49 Of The Most Bizarre Products On Amazon — That Are Also The Most Raved About


Do you have any surprising celeb crushes? By which I mean celebs whom you find attractive but whom other folks might classify in the "Things That Make You Go Hmmmm" category? I ask because these 50 bizarre products on Amazon are also among the most raved about — they're kind of like the weird celebrity crushes of the retail behemoth.

Take this genius travel pillow that uses the ergonomic adaptability of the turtle to help you rest while you're on-the-go — that'd rate a Bill Hader on my personal hotness equivalency scale. The late, great, and eerily titillating Alan Rickman would pair well with this moon lamp that people are absolutely flipping over. And I'd correlate this bubble mask with my super-hot crush Awkafina (which, honestly, isn't a weird one at all) whom I simply cannot get enough of and would most like to spend a spa weekend with.

See what I mean? Off-the-beaten-path, yes, but simply awesome. Plus, just like Hader's SNL sketch repertoire, this list offers a tremendous variety to choose from — it includes everything from a doggie DNA kit to this wearable blanket (with feet and sleeves) — and you'll return to these products again and again, such is their long-lasting impact. So to paraphrase folks from Austin, keep Amazon weird and get shopping!


The Mask That Incorporates Two Hot — And Odd — Trends In One

Masking is peak self-care with no signs of abating in popularity anytime soon, and this mask checks many trend boxes while being so odd that it will amuse nearby roommates and kids. Its rich clay is infused with carbonic acid, so it foams up to leave you looking like a "bubble monster" — for reals, check out the reviewer pix on this one — while giving your pores a tingly deep cleansing and exfoliation.


This Is A Must-Have If You Own A Dog

This test is the gift that just keeps on giving: After all, every time you visit the dog park, you can tell all your pooch's doggy friends that Max is 30 percent Shepard and two percent chihuahua. It's a breed identification kit that reveals all — and this kit requires just two cheek swabs to trace relatives two generations back, while also unlocking health and wellness issues specific to her ensuring their longevity.


One Of These Colorful Little Buddies Makes The Perfect Phone Accessory

There's a whole zoo of these cable chompers just waiting to accessorize any smartphone or electronic device — while also keeping those expensive cables from wearing out before their time. Made from sturdy PVC, they slide over the cable's end and "bite" onto the side of the device, saving the cable from fraying and extending its life. They're cute and tough — and come in variations like panda, crocodile, duck, and puppy.


A Fun Toaster For Buns And Dogs

Cook up two delicious regular-sized or extra-plump hot dogs — and the buns to nestle them in — with this fun retro toaster. Perfectly at home on the countertop, this delightful appliance would be a kick for a teen game room (they can cook for themselves!) or close to the big-screen TV for convenience. Its small footprint suggests that with a power adapter for the car, it would be heckin' great for tailgates as well.


The Water Bottle That Makes Hydration A Delicious Endeavor

I don't make resolutions, because I find they're a terrific way to set oneself up for failure, but during the year I do make promises to myself. My promise to myself this year was to get hydrated, and an infuser water bottle like this one is a great way to start. Crafted from BPA-free Tritan, it features a full-length infuser basket and a 32-ounce capacity, as well as a push-button flip top lid. It's accompanied by an insulating sleeve as well as a free e-book with recipes for flavor combinations to try.


This Book Has The Answer To What Happens If A Tree Falls In The Forest...And You're Underneath It

This book is chock-full of practical tips, strategies, and lessons on how to make it in the wild, divided into four sections: sustenance, warmth, orientation, and safety. You never know when one of these nuggets of wisdom could come in handy, whether it's next time you're camping, when your car breaks down out in the boonies, or should you find yourself in another precarious situation.


These Aren't Toothbrushes For Shrek: They're Nail Brushes

While these oversized implements may look like toothbrushes for an ogre, these brushes are actually intended to give the nails and hands a good cleaning. Featuring soft, yet durable bristles and a long handle that's easy to grip and provides good leverage for cleaning, they make scrubbing underneath the nails gently a simple task — yet they're also practical for so many other jobs around the house, from scrubbing the grout in the bathroom to cleaning off muddy shoes.


An Odd-But-Genius Drink Holder You'll Wish You'd Thought Of Yourself

Anywhere there's not room for a table next to that end of the couch or that comfy recliner, the CouchCoaster is there to come to the rescue. The molded drink holder body has a tacky base and is equipped with ultra-flexible, weighted extensions that both embrace the arm of your furniture and hold your beverage securely in place. There's a slot for cup handles and an adapter to accommodate cans and glasses with smaller circumferences.


The Last Beach Blanket You'll Ever Need Practically Fits In Your Pocket

Versatile, lightweight, and practically indestructible, this beach blanket may be the last one you ever buy. Its spacious size can comfortably accommodate up to four people. Take it camping or to Coachella — it compacts into its own pouch so it's almost pocket-sized, the perfect accompaniment for so many occasions.


This Planter Lets You Grow...Whatever...Right On Your Kitchen Counter

Grow all kinds of herbs in this countertop LED planter that makes advanced hydroponics simple. With a full-spectrum, 10-watt LED lighting system that comes pre-tuned to the spectrum that allows plants to thrive — and a control panel that prompts you when it's time to add water or nutrients — this system makes it possible for anyone to grow lush and flourishing plants all year round. It even comes with a three-herb gourmet seed pod kit to start out with.


The Tool That Styles Your Hair While It's Drying

This ultra-functional and incredibly versatile hair styling tool also dries your locks — all while straightening them or creating gentle waves. Optimized for use on either wet or dry hair, it gets four- and five-stars from hundreds of reviewers who love it for its ionic, frizz-busting performance, lightweight handling, and its silky smooth results — just like what you get from an expensive blowout.


A Lantern That Makes The Light From Your Phone So Much Cozier

The designers at Fred never stop coming up with clever products that are also life-enriching, and this lantern is no exception. Crafted from soft and durable silicone, it simply slips on over the end of a smartphone, sitting over the camera light so that when it's in flashlight mode, it diffuses the light into a gentler, softer beam. Suited for most small- to medium-sized smartphones, it's fun and functional.


A Popcorn Popper That Looks Like A Coffee Pot

The unique look of this popcorn popper isn't just for fun — the coffee-pot design offers complete popping with no burning in just three minutes. Engineered to fit 99 percent of all home microwaves, this popper's 1.5-quart capacity delivers the perfect snack without oils or toppings, while its silicone lid can be used to melt butter onto the corn during popping if so desired. It's the perfect treat for the whole family.


The Notes That Say It All...And Then Some

The words you're looking for will always be right at your fingertips with these WTF notes. They're a great way to add a sense of humor to those little messages you need to pass along to your friends, exes, and your closer cubicle-mates. The pad of 50 sheets provides plenty of ammunition for conveying all the news you can use and — enable you to pass judgement in style.


This Seat Cushion Provides Premium Support For The Nether Regions

Back pain, sciatica, and even neck pain can be relieved with this oddly-shaped seat cushion. Crafted from high-density memory foam, it's ergonomically-contoured to shift the hindquarters into a configuration that promotes optimal posture. It features a built-in handle for easy transport, and has non-slip backing so it stays in place and won't shift around once it's situated on a seat. This cushion is especially well-suited for anyone driving long distances or stuck in front of a computer for hours on end.


The Machine That Churns Out Gooey Cheesy Goodness In Just 5 Minutes

Who doesn't like quesadillas? From the pickiest kid to the most demanding gourmand, all palates can be pleased in a jiffy with this quesadilla maker that produces the hot treats — pre-scored in wedges — in just five minutes. The non-stick surface wipes clean and makes quick, easy dinners a breeze: Just toss on a tortilla and your choice of ingredients, top with another quesadilla, and you're in business. Whatever you have on hand is fair game, and quesadillas can be appetizers, the main course, and even dessert (try it with chocolate and marshmallows).


A Pillow That Borrows From The Reptile Exoskeleton To Make You Comfy While Traveling

Scientifically proven to keep the head in a better position for resting and relaxing, this pillow draws from the outside structure of the turtle's neck to hold you in an ergonomic position while sleeping upright. Made from super-soft fleece with an internal support, this patented design is made to look like a scarf, and is lightweight and convenient to carry along. It features a machine-washable exterior, so it's always fresh and ready for the next big adventure.


A Scarf That's More Than Just A Fashion Statement...It's Safety And Style

This is an accessory with a difference: This infinity scarf has a hidden pocket for all the important on-the-go essentials. The zippered pocket is designed to hold a smartphone, cash, credit cards, keys, even a passport, and is lightweight enough for inconspicuous wear all year round.


The Coaster That Keeps That Coffee Warm

Suitable for use everywhere from in the office to out in the RV, this coffee warmer is ultra-versatile. Not only will it keep any hot beverage warm all day, but it's also excellent at releasing the scent from candles and wax melts safely. The non-stick surface means slip-ups with hot chocolate, tea, and coffee are no problem — and the heating surface is large enough to accommodate most mugs.


This Black Powder Leaves Teeth Sparkling White And Freshens Breath, Too

Sure, it's counter-intuitive to put jet-black powder on anything to whiten it, but this activated charcoal powder is literally one of the hottest products going right now — and it not only whitens teeth but freshens breath as well. Charcoal is naturally antibacterial, so it kills germs and plaque before they can start wreaking havoc on teeth and gums. It also establishes a healthy pH in the mouth, naturally whitening over time without harsh chemicals.


These Peach-Colored Scrubbers Are Anti-Microbial, Odor-Resistant, And Clean Completely Yet Gently

Silicone by its nature repels bacteria, so it's impervious to odor — and that's just one reason these scrubbers are superior to their spongy counterparts. In addition to being smell-free, they're also 100 percent resistant to mold and mildew, and provide a super-strong clean without scratching pots and pans, and even delicate china. Plus, these scrubbers are actually infused with a light peachy scent that's synthetically infused — and given their silicone makeup, they can be sanitized after use in the dishwasher, which also refreshes their "peachy" aroma.


A Houseplant That Never Needs Watering And Provides Light To Read By

iEGrow Plant Desk Lamp, $12, Amazon

Anyone lacking a green thumb will get a kick out of this desk lamp that can also serve as a houseplant stand-in for the gardening impaired. Not only does the LED light feature three levels of eye-friendly, soft illumination to read or relax by, but the neck also twists to different levels and angles as desired. Additionally, the base features a USB port to charge the internal lithium battery, and it's conveniently equipped to serve as a pencil and pen holder.


These Wipes Will Wipe That Wine Right Off Your Smile

Do you hate that telltale wine grin you get after enjoying a glass of red? Wipe that smile right off your face with these Wine Wipes. With a gentle orange blossom flavor, it sweeps the tannin stains from your teeth and lightly cleanses your palate without overzealously tainting it and interfering with the taste of your next glass.


The Giant-Sized Wipes That'll Clean Off Your Whole Body

Perfect for the gym, camping, or other occasions when you need to freshen up and there's just no time to shower, these full-body wipes are ultra-convenient and biodegradable, too. Formulated with completely organic and natural ingredients and without phthalates, parabens, or other nightmare ingredients, they're completely cruelty-free and generously sized when unfolded, but easy to throw into a gym bag or backpack.


This Coffee Is Enriched With Mushrooms For Mental Clarity And Focus

So this sounds like it would be completely icky, but if you could get an energy and productivity burst from this mushroom coffee without having to drink something that tastes like dirt, wouldn't you jump at it? That's what more than 1,400 reviewers did — and they totally stan this lion's mane and chaga mushroom-enriched brew. "Been a big fan of these 'shroom coffees for a year really acts as nootropic brain candy and never fails to give me a mental edge," says one five-star fan.


The Veggies That Make Eating The Rainbow Easy-Peasy

I can tell you firsthand that veggies differently hued from those shown on TV and in schoolbooks can be a fun way to introduce kids to new stuff, and this kit is a great way to start. It includes everything needed to get growing for everyone from beginners to pro gardeners from biodegradable peat pots right through the seeds, and all the seeds are lab-tested for freshness. This kit germinates purple carrots, yellow zucchini, striped tomatoes, purplish-red Brussels sprouts, and a veritable rainbow of Swiss chard.


This Face Cream Looks Like Soap But Is Super Hydrating

Solid bars of all your favorite beauty products are the way to go for true eco-friendliness, and this solid face cream is a great way to start. Solid products help eliminate the plastics that are clogging our oceans and landfills, and one purchase of these bars alone eliminate three bottles — it's truly a feel-good purchase. On top of that, this cruelty-free, vegan formulation is made with kokum and copascu butters — both firm yet highly emollient — and jojoba butter.


A Tool That Unstops Drains Quickly And Without Harmful Chemicals

Clogs happen, and these drain snakes are shaped to take them right out. Made from flexible plastic, they're made to slink right into congested drains, and barbed to catch on whatever is stopping them on the way up, bringing hair or other clogs to the surface for removal and disposal. Nearly 20 inches in length, they bend easily through pipes and P-traps as well as many strainers, and remove clots without the use of harmful chemicals.


This Ice Cream Dispenser Dispenses Soft-Serve Can Accommodate Mix-Ins

How much fun is homemade soft serve — especially when this countertop gem from Cuisinart makes it so simple and mess-free? Simply pour the ingredients through the easy-lock lid, then watch them come together through the window as they combine and freeze. Pull down on the lever to dispense into a cone or bowl as desired once the process is completed, and two condiment containers dispense the toppings you like...just like when you go for fro-yo.


The Little "Pig Tails" That Will Keep Cords Organized And Tangle-Free

Made from durable rubber, these cord keepers are the perfect thing for all the cables that come with the electronics we depend on to keep our lives productive, organized, and fun. These flexible yet form-fitting spirals accommodate multiple cords but always spring back into shape — and are useful everywhere in the house, from the back of the entertainment center, to cleaning up a desk area, to making sense of an unruly workroom. They're great for tight spaces like kitchens and dorm rooms, too.


An Oversized Green Bean That Will Actually Treat Your Posture And Release Your Back

So, it would appear to be a giant edamame, but this pod has won awards for its design that delivers relief for all kinds of upper back, neck, and even head pain. Engineered to pull a hunched spine into the perfect position for pain-free posture while stretching tight rib joints in a manner that can even improve breathing, it eliminates the need for expensive spinal manipulation treatments. The Backpod is ideal for anyone who spends hours hunched over the computer or the steering wheel, and provides relief for users of all ages whose alignment has strayed.


The Sea Salt Spray That Leaves Your Hair With The Ultimate Beachy Waves

If hair styling products had to fight it out — I'd pit salt spray and dry shampoo against each other in the final round, and this Sea Salt Texturizing Spray from Toni & Guy would be my A-number-one contender. It's versatile, adding lived-in, beachy texture to straight hair or more definition to loose waves. It adds loose hold without being sticky; and you get natural movement. Win, win, win.


This Lamp Printed Using An Actual Topographic Map Of The Moon Is Making People Wild

People are going absolutely bananas for this moon lamp — and for good reason. Printed in 3-D using an actual topographic map of the moon, it makes a great gift for people of all ages, as it's a perfect nightlight and an excellent conversation-starter, too. It charges via USB and comes with a convenient remote to control its 16-color LED display that can also flash, fade, or strobe.


The Blanket That Has Sleeves And Legs...With Feet

Here's the ultimate solution if you're one of those folks who's always cold: this blanket. Made from cozy micro-fleece, step into it and shed all your cares as you snuggle into a cocoon of warmth that leaves your shoulders and hands-free — and allows for arm movement. There's even a front pouch for the remote, your phone, your book of crossword puzzles, maybe a Pop Tart...okay, those last ones were just me.


This Device Aerates Wine Instantly And Pours Without A Drip, Too

A must-have for wine lovers and a great gift for any oenophile, this wine aerator and pourer may make it look as if some sort of techno-alien has landed on your vino, but in reality, it lets the wine breathe in the push of a button, and enables a drip-free pour just as easily, too. Aerated wines taste a lot better, too, with bloomed tannins that aren't bitter and full, rich flavors, and the dual infusion/suction system of this device bypasses the sediments to allow a clean pour. It cleans easily, too, with a simple flush-through with clean water.


The Wraps That Could Save The Planet — One Lunch At A Time

Reusable food wraps made with beeswax: Yep, sounds odd. However, plastic wrap is just another component of the plastic that's killing our ocean creatures and building up that rubbish island headed for California, and these wraps can help. Handcrafted in Vermont from organic cotton, sustainably harvested beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin, they're designed to cover bowls or simply wrap around leftover foods to keep them fresh. The warmth of your hands softens the wax and naturally binds it to itself, creating an airtight seal. When done, they wash off easily with cool water and soap and are ready for the next use.


An Egg Separator That Might Be More Disturbing Than Separating Them By Hand

With the whites pouring out of its "nose," this egg separator has quite a novel way of going about its job — one that's either hysterical or disturbing, depending on your sense of humor. Definitely a unique product for any avid cook, it's guaranteed to amuse the kids hanging around the kitchen. Simply crack the egg into the top and the whites strain out easily when gently tipped over a bowl. Whatever you do, though, don't forget that it's not a coffee mug.


A Unique Shampoo That Cleanses And Reinvigorates The Scalp

Made with both high-quality binchotan charcoal and coconut oil — two darlings of the beauty world — this shampoo paste is crafted to cleanse and exfoliate your scalp while leaving your hair healthy and well-hydrated. It's made from natural, additive-, gluten-, and cruelty-free ingredients, and is infused with biotin to strengthen the hair shaft and follicle to promote fullness. Suitable for vegans, it's also ideal for washing and maintaining color-treated hair.


The Unique Device That Magnifies Any Smartphone Screen Up To Three Times

Suitable for use with most smartphones, this device multiplies the viewing size up to three times for more comfortable viewing and decreased visual fatigue. Equipped with HD zoom technology, groups can comfortably watch a movie on a smartphone screen, while the foldable stand means no one is stuck holding the device for the duration. Plus, the stand folds down for easy transport on-the-go.


This Genius Device Brushes Your Dog's Paws Clean

Here's another smack-your-head "Why didn't I think of this?!" genius gadget: Add a little warm water to the top row of bristles after clasping this device around your dog's paw, then hold the handle while he removes it from inside, as brushes sweep the mud and debris off without any further intervention whatsoever from you. See what I mean? Genius. Mud, dirt, salt, sand, leaves...whatever random detritus Spot has picked up all comes right off without you having to get down there with a damp towel and scrub. Agitate it around slightly for extra cleaning power, then pour the dirty water away.


These Silicone Straws Are A Little Ray Of Everyday Eco-Friendly Sunshine

Recently named the hottest gift going, I predict that by mid-2019, the majority of American households will be equipped with at least one set of these reusable silicone straws. Straws are fun, and these colorful silicone versions are so much better for the planet than the disposable plastic versions. These are BPA-free and wash up and sterilize with ease in the dishwasher — although it also comes with two specialized cleaning brushes.


A No-Shine Stick For When Those Highlights Are Un-Wanted

You don't have to follow Kim K on IG to know that highlighting is where it's at. But when you're glowing (read: oily) and you don't want to, that's the worst, and this stick will take care of that. Made to both absorb excess oil and blur pores, it's convenient and easy to apply, banishing shine for up to 12 hours. Plus, it's not tested on animals, either. You can even put it on over makeup to touch up throughout the day.


The Best Buddy Your Bed Will Ever Have

A Kickstarter fave, this bedside shelf is attractive enough that it makes a great lounging partner, and capable of holding up to 15 pounds. This shelf comes in three finishes, one to suit any décor: Crafted from eco-friendly, renewable bamboo, the shelf attaches via a clamp system that hooks in without tools and features felt pads so it won't scratch delicate wood.


These Shelf Liners Really Stop Things From Falling Through The Cracks

Wire shelves are a wonderful and inexpensive way to store things, until said things begin to fall through the grates. These heavy-duty polypropylene shelf liners make all the difference, turning those wire shelves into flat surfaces instantly. They're waterproof, easy to clean, and designed to fit around the shelf poles with ease. Available in translucent gray, black, or white, as well as in a range of sizes, these liners enable carefree storage customization.


This Exerciser That Fits Under Your Desk

You know the saying, "Like a duck, I may make it look easy, but I'm paddling like heck underneath?" If you feel that way at work or home, make all that scrambling count with this exerciser that you can use quietly and unobtrusively under your desk or while you're on the couch watching TV. Once you're done pedaling your legs, set it on a table or countertop and use it to work your arms as well. In addition to being great for everyday exercise, it's also a terrific addition to a rehab routine or for patients in physical therapy.


The "Jewels" That Will Help Your Feet Stay In Priceless Condition

Suitable for men and women with most shoe sizes, straighten the toes and improve flexibility. Engineered from 100 percent BPA-free, medical-grade gel, they provide relief for anyone who suffers from bunions, hammertoes, plantar fasciitis, or chronic foot pain — while also providing a satisfying natural stretch. They wash easily, and reviewers enthusiastically boast of the results they've achieved as well as the years of use they've gotten out of just one pair.


This Ring Is The Ultimate Accessory For Your Manicure...And Your Pedicure, Too

It may look unlikely, but more than 1,000 reviewers have given this oversized "gem" of a ring 4.3-stars and cannot stop raving about it on Amazon. Here's the deal: Made from silicone, it slips on to two fingers as if it were a ring, and features flanges on the top that flex to accommodate any size or shape of nail polish bottle and hold it firm while you polish. Ready to switch hands? Just move the whole assembly from left to right, no problem. "This item is genius," enthuses one reviewer, like about a kajillion after her.


An Alarm Clock That Wakes You Gently, And Puts You To Sleep, Too

Aided by an LED light that gradually brightens in the 30 minutes before the sleeper's designated wake time, this clock uses the body's own circadian rhythms to arouse the user from sleep gently and naturally. For those who require more man-made stimulation, it also includes optional nature-inspired sounds or an even more intrusive FM radio. It's great for establishing good sleep hygiene at night, too, slowly dimming the room in the 30 minutes before a specified sleep time to run the process in reverse. On the weekends, the eight colorful LED options signal that it's party time.


The Horse Hoof Moisturizer That's Great For Human Hands, Feet, And Nails

Much like with Mane 'N Tail's flagship shampoo, the manufacturer discovered that this moisturizer originally intended to treat horses' hooves was being spirited away by their riders for use on their hands, feet, and nails —.and thus another viral sensation was born. Nails stay strong and flexible, resistant to cracking; cuticles don't get rough, and won't peel; heels won't get dry and won't crack. Horses....they're onto something.

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