40 Products On Amazon That'll Literally Save Your Life — & Are All Under $20

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Tons of people are preparing for the onset of the apocalypse at any given time — listen, when you watch cable news, it's totally reasonable. Even if you don't have a go bag stashed under your bed, these 40 products on Amazon that will literally save your life and are all under $20 are more than worth your while: They're handy, versatile, inexpensive, and can get you out of some serious jams when you least expect them to.

If I can't file zombie stories on the daily, these are absolutely my favorite lists to write because I invariably discover several genius ideas that I'm seriously impressed with. People out there are so incredibly smart as to have come up with. for instance, a carabiner that's also a fire-starter? Come on! It's called the Firebiner: Doesn't that sounds like the next super-hot Avenger? How about a tactical pen that not only writes, but can be used as a defensive tool — and can even shatter your car window in the event of an emergency. This is one pen that absolutely is mightier than the sword.

You could put together a practical and inexpensive emergency kit for your trunk or hall closet from this list — and many items are great for anyone who camps, hikes, or otherwise enjoys the outdoors. Why not be prepared — because you never know.

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