23 Random But Brilliant Grooming Products With A Cult Following On Amazon

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When's the last time you bought nail clippers? That's probably a hard question to answer, since we usually don't create Pinterest lists of dream clippers to buy, but who cares? Sometimes it's nice to give yourself an upgrade and invest in some random, functional, and brilliant grooming products, considering you use them so frequently.

Take an emory board, for example. I know I've held on to paper nail files for years without a care, but they actually hold on to a lot of bacteria and can sometimes cause serious infection. I know I'd never really consider a nail file a health hazard, but it's nice to know that there's a more sanitary option made of glass that you can clean.

Some of the grooming tools are totally unexpected. You can get a product that helps you cut your own hair without cutting into your fingers. Or you could get a body scrub that fixes hand and foot calluses, or a weird little spring that quickly grabs the hair off your face. These tools are all a little random, but will make your grooming routine so much easier, and they’ve got so many reviews on Amazon for a reason — they really, really work, and people are taking note.

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