40 Products On Amazon That Have Become Extremely Popular By Word Of Mouth

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In marketing, customer loyalty is one of the most valuable forms of advertising out there — and as both a marketing writer and an avid online shopper, I've seen the benefits from both sides. Small companies (who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford the exposure) get some much-deserved recognition, while buyers get real, unbiased recommendations from actual people who have tried the product — and genuinely loved it. In short, word-of-mouth marketing is one of the best ways to learn about products that are actually worth the hype.

But what if your friends aren't necessarily big shoppers, or if they prefer different product categories altogether? Luckily, in those cases, the internet has your back. Some products have thousands of reviews to back them up, while others are constantly getting recognized on forums and discussion websites like Reddit. Then there are blog posts, YouTube tutorials, crowd-funding campaigns, and social media feedback. When you don't have a real-life community of fellow shoppers, strangers on the internet are more than willing to share their honest opinions.

So if you're always in the market for products that come highly recommended, check out these 41 genius things; all of them are available on Amazon, and all of them gained most of their popularity because real people couldn't stop raving about them.

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