40 Marvelous Products On Amazon That Are Cute, Useful, And Under $8


I own a purple stapler. Okay, that sounds like the beginning to a truly snooze-worthy story, but stick with me here. That purple stapler makes me almost irrationally happy every time I use it. For whatever reason, the fact that I'm using a colorful stapler — as opposed to a boring old gray one — cheers me right up. In fact, I'd say my day improves by about 5 percent every time I take it out of my desk drawer to use it. And all of these marvelous products on Amazon that I'm about to introduce you to inspire that same kind of happiness in me.

Okay, here's the deal. The happiness afforded by my purple stapler is very specific and based off of what I call the "perfect product trifecta." A perfect product is cute (brightly colored, for example), useful (who doesn't need to staple papers now and then?), and affordable (staplers rarely break the bank). And guess what? Each one of the products on this list meets the requirements for this perfect product trifecta — they're all under $8.

My hope for you, dear reader, is that you'll find something on this list that makes you just as happy as that purple stapler makes me.

1. A Cheerfully-Colored Cooking Funnel That Folds Up Flat

TONSEE Foldable Funnel, $4, Amazon

Maximize your kitchen storage space with this foldable funnel. Made from silicone, the funnel collapses flat when you're not using it, so it doesn't take up significant room in your cupboard or utensil drawer. At just under 3 inches tall, the funnel is perfectly-sized for smaller jobs and can be cleaned in the dishwasher, too.


2. These Mini Whisks That Super Cute And Super Useful

RSVP Endurance Mini Whisks, $7 (2 Pack), Amazon

These miniature whisks are adorable and just the right size for making dressings, sauces, or fluffy scrambled eggs. Each set comes with two sizes: a 5-inch whisk and a 7-inch whisk. They're made from stainless steel, and one reviewer writes: "When I first separated one of the whisks from the packaging, I thought oops . . . maybe I should have searched for "small" whisk, not "mini." Then I took it for a spin. It turns out, these are the perfect size for whisking small amounts like miso-butter, an egg, or even homemade vinaigrette."


3. These Clips That Keep Your Cables Straight

Riipoo Cable Clips, $7 (12 Pack), Amazon

Keep all your electronics cables organized with these colorful cable clips. With adhesive backing, they stick to your desk and have grooves for holding cables, cords, and wires. They help prevent tangles and — more importantly — make your desktop look a little less unruly. You can also use them as pen-holders, so you always have a writing utensil nearby.


4. This Little Pig That Holds Your Spoon While You're Cooking

Fox Run Pig Pot Clip, $5, Amazon

I would buy this pig spoon holder simply because it makes for a cute kitchen mascot, but it actually serves a practical purpose as well. The pig clips to the rim of your pot and has a slot for holding your spoon. It keeps your stovetop clean and works better than regular spoon rests since any dripping will only occur over the pot. The pig clip is made from heat-resistant silicone.


5. A Cat-Shaped Phone Ring Holder

LEDING Phone Ring Holder, $6, Amazon

This cat-shaped phone holder slips around your finger like a ring, and frees up your hand for other things, like holding your keys or latte. It sticks to the back of your phone with adhesive, can be rotated 360-degrees, and folds up flat against your phone when you're not using it. It also doubles as a kickstand, so you can FaceTime hands-free. It even comes with a hook so you can use it with any car mount.


6. This USB-Rechargeable Camping Lantern

ENEEKO 2-In-1 Mini Camping Lantern, $6, Amazon

This mini camping lantern can be recharged by USB, but it also works the other way around: it can be used as a power bank to charge your phone, tablet, or computer. The lantern has three lighting modes: low, high, and "SOS' flashing — for any unexpected emergencies. Use the hook to hang it on a branch to light up your campsite while you're setting up the tent.


7. A Handy Spatula That Gets The Last Drop Out Of Every Jar

Norpro Last Drop Spatula, $6, Amazon

You know those last drops of sauce in a jar? How it's so hard to reach them, so you end up just throwing the jar away even though you know there's more goodness in there? This last drop spatula solves that problem. The scoop is long, narrow, and flexible — perfect for scraping up that last remnants of mayo, peanut butter or barbecue sauce.


8. A Colorful And Portable Essential Oil Diffuser

SpaRoom Mini Essential Oil Diffuser, $8, Amazon

This small essential oil diffuser is small enough to stick on your desk at work. Plus, it's USB-rechargeable, so you can plug it right into your computer to power it up. Use lavender oil for a bit of midday peace, or try lemongrass for a post-lunch burst of energy. Press a button to light up the top to add some glowing ambiance to your aromatherapy session, too.


9. This Microplane For Grating Ginger And Garlic

Happy Sales Microplane, $7, Amazon

Finely grating garlic and ginger is a tricky task because your fingers get so close to those sharp blades —so use this ingenious microplane instead. Stick a bulb of garlic or wedge of ginger in the slot and run back and forth over the grater. It'll safely shred without the risk of scraped knuckles, and because it's made from stainless steel, the microplane is dishwasher-safe.


10. This Handy Massage Roller For Sore Muscles

Murlien Massage Roller, $7, Amazon

With the amount of muscle tension this massage roller is able to release, you'd think it would be a lot more expensive. It's ergonomically-designed to fit in the palm of your hand, and features seven roller balls that rotate 360-degrees. Use it to soothe sore muscles on your neck, calves, and shoulders. It also helps with fatigue, and can help get rid of stress, too.


11. This Purr-fect Headband That Holds Your Hair Back When You're Washing Your Face

Etude House Makeup Hair Band, $6, Amazon

Is this makeup hair band my favorite thing of all time? Quite possibly. Slip the soft and stretchy band onto on your head to hold your hair out of the way while you're washing your face or putting on makeup in the morning. The playful cat ears on top are sure to cheer you up. And honestly? Who could blame you if you decided to wear the headband out to get a quick cup of coffee?


12. A Tiny Razor That's Perfect For When You Missed A Spot

Gillette Venus On-The-Go Razor, $7, Amazon

This definitely hits that "cute but functional" sweet spot — it's a travel razor, but it's got a small and sturdy handle that makes it great for travel. Keep one in your glove box or desk drawer, or in your carry-on makeup bag. It's teeny tiny and perfect for little touch-ups.


13. These Egg Poaching Cups For Perfect Eggs Benedict

HoFire Egg Poaching Cups, $6 (4 Pack), Amazon

Poaching eggs can be a mystery to those of us who don't generally spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but these egg poaching cups make it easy. Just crack your eggs in the cups and set them in 1-inch of boiling water. Within minutes, your eggs will be perfectly poached and ready for a Benedict. The cups are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe, and they can also be as chocolate molds or for steaming vegetables.


14. These Whimsical Acne Patches Shaped Like Hearts And Stars

MEDca Acne Patches, $7 (56 Pack), Amazon

These acne patches do an awfully good job of bringing up your mood during an annoying breakout. Shaped like hearts and stars, the patches work to absorb oil and protect your skin from irritation and bacteria that might lead to further inflammation. The patches are 100 percent natural and safe for all skin types.


15. This Wallet That Protects You From Electronic Theft

DEEZOMO RFID Blocking Wallet, $8, Amazon

This RFID blocking wallet protects you from electronic pickpocketing. If you're not familiar — some credit cards and forms of ID are embedded with radio frequency identification chips that contain information that may make you vulnerable to theft. An RFID wallet, though, can prevent that risk. This super slim leather wallet has slots for four cards and an ID window, as well as a larger pocket for cash. Choose from one of 16 colors.


16. These Little Flashlights That Hook Onto Your Keychain

Elecrainbow Keychain Flashlights, $5 (4 Pack), Amazon

These mini keychain flashlights are perfect for when you forgot to turn on your porch light and you're fumbling to get your key in the lock. (They're also perfect for when you dropped your phone between your car seats and you need to find it.) Made from solid aluminum alloy, they hook onto your keychain with a carabiner and provide surprisingly powerful illumination. Each order comes with four flashlights: keep one for yourself and give the rest out to friends.


17. A Set Of Utility Knives In Cool Colors

Cosmos Mini Retractable Utility Knives, $5 (6 Pack), Amazon

There's nothing inherently glamorous about utility knives, but these brightly-colored knives actually have a cool factor going on. The knives are great for opening envelopes, cutting string, or opening packages. Each knife comes with a retractable blade for optimal safety. The set comes with six knives in fun colors like coral, powder pink, and teal.


18. This Frother So You Can Make Lattes At Home

MatchaDNA Milk Frother, $7, Amazon

Trying to cut back on your coffee budget? Invest in this milk frother and opt for at-home lattes and cappuccinos over the coffee shop. The stainless steel frother is powered by AA batteries and is incredibly easy to operate: just angle it and move up and down — you'll have warm, foamy milk within 90 seconds.


19. An Adorable Little Beauty Sponge

Lazy & Joy Egg Bun Puff, $5, Amazon

Your makeup routine just got a little cuter, thanks to this beauty blender puff. It looks like a friendly egg yolk, but is specifically designed for easy foundation application and blending. The latex-free puff is super smooth and rinses easily. The best part? It smells like roses.


20. This Loyal Canine Phone Stand

Z PLINRISE Puppy Phone Stand, $8, Amazon

This puppy stand will be your phone's best friend. The pooch sits at attention while propping up your phone at the perfect angle so you can watch videos and FaceTime hands-free. The stand is sturdy and big enough to work with smartphones of all sizes. Good dog!


21. An Essential Oil Diffuser For Your Car

Housweety Car Aromatherapy Diffuser, $8, Amazon

If there's one place you really need the calming benefits of aromatherapy, it's in your car during a particularly stressful rush hour, which is why this car essential oil diffuser is so great. Here's how it works: add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil onto the felt pad at the back of the diffuser, then hook it right onto your car's air vent. Airflow from the vent will gently diffuse the peaceful aromas throughout your car as you make your way home in bumper to bumper traffic.


22. A Dachshund Ice Cube Tray Because Dachshunds Are The Best

LYWUU Dachshund Ice Mold Tray, $7, Amazon

This dachshund ice mold tray is almost as distinctive (and adorable) as dachshunds themselves. Each tray makes nine "dachshunds". The tray is made from pliable silicone, so it's easy to pop out each Dachshund. Why use regular old ice cubes when you could use these — and of course, they're great for chocolate molds or other treats, too.


23. A Credit Card-Sized Survival Tool

RumbaDock Survival Multi-Tool, $8, Amazon

This survival multi-tool is about the size of a credit card, but it just might come in handy in case of apocalypse. It works as a small ruler, a box cutter, a bottle opener, a grip, or a makeshift hatchet or digging tool. The 3-foot cord works as a tourniquet, or can be used to hang food out of reach of wild animals.


24. These Dip Clips That Really Up Your Party Hostess Game

Prepworks Dip Clips, $8 (4 Pack), Amazon

There's a fatal flaw to dip-based hors d'oeuvres: all that dip spreads out all over the plate, making it hard to actually dip. And that spread-out dip ends up getting all over the other foods, too. Arm your guests with these dip clips instead. They clip to the side of any plate or bowl and make it easy to dip carrots and chips. Use them for dressing, guacamole, hummus, queso, and salsa — and they'll work for any meal.


25. These Adorable Hedgehog Dryer Balls

Handy Laundry Hedgehog Dryer Balls, $8 (4 Pack), Amazon

These hedgehog dryer balls do the hard work of lifting and separating your laundry as it dries, maximizing airflow and significantly decreasing dryer time (which will save you money on your energy bill in the long run). The spikes on these hedgehogs fluff your laundry and add softness, which eliminates the need for dryer sheets. Each set comes with four hedgehogs, so you don't have to sweat it if you lose one.


26. A Knife Sharpener That's Small Enough To Take Anywhere

Housolution Pocket Knife Sharpener, $8, Amazon

Take this multi-functional pocket knife sharpener with you on your next camping trip. It features three sharpeners: a diamond-coated rod for serrated and standard knives, a carbide blade for dull knives, and ceramic stones for sharpening knives that need just a little touch-up. Hang it on your keychain with the attached lanyard, or fold it up and stick it in your pocket.


27. This Massager That Gets Your Scalp Extra Clean

Zyllion Shampoo Scalp Massager, $6, Amazon

This scalp massager is the ultimate relaxation tool, and it provides some beauty benefits too. The massaging action works to exfoliate the scalp while clearing away product build-up. Scalp massages can even help stimulate hair growth. Here's what one reviewer writes: "This works really well for massaging your shampoo into your scalp. I like the shape of the little prongs; they feel nice when you (gently!) rub them on your head. The white part has a little handle on the back thats easy to slip your fingers around to get a better grip when you're scrubbing with slippery soapy hands."


28. A Little Jellyfish Exfoliator For Smoother Skin

Etude House Jellyfish Exfoliating Brush, $8, Amazon

Use this endearing silicone exfoliating brush to get your skin silky smooth. Pour a little cleanser into the spongy side on top of the brush, then gently massage it onto your face where it will create a sudsy lather. Next, you can flip the brush over and massage with the large bristles for a deep exfoliation. The silicone bristles dry fast, which means they harbor less bacteria than other exfoliating brushes.


29. These Mini Oven Mitts That Provide Just The Right Amount of Protection

Bestga Mini Oven Mitts, $7 (2 Pack), Amazon

No, these mini oven mitts aren't just meant for small hands — they actually provide just the right amount of coverage to protect any hands from burns. In fact, the less bulky design makes it easier to handle hot pots and pans. Made from silicone, the non-stick mitts feature ridged grips to keep items from slipping out of your hands. And unlike cloth pot holders, you can throw these in the dishwasher to keep them clean.


30. A Goldfish That Separates Egg Whites From Egg Yolks

Nuovoware Egg Yolk Separator, $7, Amazon

This little goldfish actually doubles as an egg separator. Just place the mouth over an already cracked egg and squeeze — when you release, the fish will suck up the yolk, perfectly separating the yellow from the white. It's great for egg white omelettes, baking, and more.


31. A Set Of Brightly-Colored Spoon Rests

Juvale Silicone Spoon Rests, $7 (4 Pack), Amazon

This set of silicone spoon rests comes in four happy colors: red, orange, baby blue, and chartreuse. Switch up the one you put on your stove depending on your mood. The spoon rests are non-toxic, BPA-free, and heat-resistant up to 500 degrees.


32. This Kitchen Tool That Opens Up Jars, Bottles, And Cans

Huixuan Multi-Functional Jar Opener, $6, Amazon

This multi-functional kitchen tool is great to have around if you're lacking in the hand strength department. It's a jar opener, but it opens up so much more than jars. It also works on glass bottles, plastic bottles, and pull-tab closures. Use it for jam jars, soda cans, and bottles of juice.


33. A Blanket That Folds Up So Small It Can Fit In Your Purse

4monster Pocket Blanket, $8, Amazon

This pocket blanket folds up to a 2- by 3-inch square — but can unfold into a full-size blanket. It's water-resistant and lightweight, but cozy enough to keep you warm. Take it with you on your next picnic or plane trip, or just keep it with you at all times in case you get chilly.


34. These Silicone Scrubbers That Do So Much More Than Clean Dishes

Kaptron Silicone Scrubbers, $7 (3 Pack), Amazon

First things first: these silicone scrubbers do a bang-up job of cleaning dishes. They're powerful on pots and pans, but they won't scratch anything up. They also dry quickly, which means they won't harbor bacteria like traditional sponges. And they're not just relegated to cleaning the dishes — they can also be used to scrub veggies, or they can double as coasters or pot holders. Pretty ingenious.


35. The Containers That Are Perfect For Traveling

GoTubb Containers, $8 (3 Pack), Amazon

These travel containers are great for frequent (and infrequent) travelers. At 1-inch wide and 1-inch high, they're the perfect size for packing pills, vitamins, and small amounts of moisturizer and foundation. The containers can be opened with just one hand by squeezing the sides until the top pops off, and each set comes with three container for various needs.


36. A Stapler That Doesn't Use Staples (Say What?)

Kokuyo Stapleless Stapler, $6, Amazon

Perhaps stapler isn't quite the correct term for this stapleless stapler. It's more of a paper fastener. It works by punching a series of small holes in your stack of papers. The punched out paper pieces then create a tab that secures the papers together. This staple-free stapler is super portable and fits in the palm of your hand, too — and it's cute.


37. This All-In-One Kitchen Tool That Looks Like A Houseplant

Ammaze Kitchen Tool, $7, Amazon

This kitchen tool looks like a colorful flowerpot, but it actually performs a surprising variety of functions — 10, to be exact. It acts as an apple cutter, mesh cutter, grater, lemon squeezer, grapefruit squeezer, bowl, masher, avocado scoop, citrus cutter, and juicer. All the tools nest together in one little plant and make for a cute and practical decoration for your kitchen windowsill.


38. A Jade Roller That Brightens Your Complexion

Dermtwirl Jade Face Roller, $5, Amazon

This jade face roller is a centuries-old skincare tool that can do major favors for your complexion. Roll it along your face to improve skin tone, stimulate circulation, ease irritation, and release tension. You can even stick it in the fridge — once it gets cold, roll it along your face to reduce puffiness. Made from genuine jade, the roller is a simple, effective, and inexpensive addition to your skincare regimen.


39. These Lights That Cycle Through The Colors Of Rainbow

Novelty Place Mini Nightlights, $8 (12 Pack), Amazon

These mini nightlights cast off a warm glow, while subtly transitioning through the seven colors of the rainbow to keep things interesting. Each set comes with 12 — and they're all just over 1-inch tall. They're also battery-powered, so they can be set anywhere without the need of an outlet to plug into.


40. A Scrubber Holder That Helps Preserve Your Manicure

NewKelly Wire Scrubber Holder, $3, Amazon

Wire scrubbers are perhaps the most effective way to get pots and pans clean, but they can really do a number on your nails. This fin-shaped scrubber holder keeps your manicure at a safe distance while you work away at that baked-on grease. In the words of this Amazon reviewer: "This little plastic shark fin holder is a great product. It’s saved my fingertips from getting all torn up from holding the metal sponge while scrubbing my ceramic stovetop."

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