35 Buzzy New Products On Amazon That Are Totally Worth The Hype

Most of the time, when I try out a new product I see on Instagram or social media, it doesn't live up to my expectations. I don't know what's worse: wasting $20 on a rainbow highlighter, or the disappointment that comes with it. But sometimes — well, a lot of the time as long as you know where to look — the products trending on Amazon actually live up to the hype.

If you have a deep love for Amazon Prime like I do, you'll be happy to find that nearly the entirety of this slideshow is comprised of practical products that are pretty affordable — like a beauty oil that hydrates your skin with real 24-karat rose gold flakes, socks that are infused with copper to naturally keep unwanted odor at bay, or a travel pillow that keeps you cool. They might all sound different, but they have one thing in common: They're all buzzy products you've probably seen floating around before, but were hesitant to buy. Well, don't be! According to reviewers, these things actually work really well.

Whether you're shopping for someone else or simply just perusing around out of curiosity, these genius products on Amazon are all certainly worth the hype they've received.

1. The Balm That Uses Emu Oil To Soothe Bug Bites, Cuts, And More

Emu Joy Bug Bite Stick, $14, Amazon

There's almost nothing worse than getting a bug bite out of nowhere, leaving you constantly scratching yourself for even just a second of relief — but with the Emu Joy bug bite stick, all you have to do is rub it over the bite and poof. No more itching. Emu oil is very similar to our body's own natural skin oil which allows this balm to absorb quickly into your skin for maximum and fast relief. That's not all, though. This balm also works on chapped lips, sunburns, small cuts, and scratches, too.


2. A Lightweight Pouch That Holds A Water Bottle While You Run

Running Buddy H20 Pouch, $14, Amazon

Going for a jog with a water bottle is necessary but also a huge pain — it feels unnatural to hold it, and it can be cumbersome to carry a backpack. Not only does this inventive pouch allow you to carry 7 ounces of water on your waistband as you run, but the bottle is designed with a smooth contour so that it feels comfortable against your hips.


3. The Cutting Board That Prevents Food From Falling Off The Edges

Dexas Chop & Scoot Cutting Board, $7, Amazon

We've all been there: you've minced and chopped all your veggies into neat little piles, only to have a few pieces roll off the edge of your cutting board onto the floor as you try to slide them all into a pot or pan. This cutting board solves that problem by having raised, curved edges that keep your chopped foods on the board and provide an easy path to funnel them off right into the pot. Each board is dishwasher-safe, and also has non-slip feet that keep it in place as you chop.


4. A Hand Grip That Relieves Stress While Strengthening Your Muscles

OmniGrip Strength Trainer Hand Grip, $17, Amazon

Stress balls might be fun freebies, but they rarely ever make you feel better since they're generally too soft for any actual stress relief. The OmniGrip strength trainer hand grip can not only be used as a stress ball, but its multi-directional and dense construction helps you build strength in your hands and forearms as you squeeze it. Unlike other hand grips, this one is designed with a full egg-shaped palm fit, so that it targets trigger points in your hands for added stress relief.


5. The Hydrating Lipsticks That Last Up To 12 Hours

MOODmatcher Lipstick, $24 (Set Of 6), Amazon

Getting your makeup all primped and proper just to discover that your lipstick has faded after only a few hours can be a real drag, which is part of what makes these lipsticks so great. Not only do they have up to 12 hours of clinically proven staying power so that you're not left with faded lips halfway through the day, but they've also been enriched with Aloe Vera and vitamin E to give your lips a boost of hydration. Best of all? Each color changes instantly and responds to your personal body chemistry, making each shade completely unique and personalized to you.


6. An Egg Slicer That Also Works With Fruits And Cheeses

Internet's Best Handy Slicer, $10, Amazon

Maybe it's because I'm a bit of a dork, but I love finding products meant for one thing that can double as another — and while this egg slicer is mainly meant for eggs, it can also handle kiwis, strawberries, mushrooms, soft cheeses, and more. The stainless steel blades easily cut through almost any soft vegetable or fruit you can fit in them, and the built-in locking switch keeps small hands safe when not in use. And because it's dishwasher-safe, you won't have to worry about hand-scrubbing in every nook and cranny just to get it clean.


7. The Mat That Keeps You Comfortable While You're Standing Up

Kangaroo Brands Comfort Standing Mat, $37, Amazon

Standing for long periods of time can leave your legs tired and your back aching, so why not throw one of these comfortable standing mats down at the foot of your stove, or at the base of your standing desk at the office? Each mat has a textured surface and beveled edge to prevent any slippage or tripping, and the waterproof material is easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Not only will the extra-thick 3/4-inch thick foam not degrade or flatten over time, but it will support your feet for up to 10 years.


8. A Sock That Uses Copper To Help Reduce Unwanted Odor

Copper Fit Unisex No-Show Socks, $10, Amazon

Most socks aren't breathable, which means most socks cause sweaty feet — unless you're wearing the Copper Fit unisex no-show socks, of course. Just like the name hints, these socks have copper infused into the fabric to help reduce odor naturally without any harsh chemicals or unwanted additives, and the fabric itself also wicks away moisture to help keep your feet dry. These are great for traveling, workouts, or long walks.


9. The Kitchen Gadget That Lets You Steam Vegetables And Poach Eggs Easily

Skoo Vegetable Steamer Basket & Egg Poacher Cups, $22, Amazon

Even professional chefs have trouble poaching the perfect egg every single time, so why stress trying to get the perfect yolk when you could just use this set of vegetable steamer basket and poacher cups? Both the steamer basket and cups are made from silicone so that you can use them on the stovetop or in the microwave, and the set also comes with an included stainless still silicone-handled fork that you can use to check your vegetables and see if they're cooked, or slide your poached eggs out of their cups.


10. A Facial Mask Sheet That Helps Control Excess Oil Production

2N Moisturizing Facial Mask Sheet, $19, Amazon

"Great combo," one Amazon reviewer writes about the 2N Moisturizing Facial Mask Sheet. "I normally do a charcoal mask one night and a moisture mask another night. I love that I can do both at the same time because I am lazy!" These masks use bamboo charcoal rich in hyaluronic acid to moisturize your skin while also improving its elasticity, minimizing the appearance of pores, and controlling oil production.


11. The Vanity Light That Simulates Natural Light So You Can Get Your Makeup Perfect

Plusmart Vanity Light, $16, Amazon

Doing your makeup in dim, artificial light is a great way to wind up with that dirt-streak contour look that looks more clown-like than fabulous, but natural light isn't always available. With the Plusmart vanity light it doesn't matter how dark your room is or if it's 11:00 at night, this light will simulate natural light from the sun so you can get your makeup perfect every time. And because it attaches to your mirror via suction cups, you can easily take it with you anywhere don't have to worry about a complicated installation that could ruin your walls!


12. A Neck Pillow Made With Memory Foam And Cooling Gel

VIKTOR JURGEN Travel Neck Pillow, $20, Amazon

The best parts of flying is drinking a mimosa any time of day and landing — everything in-between is usually uncomfortable. However, with this travel pillow you'll be able to keep your neck comfortable through uncomfortable seating, turbulence, and long bathroom lines., The hypoallergenic gel pack keeps your head cool, and the 100 percent memory foam filling reduces pressure points in your neck, back, and shoulders.


13. The Double-Sided Blender That Tackles All Your Makeup Applications

The Original Squeegie Blender, $12, Amazon

Everyone loves a multi-functional beauty product, and this buzzy new blender is an incredibly brilliant one. One side made from silicone — which applies foundation without waste and with less product — and the others side is a sponge, which flawlessly blends it in for an airbrush effect. The teardrop shape has a tapered end that makes it easy to go underneath the eyes and around the nose, and it's soft and flexible, too.


14. A Reusable Straw That Won't Get Soggy During Use

WEBSUN Metal Straws, $10 (8 Pack), Amazon

We all know plastic straws aren't great for the environment, but the paper alternatives get mushy over time unless you're chugging your drink immediately. However, the solution for both issues is to use these WEBSUN metal straws — they're made from stainless steel and are completely dishwasher-safe, so you can use them again and again. Each straw is 10.5 inches and can fit easily into most tumblers, while the non-slip silicone clips keep the straws locked in place instead of sliding all around the rim of your cup. This pack even include two straw cleaners.


15. The Collapsible Bowl With Three Tiers So You Can Serve With Limited Space

Masirs Collapsible Bowl, $10, Amazon

If you've got limited table and counter space, or if your cabinets are small without a lot of room for storage, then why not try this three-tier collapsible bowl? Perfect for happy hour munchies or dinner parties, this bowl collapses so that it takes up significantly less space when not in use, and since it has three tiers, you can serve three different foods without having to take up a lot of space. One reviewer writes: "This is the coolest working bowl set ever! Kudos to whoever designed this stackable bowl system. The wire supports are flexible enough that they easily twist down into storage, but sturdy enough to hold items/condiments when in use."


16. A Scrubber That's 100 Percent Anti-Microbial And Bacteria-Resistant

STK Heavy Duty Silicone Scrubber, $18 (10 Pack), Amazon

Traditional sponges are dirty, moldy things of the past since silicone is naturally resistant to bacteria, and not only are these heavy duty scrubbers made from it, but they're even 100 percent anti-microbial to boot. And because silicone is a much stronger material than the fiber used in regular sponges, these scrubbers are significantly more durable — yet much gentler on your pots and pans.


17. The Cream That Relieves Your Chronic Pain In Seven Days Or Less

The Feel Good Lab Pain Relief Cream, $29, Amazon

Instead of just masking the pain to make you feel better, this pain relief cream penetrates deep to the source of your discomfort and delivers medicine to the places you need it most. Perfect for arthritis, tendinitis, bruises, back pain, or anything irritated by inflammation, this cream uses a 100 percent natural formula consisting of 30 ingredients (including coconut oil, turmeric, magnesium, and menthol) that's safe, gentle, and designed to work over time. One reviewer writes: "Works well, smells very pleasant, and doesn't leave a sticky residue."


18. A Toilet Paper Holder With Storage Space For Extra Rolls

mDesign Toilet Paper Dispenser, $20, Amazon

Finishing up your business only to find that you're out of toilet paper is a real drag, especially when the extra rolls are stored out of reach — luckily, the mDesign toilet paper dispenser has extra room for you to store two extra rolls so you'll never get caught having to do "the shake" (y'all know what I'm talking about). The raised feet help ensure that the extra toilet paper stays dry in the event your bathroom floor gets wet, too. Of course, the real perk of this dispenser? There's a tiny little shelf to easily place your phone when you finally get around to wiping down.


19. The Workout Tank That Wicks Away Moisture To Keep You Dry

Goodsport Women's Moisture-Wicking Tank (XS-3X), $19, Amazon

Fitted yet breathable, the Goodsport women's moisture-wicking tank is 10 percent spandex and features quick-drying technology to keep you cool, minimize sweat, and reduce odor during your workout. "This top is attractive and comfortable to wear," one Amazon reviewer writes. "It's great for a sweaty workout because it does wick away moisture from your skin and dries quickly so you're not stuck in a damp shirt."


20. A Foam Roller That Vibrates To Help Relax Your Muscles

Product Stop, Inc Vibrating Exercise Foam Roller, $50, Amazon

If your traditional foam roller isn't getting the job done, why not try one that vibrates? This exercise foam roller features five different vibrating speeds to choose from, and has textured or bumpy grids to choose from when trying to reduce lactic acid buildup. And because it's the perfect size to fit into a gym bag, you can easily take it with you almost anywhere. Reviewers swear this works great for aches or pre-workout to improve muscle stamina, and say the battery lasts an incredibly long time.


21. The Facial Roller Made With 100 Percent Authentic Rose Quartz

WITTY Rose Quartz Facial Roller, $25, Amazon

"I instantly noticed morning puffiness go down the first time I used it," one Amazon reviewer writes about the WITTY rose quartz facial roller. "After a week of using it I can feel my sinuses getting better because it helps with drainage and my lymph nodes!" Each roller is made from 100 percent authentic rose quartz, and gently massaging your face with it helps to eliminate toxins and promote blood circulation to firm up your skin.


22. A Beauty Oil That Uses Pure 24 Karat Gold Flakes To Brighten Your Skin

Ofanyia 24K Rose Gold Skin Elixir, $10, Amazon

Rosehip oil has been found to help even skin tone and keep you hydrated, so it makes sense that you'd want a beauty oil that uses it in its formula. This 24K rose gold skin elixir is not only packed with rosehip oil, but the gold flakes are real gold and absorb right into your skin, leaving it bright and naturally radiant. You can use this moisturizing oil daily, or add it into your routine as a weekly refresher.


23. The Adjustable Turntable That Lets You Maximize Vertical Storage Space

YouCopia Two-Tier Crazy Susan Turntable, $20, Amazon

When you've got limited cabinet space, it's important to maximize every inch you have — even vertically. And with this two-tier turntable you can easily organize spices, cans, toiletries, and more. No installation is required, and you can adjust the height to create the perfect fit. "This is a very convenient kitchen organizer," one Amazon reviewer writes." I'm using it to store my large tea collection that has pouches and receptacles of all sizes. It immediately made my counter look neater, and I'm now ordering two more."


24. A Phone Case That Can Stick To Any Surface For Perfect Selfies

Quik Pod Selfie Stick It, $20, Amazon

Made by the same brilliant minds who cursed the world with that, um, mostly beloved selfie stick, this brilliant new device is a hands-free smartphone mount that can stick to any surface so you can take the perfect selfie. The included Bluetooth remote lets you easily control your phone's camera function from afar, and the case fits any size or brand of smartphone. And if selfies aren't your thing, no worries — you can also use this case to watch movies or video chat without needing to hold up your phone with your hands!


25. The Inflatable Camping Pillows That Are Ergonomic For Maximum Comfort

OpePlus Inflatable Camping Pillow Set, $17, Amazon

Sleeping outdoors doesn't have to be an uncomfortable experience rife with sore backs and hard surfaces, as the OpePlus inflatable camping pillow set is ergonomically designed to support the natural curve of your spine. Each pillow is inflatable so that it's easily packed when not in use, and the hypoallergenic cover helps your skin breathe after a long day in the sun. And because the bottom is non-slip, you won't have to worry about it sliding out from underneath you when rubbing against slick camping fabrics.


26. A Pair Of Gloves That Are Weighted To Give You A More Effective Workout

Empower Weighted Gloves, $17, Amazon

It may not sound like a lot, but hold 2 pounds straight out in front of you and see how long you can last — feel the burn? That's how these weighted gloves work, as the added weight helps you build more muscle while jogging, sparring, kickboxing, walking, and more. Each pair is made from high-quality soft and stretchy neoprene with reinforced double stitching to help them stay in place while you exercise, and it's an easy way to combine weight training and cardio wherever you're working out.


27. The Underarm Pads That Protect Your Clothes Clear From Sweat

Lavince Underarm Sweat Pads, $13 (40 Pairs), Amazon

If you find yourself with sweat stains under your arms throughout the day — and you want to change that — grab these underarm sweat pads and all your shirt will stay dry. Each package comes with 80 pieces, and the strong adhesive always stays in place so you don't have to worry about any leaking. One Amazon reviewer wrote: "I have been suffering with hyperhidrosis my entire life," and that "My shirts are now dry. People cannot tell I'm using the pads. These are awesome and probably my best buy ever!"


28. A Toothbrush With Three Bristle Brush Heads For Deep Cleaning

Triple Bristle Sonic Toothbrush, $30, Amazon

Whereas traditional toothbrushes only have one head, the Triple Bristle sonic toothbrush has three that are angled at 45-degrees — so your gums also get the same deep clean. Each order comes with two soft triple bristle brush heads, one tongue cleaner, and a pair of AA batteries. One Amazon reviewer writes that "As a practicing hygienist I was naturally drawn to the Triple Bristle toothbrush because it cleans the gumline automatically. It’s not that other brushes can’t do a good job too - I just found that people who use this three sided brush consistently come to their recall appointment with huge improvements in their gum health."


29. The Daily Planner Made With A Classy Leather Cover

Next Level Daily Planner, $26, Amazon

"This planner has everything!" one Amazon reviewer raves, going on to say that it helps her "stay focused on what’s important in life and where I want to be in a year or five years." This daily planner helps set you up for daily success with pre-made yet modifiable checklists to ensure your self-care practices are healthy, while the elegant leather cover gives it a classy look. And because it's less than 9 inches tall, you can easily take this planner wherever you go.


30. A Whisk That Spins As You Press Down To Do The Work For You

Newness Focus On Stainless Steel Hand Push Whisk, $11, Amazon

You could tire yourself out cranking your arm in a circle just to whisk an egg, or you could use this buzzy hand push whisk blender to blend your food. Simply press down on the stainless steel handle, and the whisk will immediately begin to spin, blending your foods without tiring out your arm. Perfect for blending, beating, and stirring, this whisk can be used from everything to eggs to coffee and cocktails.


31. The Fruit Bowl That Lets You Wash, Drain, And Store Your Fruit All In One

Lifewit Fruit Bowl, $15, Amazon

You'd normally need a separate strainer and towel when washing fruit, but the Lifewit fruit bowl lets you wash, drain, store, and display all your fresh fruits without having to switch bowls. Designed with a 360-degree rotatable lid to keep your produce protected, this bowl is made from food-grade ABS plastic and constructed with a stainless steel stand to ensure its durability and sturdiness.


32. A Foot Pad That Uses Distilled Bamboo Vinegar Powder To Eliminate Toxins

Pure Sole of LK Commerce LLC Bamboo Vinegar Foot Pads, $11 (10 Pack), Amazon

Simply clean and dry the soles of your feet, peel off the paper backing, and stick these bamboo vinegar foot pads to your feet while you sleep to cleanse yourself of harmful toxins that've built up throughout the day. Each foot pad uses tourmaline, vitamin E, vegetable fibers, and ion powder to help detoxify your skin while promoting relaxation and relieving headaches, migraines, back pain, swelling, fatigue, and stress.


33. The Body Cream That Uses Bladderwrack Seaweed To Detoxify Skin

The Seaweed Bath Co. Body Cream, $11, Amazon

Rich in vitamin E, argan oil, and essential fatty acids to help soothe troubled skin, The Seaweed Bath Co. body cream absorbs into your skin easily and uses a mixture of bladderwrack seaweed — with over 65 other vitamins and minerals — to detoxify and hydrate your skin. Hyaluronic acid locks in moisture and strengthens your skin's natural defenses, and shea butter and aloe vera leave your skin feeling soft all day.


34. An External Power Bank That Fits Right Into Your Wallet

Kolumb Wallet Pocket Power Card, $12, Amazon

Designed to be super-slim so that it easily fits into your wallet, this pocket power bank is only 6-millimeters thick and can be used to charge your smartphone anywhere. One Amazon reviewer wrote: "I love it! I was hesitant because it looked heavy but it's great. I was looking for something slim, light weight, and had a wire attached to it to slip into my small purse and this fits the bill." It's also convenient because the USB cable is built right into the device — no cords needed.


35. The Serum That Gives You Thicker Lashes And Brows In Just 10 Days

Magic Glance Eyebrow And Eyelash Growth Serum, $24, Amazon

You could shell out hundreds of dollars for eyelash extensions, or you could grab yourself a bottle of Magic Glance eyebrow and eyelash growth serum and watch as your eyelashes and eyebrows become thicker, longer, and more defined. Whereas other serums take weeks to see any noticeable change, this serum gives you visible results within 10 days, and it reaches its full effect in three to five weeks.

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