40 Suspiciously Clever Grooming Products On Amazon That Actually Work

Keeping up with an effective beauty regimen can be challenging when you have a busy schedule. Finding products that can seamlessly plug into your routine takes time — but fortunately, there are plenty of suspiciously clever grooming products on Amazon that actually work to make your rituals more effective and convenient. Whether you’re embracing self-care, revving up your beauty supplies, or looking for a quick fix to your beauty woes, these products are backed by an amazing Amazon community to prove they’re well worth the money.

If you only seem to think of purchasing pimple patches when you already have a pimple, or you only remember you need a high-quality nail file when you’ve got a hangnail — you aren’t alone. Life happens, and it’s hard to always keep our grooming habits at the forefront of our mind when we’re busy AF. So for anyone that’s looking for more effective grooming products, you don't have to look any further: I’ve found some of the best and most innovative products to streamline your routine. Some of them might seem a little bit odd, but let me assure you: They're totally brilliant and will save you time, stress, and yes, the occasional hangnail.

1. This Foot Mask With Powerful Botanical Extracts

Bea Luz Olive Exfoliating Foot Mask, $19, Amazon

Packed with powerful botanical extracts and lactic acid, this foot peeling mask is a delightful way to repay your feet for all their hard work. Fortified with olive oil, just wear the booties around the house in your regular socks — and less than a week later, the dead skin will start to peel off and only the smooth, soft skin will remain. Loyal Amazon reviewers say things like: "I love these masks. Really soften feet and removes everything and makes them baby soft. Tried 3 brands and only one of them didn't seem to remove as much, but these work great, removed my cracked heel that I have been struggling with for years to keep away."


2. A Spot Treatment That Uses Light Therapy To Get Rid Of Pimples

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment, $15, Amazon

Benefit from the speedy results of light therapy technology with this acne spot treatment. It's a chemical-free treatment that uses UV-free light therapy to target blemishes, and heals and prevents breakouts without irritating the skin. The blue lights are used to zap acne-causing bacteria, while the red lights reduce swelling and inflammation on the affected area. There’s no mess or fuss with this acne treatment — you can use it whenever you need to get ahead of a potential breakout. It's a 2-minute treatment that reviewers say treats pimples faster than other methods.


3. A Soothing Foot Cream For Callused Feet

PurSources Urea Foot Cream, $15, Amazon

Deliver instant softness to callused feet with this soothing foot cream. Containing forty percent urea, this water-based formula rapidly absorbs into the skin, healing intensely cracked feet. Urea is commonly found in topical medications for psoriasis to treat itchy, flaky skin because of its ability to deeply soften the skin, and this cream contains healing botanicals like aloe vera, safflower oil, and chamomile flower to nourish damaged skin. It’s is a great way to revitalize dead skin with a hearty cream that’s effective.


4. This Wireless Toothbrush That Stays Charged For Thirty Days

Shaojier Sonic Electric Toothbrush, $30, Amazon

Make your brushing routine easier and more effective by using this wireless electric toothbrush. When charged for 6 hours, it can be used twice a day for up to 30 days without running out of juice. The toothbrush head rotates, oscillates, and pulses to navigate through the crevices of your teeth like you're at the dentist. With three modes including cleaning, brightening, and one mode for sensitive teeth, this is an excellent toothbrush to have around.


5. A Dry Brush That’s Completely Vegan And Cruelty-Free

Sano Naturals Dry Vegan Body Brush, $15, Amazon

Dry brushing is a great way to increase circulation and lightly exfoliate the body, but usually these clever tools are made from boar or horse hair. Fortunately, you can slough off dead skin cells and keep your skin incredibly smooth with this amazing vegan body brush. It’s made with shed-proof sturdy bristles that are tightly packed, and the other side of the brush comes with a massager that can be used to stimulate blood flow.


6. A Decadent Body Scrub With Naturally Hydrating Oils

Asutra Sensual Rose Exfoliating Scrub, $22, Amazon

Perfect for a quick but effective spa session in your shower, this exfoliating body scrub relies on Dead Sea salt to slough off dead skin cells and create soft, hydrated skin — and the fine grains are great for sensitive skin because they aren't too abrasive. It contains sandalwood essential oil, which is a mild astringent that’s excellent for toning and calming the skin, and the woodsy scent is beautifully balanced with rose essential oil. Also formulated with jojoba, almond, and argan oil, this is a great scrub for folks with oily and combination skin to use on the reg.


7. A High-Quality Face Cleansing Brush For Clogged Pores

LAXCARE Sonic Face Brush, $35, Amazon

By using high-frequency vibration that completely removes oil, dirt, and stubborn makeup, this incredible face brush can completely revamp your cleansing routine. It has soft bristles that help clean and exfoliate the skin without irritation, and with seven speeds, this brush can be a true skin savior for all skin types to deeply clean pores and reduce breakouts. The curved shape is especially useful around the t-zone, and it has a heated option for a gentle massage.


8. These Trusty Pimple Patches Made With Hydrocolloid

Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Hydrocolloid Acne Absorbing Spot Dot, $12, Amazon

These trusty pimple patches get down to business by using hydrocolloid to heal painful cysts and pimples. Vegan and cruelty-free, each patch is formulated without harsh chemicals to deliver rapid relief directly to blemishes without drying out skin. These stickers adhere firmly to the skin to reduce inflammation while absorbing excess fluid and pus. They're also very helpful for folks that can’t resist the temptation to pop, squeeze, and pick, and with thirty-six clear patches in a pack, you’ll always have a remedy on hand.


9. This Waterproof Facial Hair Remover With Built-In Led Lights

Tobeape Women’s Hair Remover, $32, Amazon

With built-in LED lights and stainless steel blades, this hair remover is painless and fast-acting. The antibacterial blades easily remove fine hair on the face or body, and the light ensures that you grab every hair you intend to. Made to be waterproof, this hair remover is super-easy to clean and you can use it on wet or dry skin. One reviewer writes: "This removes the hairs completely no stubbies left behind. It doesn't hurt it's safe no matter what area you use it on!"


10. A Wooden Nail Brush That Cleans Your Entire Hand

Konex Hand And Nail Brush, $7, Amazon

Cleverly designed to be a hand scrubber and an under-the-nail cleaner, this wooden grooming brush will take your pampering to the next level. It has a non-slip molded grip to make it easy to navigate underneath your nails with one hand, and the sturdy, flexible fiber bristles vary in length and softness for the ultimate and thorough clean.


11. An Incredibly Useful Nail File Made With Glass

Malva Belle Glass Nail File, $10, Amazon

If you’re tired of the short life-span of traditional nail files, this exquisite glass nail file will have a long shelf-life — this won't weaken or break down over time, which means you'll get smooth results for as long as you have it. It comes with a convenient travel case, and you can even keep this bacteria-free by washing them in a dishwasher.


12. An Electric Foot File With Micro Mineral Particles

Emjoi Micro-Pedi Nano Callus Remover, $30, Amazon

This nano callus remover comes with a unique roller that spins 360-degrees at a rapid rate of thirty times per second, providing instant relief to cracked, callused feed. With micro-mineral particles infused into the roller, it’s able to destroy thick, dead skin in order to make way for healthy new skin cells. It has two speeds and a rubberized grip, too.


13. A Clever Spray That Prevents Hair From Growing Back

StopHair Hair Reducing Spray, $50, Amazon

Dreams do come true: This hair-reducing spray promises to slow the re-growth process without the use of harsh chemicals. It's an incredible remedy for folks that suffer from ingrown hairs and shaving irritation no matter how gentle they are during their preferred shaving routine. It works by saturating the follicle with natural enzymes that deter the hair from growing back. Formulated with plant-based extracts and natural emollients, this spray can be used in combination with your preferred hair removal methods to allow you to shave and wax less. One reviewer writes: "It takes time, but it works. Hair either comes back slower, much finer or not at all."


14. A Makeup-Removing Cloth That Has Pockets

Face It Cloth In A Box, $20, Amazon

Made with a clever heart-shaped design and pockets for your hands to slip into, this double-sided facial cloth gives you the perfect amount of control to effectively and easily remove makeup with cleanser. One side works to gentle exfoliate, while the other works to remove excess water so you can immediately start using your serums and moisturizers. It's easy to clean with the help of a mild detergent, and comes with a convenient suction cup to securely hang it in your bathroom in between each use.


15. This pH-Balancing Face Scrub With Honey And Sugar Cane

Era Organics Microdermabrasion Face Scrub & Facial Mask, $17, Amazon

Filled with potent plant-based ingredients, this face scrub will leave your skin feeling incredibly clean and supple. It works to balance the skin’s pH level while promoting healthy skin cells. Formulated with sugar cane, manuka honey, and aloe vera — which have vast healing properties — it creates a spa-like microdermabrasion experience that sloughs away dead skin cells and fully cleans the pores. This is great for folks with oily, dry, or combination skin to bring vibrancy to dull complexions.


16. A Natural Deodorant That’s Actually A Magic Crystal

Positive Essence Crystal Deodorant Stone, $10, Amazon

Want to remove odor-causing bacteria without aluminum or baking soda? Try this crystal stone instead, which provides 12 hours of odor protection. This single-ingredient deodorant is amazing for folks that find traditional formulas too heavy for their pores, because the application doesn’t leave the usual reside of oils and stickiness. If you’re skeptical, just read through some of the glowing reviews like this one: “Works great!! Amazingly, there was no smell whatsoever, and it was easy to use. No irritated armpits. Loving it!!”


17.This Roll-On Shaving Gel That Promises To Banish Ingrown Hairs

PFB Vanish Roll On Shaving Gel For Ingrown Hair, $22, Amazon

Rid yourself of painful, irritating ingrown hairs with this vanishing roll-on treatment. Made to be used after any hair removal process, this gel can be safely used on the face, underarms, legs, and bikini area. It can be used to treat ingrown hairs that already exist, too, and it's made glycolic and lactic acids. Reviewers say it even helps to lighten dark spots from shaving and bumps.


18. A Serum For Clear Skin That Harnesses The Power Of Tea Tree Oil

TruSkin Naturals Tea Tree Clear Skin Serum, $25, Amazon

The natural antibacterial properties of tea tree oil are carefully blended in this natural face serum to promote long-lasting clear skin. Formulated with antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, retinol, and salicylic acid, it’s a delightful serum for anyone with an oily complexion. With a unique ability to unclog pores and treat breakouts, it soothes irritated skin while preventing acne. With this serum, you can even heal acne scars and liven up your complexion to promote even skin tones.


19. An Electric Mani Pedi Set That Produces Professional Results

Tec Ben Electric Manicure And Pedicure Set, $20, Amazon

With eight different attachments, you can have a professional mani pedi without leaving your house thanks to this electric nail care system. It smooths callused skin on the hands and feet while molding your nails into any shapes you prefer. Designed with built-in LED lights to provide visibility, it’s an excellent way to comfortably pamper yourself without the expense of a spa. You can buff, shape, and polish your nails easily while gently grooming cuticles, too.


20. This Tweezer Set With Four Options To Suit Your Hair Removal Needs

AUMELO Professional Stainless Steel Tweezers, $10 (4 Pack), Amazon

This set of four high-quality tweezers is a steal for the price — each one is made from durable, antibacterial stainless steel, and the travel case is sturdy and convenient. The set includes a flat, angled, pointed, and slanted tweezer to suite a variety of hair removal needs, and are even good for things like splinters and hangnails.


21. An Epsom Salt Bath That You Can Use As a Scrub Or Soak

Purely Northwest Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak With Epsom Salt, $14, Amazon

Come home to an invigorating Epsom salt bath that leaves your skin and joints feeling completely refreshed. Packed with magnesium sulfate and dead sea salt, you can use these salts as a scrub in the shower or dissolve them in a relaxing bath. With stimulating essential oils like eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint, rosemary, lavender, and cajuput, this blend will revitalize your olfactory senses while nourishing cracked feet. This is a great way to eliminate odor and foot fungus, and also leaves the skin feeling fully restored and moisturized.


22. A Balancing Face Serum That Feels Amazing On Irritated Skin

True And Olive Facial Oil And Serum, $35, Amazon

The soothing blend of natural plant-based emollients is a great way to calm irritated skin. Since it’s made with lightweight oils that are similar to oil produced by the skin, this face serum is great for sensitive and oily complexions. With sea buckthorn, rosehip, and jojoba oil, it's carefully blended to heal damaged skin while keeping it fully hydrated. It's formulated with lavender essential oil — which is known for its gentle anti-inflammatory properties — and bergamot essential oil, which has mild astringent effects on the skin.


23. A Moisturizing Face Cream For Acne-Prone Skin

TreeActiv Acne Eliminating Face Cream, $20, Amazon

Acne sufferers can finally look forward to moisturizing their face without worrying about clogged pores or dehydrated skin. This acne-fighting face cream boasts a blissful blend of lightweight oils that quickly absorb into the skin without leaving an oily residue. Formulated with tea tree and grapefruit oils that contain natural astringent, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties, this moisturizer balances oil production while fighting acne.


24. This Super Convenient Bonnet Dryer With 2,000+ Reviews

Laila Ali LADR5604 Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer, $38, Amazon

Made with innovative ionic technology, this soft bonnet dryer will completely change your hair routine. It’s the ideal finishing touch needed for hard rollers, flexi-rods, and braids to leave the hair smooth and shiny, and the unique design allows the bonnet to become a portable storage case. With multiple heat and speed settings, you can adjust the bonnet to suit your specific hair needs without risking breakage. One reviewer writes: "What's best is that I TRAVEL with it! It's light and relatively compact compared to a hooded dryer. It's easier to use than a handheld dryer. It's a must-have for beach vacations."


25. An Incredible Nail Growth Formula Enhanced With Protein

Nailtique Formula 2 Nail Growth Formula, $9, Amazon

This nail treatment is an excellent way to lead weak, damaged nails back to health. One Amazon reviewer writes: “My nails were immediately stronger after the first layer was applied. I was prone to nail breakage and peeling. Since using this product my nails have been so strong and long.” With a protein-based formula that strengthens the nail bed, this trusty polish can be worn underneath a manicure or solo to get longer, healthier nails in just a few weeks.


26. A Dry Shampoo Pen That You Can Fly With

Bad Baby Dry Shampoo Pen, $15, Amazon

TSA-approved and an innovative way to give your hair an instant touch-up, this dry shampoo pen is the ideal travel companion. It’s formulated without parabens, sulfates, or pthalates, and is easy to apply precisely to the roots. Made with milk thistle oil, apricot butter, vitamin E, and keratin, it'll give your hair both body and hydration all in one spritz.


27. A Charcoal Soap That's Perfect For Oily Skin

New Leaf Products Charcoal Soap, $16 (3 Pack), Amazon

If you're looking for a solution to body acne, look no further: This bamboo charcoal soap pulls toxins to the surface while providing a deep cleanse that fully cleans clogged pores. It's excellent for body odor, oily skin, cystic acne, and blackheads. Folks on Amazon are truly loving the results, “My husband has bad, cystic acne, and this actually helps! He has tried many products over the years and he's very happy with the way this dries it out," claims one devout costumer.


28. A Fogless Mirror For Your Shower That Holds Your Razor

Toilet Tree Fogless Shower Bathroom Mirror With Squeegee, $30, Amazon

This fogless mirror is literally the best invention for your shower. It’s particularly helpful for folks that are detangling massive amounts of hair while they condition because you can actually see what you’re doing. Aside from being fogless, this has extra features for you to get the most out of your shower routine. It’s completely shatterproof, and includes a built-in shelf to store small accessories like razors, tweezers, and combs. With a complimentary squeegee, you can mount this mirror securely in your shower or anywhere else in your bathroom.


29. The Double-Sided Tweezers For Anyone Who Plucks Ingrown Hairs

Body Toolz Double End Tweezer, $9, Amazon

Professionally crafted to firmly grasp fine hairs, these double-sided tweezers easily lift unwanted hair. It comes with a pointed and slanted tip to give you two options in one convenient tool. Made from stainless steel, these tweezers come with rust-free longevity. They’re perfect for grooming eyebrows, grabbing sporadic ingrown hairs, and even removing splinters.


30. This Natural Liquid To Strengthen Your Tooth Enamel

Uncle Harry’s Natural Products Remineralization Liquid For Tooth Enamel, $20 (2 Pack), Amazon

Add some extra protection to your brushing routine with this natural liquid enamel. By supplying calcium and phosphorus, it can strengthen the enamel while neutralizing harmful bacteria. Even some of the most healthy foods and beverages can weaken enamel (like tea and citrus), so with this amazing rinse you can maintain a healthy pH level and protect your teeth at the same time. It even helps to relieve toothaches.


31. A Detoxing Oral Rinse Made With Coconut Oil

The Dirt All Natural MCT Coconut, $20, Amazon

Oil pulling is an age-old trick for whitening teeth and improving your overall dental hygiene. This coconut-based oral rinse is a blend of clove, rose, and mint — and it pulls harmful toxins while you swish, washing them away when you spit it out. You can use this natural remedy for oil pulling or as a mouthwash to keep your breath fresh. One reviewer writes: "The swelling of my gum has reduced on the third days of bi-usages per day, morning after breakfast consumption and retiring before bedtime. The sensitivity of my tongue has reduced."


32. This Sugar-Based Hair Remover With All-Natural Ingredients

Moom Organic Hair Remover With Tea Tree Refill Jar, $16, Amazon

This all-natural hair remover is a great way to remove hair without razors, lasers, and harmful chemicals. Formulated with chamomile, lemon juice, and tea tree oil, it uses sugar to gently remove hair without causing irritation. You can use it on your face, legs, bikini line and underneath the arms to have a much-needed break in shaving bumps. A jar will even last two months.


33. An Ultrasonic Scrubber With High Frequency Vibrations

Kingdom K-Skin Facial Skin Scrubber, $36, Amazon

Experience the deep exfoliating cleanse of this ultrasonic scrubber. It uses positive ions in order to vibrate to high frequencies that pull away dead skin cells. The scrubber easily removes, dirt, makeup, and excess oil that cause blackheads and whiteheads. By stimulating the surface, it’s able to stave off breakouts and increase the firmness of the skin. It comes with a waterproof design and a built-in rechargeable battery for maximum convenience.


34. This Multi-Functional Steamer For The Ultimate Spa Experience

Kingdomcares Steamer Warm Mist Moisturizing Facial Steamer, $26, Amazon

This portable face steamer is an excellent way to bring the spa-like experience directly into your home and onto dehydrated skin. It’s great for deep cleansing and revitalizing dull complexions by delivering ten minutes of steam to fully open up pores, allowing you to receive the maximum benefits of your face treatments. With multiple heat settings and functions, it’s the ultimate way to pamper yourself. It even doubles as a humidifier or towel warmer.


35. This Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper To Improve Your Oral Hygiene

Simply Naz Tongue Scraper, $10, Amazon

Ditch the plastic tongue scrapers for a high-quality tool that'll last a long time. Crafted with stainless steel, this scraper improves oral hygiene by making sure your tongue is as clean as a whistle. Folks on Amazon attest that this scraper is highly durable and gentle enough for sensitive mouths. “This is a great purchase. The material is solid and works well,” claims one devout tongue scraper.


36. This Epilator That Painlessly Removes Unwanted Hair

Philips Norelco Satinelle Essential HP6401, $30, Amazon

This epilator is a great tool for removing unwanted hair from the root, which is a way to keep from shaving a lot less during the week. Great for people with more sensitive skin, people prone to razor burn and shaving bumps can easily remove unwanted hair without the irritation. It comes with two speed settings to work with delicate and hard-to-reach areas of the skin, and it's easy to travel with.


37. A Micro-Fiber Towel That Rapidly Dries Hair

Aquis Original Long Hair Towel, $25, Amazon

If you're looking to save time in the morning, this microfiber towel will quickly absorb the moisture in your hair. It dries faster than traditional terrycloth towels while maintaining longevity and softness. It's great for curlier hair and keeps hair healthier by protecting it from breakage. Amazon reviewers are loving the functionality of this towel: "This is now my favorite towel when washing my hair. I also use it to keep my hair dry while showering instead of those ugly plastic shower caps!"


38. These Sandals That Massage Your Feet While You Shower

Avivo Shower Scrubber Foot Sandal, $28, Amazon

All you need to have a stimulating foot scrub is this amazing shower sandal. Just slide one foot in at a time to experience a gentle massage on the bottom of your feet while you shower. Made with soft, dense bristles and slip-free suction cups, this is a great tool to clean feet or just get a little circulation moving in your feet. To take convenience one step further, this sandal can be cleaned in the dishwasher.


39. A Pair Of Footless Socks For Pedicures During The Cold Months

Pedi Sox Originals, $10, Amazon

It’s not always flip-flop weather, which can be incredibly inconvenient when you’re waiting for your pedicure to dry. These pedicure socks can keep you moving around your house even if your polish is still wet by creating an opening at the toes. Made from a cozy blend of acrylic and nylon, they’re machine-washable and highly durable.


40. This Nourishing Conditioner Bar That Treats Dandruff And Split Ends

Beauty and the Bees Tasmania Honey Silk Hair Conditioner Bar, $22, Amazon

Nourish your hair with a completely natural conditioning bar that alleviates dandruff, split ends, and dry scalps. Packed with beeswax, honey, leatherwood, and hearty emollients to soften hair, this bar detangles and restores the scalp without the use of harmful chemicals. Folks with coarse, fine, and oily hair are absolutely loving the shine of this formula.

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