40 Things On Amazon That Will Save You At Least $200 A Year

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About a year and a half ago I was introduced to a hot air brush by way of one of my favorite blogs — and I have to admit, it was fairly life-changing. The thing that first drew me in? The image of smooth, bouncy hair that looked like it just had been styled with a round brush, surrounded by the scent of hair spray. In other words, it looked like the the work of an expensive salon visit. Naturally, I was left wondering why it took so long for me to learn about this budget blow out hack, and what other money-saving Amazon products I had yet to discover.

Turns out the answer involves wool dryer balls — a brilliant hack that saves you money on both your electricity bill (they speed up the dry time of your laundry) and the hefty price of one-time use dryer sheets. And a cold brew coffee maker that keeps you from hitting up your barista before every work meeting. Or a vacuum sealer that helps you preserve your food for longer.

There's also a plethora of other smart products that reduce waste, save money, and generally bring efficiency to your household in ways you might not have thought possible — and they're all on this list.

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