If You're Trying To Save Money, You'll Love These 38 Products Under-$20 On Amazon With Nearly Perfect Reviews


I salute anyone who's made it their goal to start saving a little money. It's no easy task and requires tons of discipline. Of course, sticking to a budget doesn't mean you can't have any fun — it just means you have to be smart about it — like hitting up happy hour for half-price appetizers or putting those grocery coupons to good use so you can still snag your favorite brie for wine night. And if you're smart, you don't even have to totally forego shopping, as proven by these products on Amazon under $20.

Yep: I've sifted through thousands of items on Amazon and cherry-picked the ones that we think are actually worthy of your dollars when you're on a shoestring budget.

So what makes them so worthy? For starters, all these products are backed up by tons of glowing reviews. Second, all these products are things you'll actually use — because the last thing you want when you're saving money is spend it on something that ends up in your junk drawer two weeks after it arrives in the mail.

So are you ready for some budget-savvy shopping? Go ahead and scroll through for the absolute best under-$20 finds.


A Windmill Slicer That Cuts Your Watermelon Into Perfectly-Sized Cubes

Cut up watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew with the help of this melon slicer. The slicer features windmill blades — roll them across the surface of the melon and they'll effortlessly churn out uniform cubes that are just the right size for snacking. The slicer is made from stainless steel and durable plastic, and the blades aren't sharp to the touch, so you don't have to worry about nicking your fingers.


A Tool That Creates Pineapple Rings That's Surprisingly Easy To Use

If you're completely intimidated by the prospect of trying to cut up a pineapple, this pineapple corer is for you. Just chop off the top of the pineapple, place the circular blade onto the center of the fruit, and twist — the blade will work its way down, creating perfect rings as it goes. And the process leaves the pineapple shell intact — use it as a serving bowl for a fruit salad or a vehicle for a Mai Tai if you're looking to conjure up some island vibes.


These Blue Light-Blocking Glasses That Prevent Eyestrain When You're Staring At A Computer Screen All Day

Looking at a computer screen for hours on end can lead to major eye strain, but these brilliant computer reading glasses can counteract that. The lenses of the glasses block out 40 percent of the screen-emitted blue light that leads to eye fatigue — but with minimal color distortion, so your screen won't have that yellowish tinge you might get with other blue light-blocking glasses. The vintage-inspired tortoiseshell frames come with lenses in a variety of strengths, from zero magnification (for simple eye protection), all the way up to +4.00.


This Laundry Soap Bar For Spot Cleaning And Washing Delicates

Use this laundry bar with just a little bit of water to hand-wash delicates — or to spot clean when you don't want to wait until laundry day to wear that shirt with the ketchup stain on it. The highly-concentrated bar is non-toxic, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, and airplane-friendly, so you can take it in your carry-on and easily wash your delicates in the sink of your hotel bathroom. This reviewer writes: "I ordered it to use on a white hoodie that's so grungy around the sleeves that it was a last stop before throwing it in the trash, and it made a huge difference. I'm keeping the hoodie, and would definitely recommend this bar!"


This Rechargeable Bike Headlight With Three Brightness Settings

Get a better view of the road, and alert drivers to your presence with this USB-rechargeable bike light. The impact- and water-resistant light clips onto your handlebar, and swivels 360-degrees, so you can aim the beam anywhere. It operates on four setting: low, medium, high, and flashing, so you can tailor the light for all kinds of visibility and weather conditions. The headlight also comes with an amber-colored tail light, so drivers and other bicyclists can see you from behind.


These Reusable Stainless Steel Straws With Super Soft Silicone Tips

Replace one-use plastic straws with this set of 16 stainless steel straws. The set comes with eight 10.5-inch straight and bent straws and eight 8.5-inch straight and bent straws, so they fit glasses of all heights. The lightweight, BPA-free straws feature removable silicone tips for super comfortable sipping. The four scrubbing brushes make cleaning easy, and the carrying pouch lets you take the set with you on any picnic.


A Water Bottle That Helps You Keep Track Of Your Hydration Hour By Hour

We all know that hydration is key, but it's surprisingly hard to remember to sip water throughout the day. This cleverly-designed water bottle, though, features time markings on the side so you can keep track of your water intake hour by hour. There's even a built-in fruit infuser, so you can flavor your water with kiwi, strawberries, and cucumber. The bottle is BPA-free and features a flip-top lid, secure lock, and strap for easy carrying.


These Foot Masks That Slough Off Rough Skin, Leaving You With Baby Smooth Feet

If a good, old-fashioned exfoliation just doesn't cut if for your dry, rough feet, these foot peel masks are for you. Just slip the booties on your feet for 60 to 90 minutes so that your skin soaks up all these nourishing ingredients: exfoliating milk extract, inflammation-fighting lavender and tea tree oil, and moisturizing aloe vera. Keep in mind — the results won't be immediate, but after one to two weeks, your feet will slough off all that dry, rough skin, leaving you with soft, smooth, sandal-ready feet.


This Slim Profile Shoe Organizer That Takes Up Minimal Space In Your Closet

Made from heavy-duty canvas, this hanging shoe organizer hooks right over your closet rod and features 10 shelves for storing heels, flats, and sandals. The super-slim profile means it won't take up too much closet space, and the 10 mesh pockets on the side of the organizer are perfect for storing flip-flops, belts, scarves, and small purses.


A Face And Body Soap Infused With Irritation-Fighting Turmeric To Calm Your Skin

This soap is made with organic turmeric root powder, which has natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that work to calm and brighten skin, while fending off irritation and acne. Shea butter and extra virgin olive oil add a good dose of moisture, while chamomile and calendula soothe skin. The soap is handmade in small batches and is gentle enough to use on your face and body.


A Wall Charger With Two Ports So You Can Quickly Charge Your Phone And Tablet At The Same Time

This dual USB charger plugs right into the wall and features two USB ports, so your tablet and your phone don't have to compete for outlet space. And it's fast — so you'll never have to sacrifice charging speeds for the sake of space. The compact charger features a foldable plug, so you can stash it in your purse and take it along to work.


These Gloves With Built-In Miniature Flashlights So You Can Light Up The Night Without Holding A Big Flashlight

These flashlight gloves feature built-in LED lights on the thumbs and forefingers, so you can light up the night without having to hold a flashlight — perfect if you need to keep your hands free for carrying camping equipment or changing a tire. The gloves feature an adjustable Velcro closure, so they fit hands of all sizes.


A Clip-On Strainer That Frees Up Your Hands So You Can Drain That Pot Of Pasta Without Spilling Penne Everywhere

Draining a pot of pasta is really a three-hand task, but if you're a regular human with only two hands, this snap-on strainer is here to help. The strainer clips right onto the rim of the pot and stays in place while you tip it over to drain off the water. Made from silicone, the BPA-free and dishwasher-safe strainer is flexible, so it fits pots, pans, and bowls of all sizes.


This Awesome Meat Thermometer That Gives You A Temperature Reading In As Little As Two Seconds

Measure the temperature of steak, pork, and chicken in just two to five seconds with this instant meat thermometer. The fast operation means you don't have to stand over a hot grill while you wait for a temperature reading. The digital display makes it easy to read, and a temperature cheat sheet is imprinted right on the thermometer, so you can make sure your steak is being cooked to a perfect medium-rare (or medium-well, if that's your thing).


A Waterproof Notebook So You Can Write Down Your Ideas In The Shower

Write down all those genius ideas that come to you in the shower in this waterproof notebook. The 42-sheet spiral notebook is compatible with #2 pencils and resistant to water, mud, grease, and grime, so it's also great to take along as a journal the next time you go camping. Choose from yellow, black, green, or tan notebooks in lined, graph, or blank page versions.


An Immersion Blender With A Bonus Whisk Attachment For Soups, Sauces, And Brownie Batter

Whip up smoothies, creamy soups, pesto, and salad dressings with this immersion blender. The two-speed blender is incredibly powerful, so it can even replace standard countertop blenders if you're squeezed for kitchen space. The one-touch button operation makes it easy to use, and the whisk attachment is great for making fluffy omelets or mixing cake and brownie batters.


A 10-In-One Keychain Multitool That's TSA-Approved

Keep this multi-tool on your keychain, and you'll be able to make small repairs no matter where you are. The 10-in-one polished stainless steel tool works as a screwdriver, cord cutter, box opener, scoring tool, hex bit driver, 2-inch ruler, bottle opener, and 1/4-inch, 5/16-inch, and 3/8-inch wrench. (Whew.) It's lightweight, so it won't weigh down your purse or jeans pocket, and it's TSA-friendly, so you don't have to worry about removing it from your keychain before you travel.


A Stemless, Insulated Wine Glass That'll Keep Your White Wine Ice Cold

Pour your sauvignon blanc into this lidded, stemless wine glass and you can enjoy it on your porch without fear of it spilling or shattering or should someone knock it over. The stainless steel glass is double-walled and vacuum-insulated, so it'll keep whites and rosés cold until the last drop — or hot toddy's and cocoas toasty until the last sip. The glass is dishwasher-safe and comes in dozens of colors, like silver, carnation pink, and matcha green.


This Vitamin C Serum That Smoothes And Hydrates Skin

Vitamin C has turned out to be one of those all-star skincare ingredients that does everything from promoting collagen production to fighting UV-related damage to minimizing the appearance of dark spots. This antioxidant-rich vitamin C serum is boosted by hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, so skin gets a powerful boost of moisture along with all those other skin-smoothing and brightening benefits. The formula is fast-absorbing, non-greasy, and suitable for all skin types.


This Compact Waffle Maker That Makes Waffles That Are About The Size Of Your Hand

Make the most adorable, hand-sized waffles with this miniature waffle maker. Weighing in at just 1 pound, the compact waffle maker heats up in minutes (in case you're in a rush in the morning) and features dual non-stick cooking plates that make clean-up a breeze. Choose from basic black or white or fun colors like red, aqua, or pink.


A Nose Hair Trimmer With Three Other Attachments To Get Rid Of Unwanted Facial And Body Hair

This nose hair trimmer does so much more than get rid of any unwanted hair peeking out of your nostrils. (Although it definitely does do that.) It comes with three other attachments for removing unwanted hair: one for your body, one for your face, and one to clean up your eyebrows. It's USB-rechargeable and features a 360-degree rotating head that won't scratch or nick skin.


These Ventilated Beauty Blender Holders That Help Prevent Bacterial Growth

Holders dedicated specifically to your makeup sponges might seem like an unnecessary indulgence, but let me tell you — they're absolutely necessary. These beauty blender holders keep your sponges safely away from any germs that might be lurking in your cosmetics bag, and the open, spiral design promotes proper ventilation, so that your sponges dry quickly — which helps curb bacterial growth. Long story short, keeping your sponges dry and clean means you're less likely to swipe germs on your face the next time you apply foundation.


A Blackhead Remover That Literally Vacuums Out Impurities From Your Pores

Give yourself an at-home facial with this very satisfying blackhead remover. The remover uses vacuum technology to actually suction out blackheads, oil, and impurities from deep within your pores, leaving you with instantly smoother, clearer skin. The USB-rechargeable tool operates on three different power settings and comes with four attachment heads of different sizes, so you can tailor your extraction session to meet your skin's specific needs. Reviewers say it's "amazing," and "much more effective than those sticky pore strips."


These Super Durable Grocery Bags That Hold Up To 55 Pounds Each

These reusable grocery bags are extra-large and durable, holding up to 55 pounds of weight — the equivalent to 10 2-liter bottles of soda (in case you're throwing a big party). The water-resistant bags are made with rip-stop fabric and can be machine-washed in case anything spills. They're so lightweight and can be folded into a compact pouch that fits neatly in your purse or car glove box. Plus, who can resist that adorable elephant print?


A Rotating Spice Organizer That Fits Right Inside Your Kitchen Cupboard

Keep your spices on this lazy Susan spice rack, then spin it anytime you need to find your cloves, marjoram, or garlic salt. The 360-degree rotating rack is shatter-resistant and perfectly-sized to fit on countertops or inside kitchen cabinets, and can be used to store sauces, condiments, and vitamins too.


These Clothes Hangers That Fold Up Small So You Can Take Them With You When You Travel

There's only ever a sparse one or two hangers hanging in any hotel closet, which is why these foldable travel hangers are such a handy invention. The lightweight hangers take up virtually no suitcase space and unfold into three different widths, so you can hang clothes of all sizes, including children's clothes. The pretty pastel hangers are even outfitted with clips that keep spaghetti straps and tank tops securely in place, so they don't slide off.


These Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps That Are Eco-Conscious And Wallet-Friendly

Single-use plastic wrap isn't just hard on the environment — it's also hard on your wallet since you have to keep buying it. These washable and reusable food wraps, though, are both eco-friendly and wallet-friendly. The cotton wraps are coated in beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin, and wrap around food to seal in freshness for days. Each set comes with two medium wraps for sandwiches, cheese, and small fruit and one large wrap to cover bigger items, like pies, melon, and serving bowls.


A Silverware Organizer Made With Eco-Sustainable Bamboo

This silverware organizer is made from 100 percent bamboo, which is one of the most eco-sustainable materials out there. The 10-inch organizer has compartments for forks, knives, tablespoons, teaspoons, and serving utensils, and it's slip-resistant, so it won't slide around in larger drawers. Use it to organize tools, crafts, and desk drawers too.


These Over-The Door Pantry Organizers With 15 Storage Pockets Each

If your pantry shelves are crammed, this over-the-door organizer is here to save the day. The highly-rated organizers hook over any door and feature 15 see-through pockets that are perfectly sized for tea, sauces, snacks, spices, and oatmeal packets. And since the pockets are made from vinyl, they wipe clean in case anything gets messy. (Hot tip: this is great for organizing items in your bathroom and bedroom too.)


This Salad Dressing Shaker That Also Doubles As A Dispenser

Effortlessly mix up sauces, marinades, and vinaigrettes with this salad dressing shaker. The 1.5-cup capacity shaker has measurement marking on the side, so you don't have to dirty a measuring cup while you add ingredients, and the tight seal prevents leaking while you shake. When you're done shaking, just pull back on the top lever for dripless dispensing. The shaker is durable, dishwasher-safe, and BPA-free.


An At-Home Sushi-Making Kit So You Can Still Eat Sushi Without Breaking The Bank

Invite your friends over for spicy tuna and put this sushi kit to good use. The kit comes with a rice paddle, a rolling mat, a frame that helps you get the right amount of rice every time, and a sushi roll cutter with ends that detach and double as soy sauce holders. The kit is dishwasher-safe, easy to use, and will save you big bucks on going out for sushi.


A Cold Brew Coffee Maker That Makes A Smoother, More Balanced Pot Of Coffee

Make a smoother, less acidic pot of coffee with this cold brew coffee maker. Just add coffee grounds to the fine mesh infuser, fill the pitcher with water, seal the airtight lid, shake, then store in your refrigerator for 36 hours, et voilà —four servings of well-balanced coffee with a proper caffeine jolt. The dishwasher-safe pitcher is made with BPA-free Tritan material, which can withstand high temperatures in case you prefer to brew a hot cup of coffee.


This Ingenious Airtight Guacamole Container That Keeps It From Going Brown

The one and only shortcoming of guacamole is the fact that it goes brown so fast, but with this guacamole container, you can keep that from happening. It's outfitted with a tight-sealing lid and an "elevator" system — place the container on the elevator, then push down gently to expel any air from the container. The resulting lack of exposure to oxygen will keep your guacamole fresh and green for days. The container is BPA-free and holds up to 24 ounces of guac.


A Facial Scrub That Uses Sea Kelp And Madonna Lily To Brighten Your Skin

Give your face a next-level glow with the help of this brightening facial scrub. The cruelty-free, vegan formula is made with sea kelp to detoxify and soften the skin, lemon peel and French green clay to cleanse and draw out impurities, and Madonna lily to brightens the complexion. This reviewer writes: "I use this everyday to take my makeup off in the evenings and have noticed a massive improvement in my skin's texture."


This Clever Key Hider That Looks Just Like A Sprinkler Head When You Stick It In The Grass

Need a place to hide an extra set of house keys in case you lock yourself out? Put them in this key hider that looks just like a sprinkler head. Just place your keys in the cylinder, screw on the lid, then push the spiked bottom into the grass, and you'll never be locked out again. The key hider is durable, waterproof, and resistant to heat and corrosion.


A Combination Squeegee And Brush To Keep Your Kitchen Countertop Clean And Dry

Cut down on your paper towel usage by using this kitchen sink squeegee to clean up spills on your countertop. One side of the tool has a squeegee to swipe wet spills directly into your sink, and the other is outfitted with bristles, so you can brush crumbs into the sink or directly into the garbage. A handle on the side of the squeegee lets you hang it right on the side of your sink.


These Caffeinated Mints So You Can Get A Boost Of Energy Without Having To Pay For Coffee

Get a quick boost of caffeine without having to track down a coffee shop with the help of these caffeinated mints. Two of the wintergreen-flavored mints are equivalent to about one cup of coffee, so you can get a burst of energy while freshening your breath at the same time. The mints are sugar-free and even include B-complex vitamins to help increase mental focus. Keep these in your purse and pop one anytime you get sleepy.


A Sneaker Kit That'll Keep Your Shoes Sparkling

Make your kicks look brand spanking new with this shoe cleaning kit. The kit comes replete with a cloth, scrubbing brush, and cleaning solution that removes dirt while disinfecting the surface of your shoes, leaving it 99 percent free of odor-causing germs. The cleaner is non-toxic, environmentally-safe, and suitable to use on leather, canvas, plastic, mesh, and knit.

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