40 Marvelous Products On Amazon That Are Cute, Useful, And Under $8

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I own a purple stapler. Okay, that sounds like the beginning to a truly snooze-worthy story, but stick with me here. That purple stapler makes me almost irrationally happy every time I use it. For whatever reason, the fact that I'm using a colorful stapler — as opposed to a boring old gray one — cheers me right up. In fact, I'd say my day improves by about 5 percent every time I take it out of my desk drawer to use it. And all of these marvelous products on Amazon that I'm about to introduce you to inspire that same kind of happiness in me.

Okay, here's the deal. The happiness afforded by my purple stapler is very specific and based off of what I call the "perfect product trifecta." A perfect product is cute (brightly colored, for example), useful (who doesn't need to staple papers now and then?), and affordable (staplers rarely break the bank). And guess what? Each one of the products on this list meets the requirements for this perfect product trifecta — they're all under $8.

My hope for you, dear reader, is that you'll find something on this list that makes you just as happy as that purple stapler makes me.

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