41 Freakin' Weird Products On Amazon That Reviewers Swear By

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We all have those things in life that might seem a bit weird, but we get very attached to and simply can't operate without. Yeah, yeah, maybe sometimes it's your cute-but-loud dog, but I have a feeling that for some folks, their comfort comes from freakin' weird products on Amazon that reviewers swear by. With the avid following that these offbeat top-sellers have amassed, it's easy to envision them having collected an ardent network of devotees who are out there pressing the "subscribe" button with wild abandon to ensure they never have to go without.

For example, consider this portable bidet. Did you even know that a portable bidet was a thing? Neither did I, but 870-plus fans give this one great ratings, with reviews titled "A clean bottom is a happy bottom!" and "Wipe more than thrice? Buy this, my advice!" Dude wrote a couplet, that's how much he loves his bidet, y'all.

Then there's this shaver designed for unwanted back hair, a favorite of nearly 1,400 reviewers. One five-star reviewer notes that it was "Hands down best $30 I ever spent." Kind of makes you intrigued, doesn't it?

Just as problems come in all shapes and sizes, so do their solutions — and luckily for us all, Amazon is a treasure trove of odd-but-genius fixes for problems you didn't even know you had. Read on.

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