40 Things On Amazon That Will Save You At Least $200 A Year

About a year and a half ago I was introduced to a hot air brush by way of one of my favorite blogs — and I have to admit, it was fairly life-changing. The thing that first drew me in? The image of smooth, bouncy hair that looked like it just had been styled with a round brush, surrounded by the scent of hair spray. In other words, it looked like the the work of an expensive salon visit. Naturally, I was left wondering why it took so long for me to learn about this budget blow out hack, and what other money-saving Amazon products I had yet to discover.

Turns out the answer involves wool dryer balls — a brilliant hack that saves you money on both your electricity bill (they speed up the dry time of your laundry) and the hefty price of one-time use dryer sheets. And a cold brew coffee maker that keeps you from hitting up your barista before every work meeting. Or a vacuum sealer that helps you preserve your food for longer.

There's also a plethora of other smart products that reduce waste, save money, and generally bring efficiency to your household in ways you might not have thought possible — and they're all on this list.

by Carrie Bluth

1. A Cold Brew Coffee Maker To Keep You Going All Day

Cold brew coffee is less acidic and way more refreshing than a traditional hot brew — and with this cold brew coffee maker, you can make up to four servings of ice cold coffee to help you do all the things your day demands. The fine mesh filter keeps grounds out of your coffee, and the air-tight lid ensures freshness. Bonus: it's BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. Made with Tritan glass, the pitcher can also take the heat should you want to go the traditional route.

2. These Dryer Balls Will Help Green Your Laundry Routine

If you're not using these wool dryer balls yet, pay attention. They can reduce drying time by up to 25 percent, which means lowering your utility bill — and saving you money to spend on things besides dryer balls. Made from wool, these are a green alternative to the plastic balls. They can eliminate the need for fabric softener, and reduce wrinkles, too. Everyone should own a set: and you can even add essential oil drops to them to make your laundry smell amazing.

3. The Beauty Tool That Gives You The Look Of A Salon Blow-Out

A tool that gives the look of a professional blow-out without the need to shell out for a salon visit? Sign me up. A hot air brush is basically a round-brush meets blow dryer mash-up that makes it easy to straighten, curl, lift, and smooth your hair. This one uses ionic technology in a ceramic design that minimizes damage. With adjustable heat and speed settings — which you can use on wet or dry hair — and tangle-free bristles, reviewer are in love. One writes: "This dryer is AMAZING. Believe the hype."

4. A Smart Plug You Can Use To Turn Lamps On With Your Phone

Plug your lamp into this energy-saving smart plug, download the free Kasa App, and bam — you can set your light to come on before you get home, or even on a regular schedule when you're away traveling. Pair it with any of your electronics — like a space heater, humidifier, fan, or coffee maker — and you can switch them on and off via your phone.

5. The Moldable Glue You Need To Fix Almost Anything

With this moldable glue, duct tape is no longer your only solution — it bonds to most materials from glass and ceramics to wood and plastic, and sets into a durable silicone rubber when dry. It's waterproof, heat- and cold-resistant, and can even be used to mount things without nails or screws (it can hold up to 4.4 pounds). Use it to repair rubber soles on your shoes, repair fraying chargers, and more.

6. The Vacuum Sealer That Will Help You Simplify And Save On Meal Prep

Any device that can both simplify your home meal prep and save you money is a winner — and this vacuum sealer can do just that by preserving meals up to five times longer than conventional plastic storage bags. One reviewer wrote: "I've always wanted one and this exceeded expectations." It has two settings for dry goods or moist goods like soups or purees, and comes with a starter kit of reusable bags. It's perfect for prepping ahead — and for preserving precious refrigerator space by storing freshly made soups or breakfast sandwiches in the freezer until you're ready to use. This could be a real life saver when it's your turn to host for the holidays.

7. The Produce Balls That Keep Your Lettuce From Wilting

Let's be honest — how much produce do you throw out because it goes bad before you can get to it? These fresh produce balls contain an Activated Carbon insert that helps to preserve fresh foods and prevent odors — saving you money and reducing the waste of good food. The apples come pre-filled with an Activated Carbon packet that lasts about three months. After that, you just replace the inserts and toss the apples back in the crisper.

8. The Only Item You Need To Patch That Hole In Your Wall

A quick and easy fix for small wall holes and dings, this wall repair kit contains everything you need to restore your wall to its' former solid surface glory. With a tub of spackling compound combined with primer and a 4-inch self-adhesive patch, you'll be done in no time. The putty knife and sanding block are included, so this is the only kit you'll need for the most part. Renters, fix it, collect your full security deposit, and move on.

9. An Adorable Charging Cord Protecter That Will Never Leave You Frayed

Someday we may live in a world where no one needs charging cords or protection for them today is not that day. These spiral charging cord protectors protect the weak point of your charging cord ensuring you never lose a cord to fraying again. Plus — they inadvertently do the job of delineating whose cord belongs to who, which may even be the most important service in a sea of indistinguishable chargers.

10. A Portable Massager With Heat To Keep You Chill

Getting a professional massage is wonderful but expensive. This back and neck massager, on the other hand, is soothing and affordable. The strap allows you to position it wherever your muscles need relaxation — even on your legs or shoulders. The heat setting is programmable and sets this apart from other massage tools: and it comes with a car power adapter for those long rides when you're stuck in the L-position.

11. A Kit To Make Minor Auto Scratches Disappear

This car scratch remover can work wonders in diminishing the appearance of any minor scratches or water marks on your car. Reviewers are loving it, too. One writes: "[S]imply put, the product is excellent! The minor scratches were completely removed without damage." It includes a buffer pad and even returns the car to a glossy finish.

12. A Non-Toxic Biodegradable Drain Opener

Plumbers do a most valuable service — but they are expensive AF. When the inevitable clog arises, whether it's a slow draining shower or the dreaded backed-up toilet, a drain opening pack can save the day, and unclog your pipes in just 30 minutes. Even better news: these packs are non-toxic and biodegradable. Finally — a safe, green alternative to toxic chemicals for unclogging household drains.

13. The Cutest Cash And Budgeting System Ever

These cash budgeting envelopes are pretty much the cutest way to handle money and track a budget for any project, event, or personal finance goals you may have. The set comes with 12 envelopes, coin pouches, budget tracking sheets, and label stickers.

14. An Ingenious Spatula Helps You Use Every Drop

How much product might you be wasting if you're not using the Spatty Daddy? More than you think! Featured on Shark Tank, this unique ultra-skinny spatula fit into almost any bottle, whether it's a ketchup bottle or an expensive foundation — so you can get every last drop. Rest assured, it's BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and comes in a pack of two.

15. A Hanging Storage Bag Will Keep All Of Your Wrapping Supplies Together

If you subscribe to Gretchen Rubin's "outer order, inner calm," philosophy, this hanging gift wrapping paper storage holder has your name on it. It can neatly hold up to 40 rolls of wrapping paper — even the long rolls. It comes with a steel hanging hook, and 10 spacious pockets for scissors, tape, glue and ribbon. This will keep things orderly, remind you of what you have, and preserve it over time — saving you money in the process.

16. The LED Lightbulbs That Can Last For Over A Decade

These LED lightbulbs come in a pack of six — and are projected to last for 13 years. Yep, you read that right. The cost savings are notable as well, making the bulbs an efficient alternative to incandescent bulbs. Take note, however, these are 60-watt, soft white, and non-dimming.

17. A Surprising Spray That Will Preserve Your Wine For Weeks

This is wild: You just spray this food-grade wine preserver in your wine bottle after you pour the amount you desire, use the included wine stopper, and you can now keep your wine fresh for weeks instead of mere days. The secret weapon is food-grade inert Argon gas — which displaces oxygen and prevents wine from spoiling.

18. A Rechargeable Battery Charger Will Keep You Charged Up

Using rechargeable batteries makes so much sense: You’ll save money and reduce waste. This battery re-charger can power up one to four NIMH rechargeable batteries in just an hour’s time, and it automatically shuts off to prevent overheating. The charger comes with four AA batteries, but it can also charge AAA batteries.

19. A Mesh Tape To Repair Your Window Screen Instead of Replacing It

A window screen on a tape roll — does it get any better than this? This ingenious screen repair tape is made of a fine screen-like mesh that you can cut to size and apply to any hole in your window screen like a sticker for a quick, easy, and long-lasting repair. It's made from fiberglass and the kit includes a needle and thread for areas that need extra reinforcement combined with the screen patch.

20. These Glass Shields Will Save Your Phone

Going without a screen protector on your smartphone is risky business — luckily, these tempered glass iPhone screen protectors safeguard your phone from scratches and cracks that can come from the inevitable phone drop. The pack comes with three shields that fit the iPhone 6, 6S, 7, and 8. Reviewers report that while there is a you tube tutorial you can refer to, the enclosed instructions make installation relatively easy.

21. A Sparkling Water Maker For Homemade Sodas And Seltzers

Think of all the single use plastic bottles you’ll be keeping out of the landfill by adopting the sparkling water-maker life — and if that’s not enough to convince you, consider all the money you’ll be keeping in your wallet. A great investment if you love sparkling water, the Soda Stream comes with a BPA-free reusable bottle and a starter Co2 cylinder that will carbonate 60 liters of water. The press of a button and fizzy water is yours. It’s compatible with all the Soda Stream flavors, meaning you can make sodas, too.

22. These Reusable Bags Are A Green Solution For Packing Lunches

According to Kermit the Frog, "it's not easy being green," but he must not have heard about these reusable sandwich bags, which make it simple to reduce plastic waste and save money while you're at it. The pack includes three sandwich size bags, and two smaller bags perfect for cut-up veggies, fruit or other snacks. The bags are free from BPA, PVC and lead, and also great for storing travel toiletries since they are see through. Hand wash them and they'll last for countless lunches. Kermit, are you listening?

23. An Avocado Saver That Works

Avocados are one of the most expensive items in the produce aisle — and like all produce, they go bad quick once you cut into them, if you don't preserve them right. This inexpensive avocado keeper will pay for itself within about two uses (given the going rate for avocados) by protecting the half you're saving for tomorrow. Bonus: it's dishwasher-safe, so now you can have your avocado toast and eat it too.

24. A Set of Storage Containers For Pantry Perfection

These BPA-free plastic pantry food storage containers are perfect for storing your bulk goods and keeping them airtight for optimal preservation. The stackable bins come in assorted sizes with a chalkboard pen and labels so you can make your pantry Pinterest perfect. Bonus: the bins are dishwasher-safe, and suitable for the freezer and even the microwave (the base only that is).

25. A Pen That Will Restore The Appearance Of Your Grout

This grout restoring pen will renew the look of clean grout while offering protection from mildew and bacteria. It's a non-toxic, water based formula that's super easy to apply and dries quickly. One pen will cover up to 60 meters of grout line — and it comes in nine colors, making it easy to find the right match for your kitchen, bath, or shower area.

26. These Glass Globes Will Water Your Plants For You

Think you're too busy to remember to care for your house plants? These plant watering bulbs have got you! Simply fill them up and stick them in the the plant soil and they will water your plants to perfection for up to 2 weeks. Such a great away solution for tending your plants when you're traveling or on vacation.

27. A Handy Kit That Repairs Your Glasses

If you have glasses or sunglasses — keep this handy repair kit on hand at all times. It's universal and contains a special screwdriver, plus an assortment of tiny screws that will fit most eyeglasses and sunnies. Reviewers report good results but recommend having a set of tweezers on hand for the tiny parts.

28. The Stain-Removing Spray Every Party Needs

What do you think is cheaper — paying to replace a sofa or paying for a bottle of this wine remover spray? The answer, in my opinion, is pretty obvious. This brilliant cleaner also works on other pesky stains like blood, grass, and more — and is effective on both older stains and fresh ones.

29. The Teeth Whitener System With An LED Light

If you can get professional teeth whitening results at home, think how much money you'll save. Reviewers are loving this teeth whitening system, and one wrote: "I have been using CaliWhite teeth Whitening system for 3 days and I am amazed." The formula is vegan-friendly — and it comes with a mouth tray, gel syringes, and an LED Light with timer. Pop the mouth tray in for 10 to 30 minutes, and you'll have results in as little as a week.

30. These Eco-Friendly Reusable Cleansing Pads

These reusable round makeup removal pads, made from Bamboo, are so much softer and better for your delicate face than the disposable ones. You get 16 of them and a laundry bag for easy of washing when you're ready to reuse. A truly eco-friendly and wallet-friendly alternative to disposable pads.

31. An Acupressure Mat Is A Pain-Relieving Massager

Could this acupressure mat be as therapeutic massage for relieving muscle tension and improving circulation? One reviewer seemed to think so: "I feel like I've had a back rub after 20-30 minutes of being on the mat and neck bolster." That's pretty good news for all of us with text neck and stiff backs — and the set comes with a bolster pillow and mat that you lie on for just 20 minutes a day to improve circulation and enhance relaxation.

32. A Pain-Busting Topical That Soothes Muscles And Joints

You can stop spending money on the myriad of muscle pain-relieving ointments in the marketplace — and just get this highly-reviewed one. Reviewers rave about this pain relief cream containing arnica (which also helps to relieve bruise pain) — calling it "a life changing pain reliever." Unlike similar topical creams, this ointment doesn't have a strong smell or cause extreme cold or heat sensations, but according to users, it gives major relief.

33. A Lash-Boosting Serum That Will Replace Extensions

This hypoallergenic, easy-to-apply lash-enhancing serum is designed to lengthen and thicken your natural eyelashes so you can goodbye to falsies and extensions. Use it just once a day and remember consistency is key — you'll need to apply it for at least two months to really see results. However, once you do, you’ll be hooked. You can use it on your brows too, to thicken them up or fill in sparse patches.

34. The Toothpaste Squeezer That Gets It All

Just think, if you're not using a toothpaste squeezer, you could be wasting a whole tube of toothpaste or more in a year's time, given the amount left in each tube when added up. Reviewers report using the clamps on expensive tubes of beauty products as well — to ensure you are getting your money's worth of that moisturizer you love.

35. A Portable Travel Steamer To Keep Your Outfit On Point

I do not travel without a portable clothes steamer because, wrinkles. Also, I love linen and detest ironing. Can you relate? This one is the perfect size for stashing in your away bag, heats up like rapid fire in two minutes and has an automatic shut-off if the water level gets too low or it gets too hot.

36. A Chic Home Facial Steamer Will Have You Glowing

No need to go for an expensive facial every month when you have a home facial steamer. In about 30 seconds, this baby is steaming the impurities from your face — leaving your face fresh and moist. It's easy to use and shuts off automatically for safety. The design is small and stylish, and a peruse through the reviews show that users are in love with this brilliant steamer.

37. An Electronic File To Give You Sandal Ready Feet Fast

Achieving a great pedicure at home is finally possible,thanks to one of these electronic foot files. No elbow grease required, this one runs on two AA batteries (included), and gently but effectively exfoliates, smooths and polishes your feet to a baby-soft feel. It has a replaceable roller head — and over 9,000 reviewers on Amazon rave about it.

38. A Hair Mask That's A Blonde's Best Friend

A must have for blonde and platinum tresses, this hair mask for blondes is your secret weapon against brassy tones. A hair dresser in Dallas calls it, "[T]he most amazing purple shampoo I've ever used!" It's sulfate-free and incredibly moisturizing, too — and will save you that emergency trip to the salon.

39. The Reusable Beeswax Wraps To Keep Food Fresh

If you're looking to reduce plastic in your life, consider these reusable beeswax food wraps. A perfect alternative to plastic wrap — these are made from sustainable beeswax and cotton materials and come in super-cute patterns. They're available in a pack of six, offering an eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap that you can use to cover containers or wrap that tomato half right up.

40. These Handy Reusable Bamboo Wipes

Get ready to cross conventional paper towels off your shopping list. Meet the organic cotton paper towel alternative. They come in a 10-pack, and couldn't be more useful for blotting up messes, serving as napkins, or doing all the other handy things paper towels are known for. You just throw them in the wash after use, and they are ready to go again. Long live the un-paper towel. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Bustle's editorial and sales departments.