29 Weird Products On Amazon That Are Actually Useful AF

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Ever been shopping online and encountered a product so bizarre and off-the-wall that you just had to do a double take? Although it may seem surreal at times that we actually live in a world where pasta-shaped oven mitts and pig-faced vegetable steamers are like, even a thing, these weird products on Amazon all share something very important in common: they’re also useful AF.

From slippers that dust and mop for you to dryer balls shaped like the most twee little cacti ever, these weird products are designed to set off a few giggles, but what makes them truly worth investing in is how functional they'll continue to be, even after the chuckles have subsided.

All you have to do is visualize your problem, and you'd probably be surprised how many funky but versatile products there are out there that can help you solve them. For example, having trouble cleaning your water bottles? Good news, there's a product for that. Sick of worrying about all the germs that may or may not be on your smartphone? There's a product for that too, and it can help give you peace of mind. Essentially, no matter what you need, there's probably a strange but secretly brilliant item out there that can take care of it for you. We've rounded up a list of the top 29 unconventional products on Amazon that will totally blow your mind.

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