed up for a good reason.

Nothing gets a product more hype than a glowing review. Multiply that by a thousand and you're guaranteed to find something that's worth a closer look. Online reviews are more than a marketing tool though: they're a way for you to actually hear from real people about whether or not something is worth buying or if it’s just some junk that will clutter up your space.

Obviously, there's more to a product than just a good review, but they're a great place to start, especially when you're stuck between choosing one thing over another. From a tiny sponge that works in big ways to trap in odors to a kitchen tool that actually makes it easy to stuff burgers with delicious extra ingredients, the uniquely innovative products on this list are among the most popular finds on Amazon right now.

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