41 Gifts On Amazon Trending With Millennials

by Emily Estep
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There’s nothing millennials love more than some instant gratification — think: full seasons of television shows always available, the answer to nearly any question in their back pocket, and two-day Amazon shipping. This basically means millennials will settle for nothing less than innovative products that are functional, clever, and quick. So, if a product is trending with millennials, that’s probably why.

Although millennials may be known for their student loans or inability to focus, they’re obviously much more than those dated stereotypes — they're savvy consumers and smart about where they spend their money, so they certainly know how to discern between a helpful product and a gimmick.

You'd be shocked to find just how many genius products are available on Amazon that are popular with Generation Y, from a shower head that also plays your favorite get-ready music to a device that cooks every layer of your dream breakfast sandwich at the exact same time — they're all brilliant products that work to save you time and money.

Are you looking to upgrade your life with some truly genius stuff? I've found some of the most efficient and smart products on Amazon to add a bit of innovation to your life, and they're all approved by millennials.


A Set Of False Eyelashes That Stay On With Magnets

These magnetic false eyelashes stay in place without any irritating glue, via a top and bottom layer that stick together magnetically. Despite the magnets, the lashes are lightweight, natural-looking, and can be reused over twenty times with proper care. Nearly 1,000 Amazon users have weighed in, giving these unusual fake lashes an average of 4.5 stars, so you know they work well. One reviewer raves, "So easy to use! Even my sensitive eyes didn’t burn! Great product- would recommend to all looking for an alternative to glue on lashes!"


A Pack Of Acne Healing Dots That Help Clear Up Unwanted Blemishes

These fan-favorite acne healing dots work simply: Just place one over a blemish when you feel one coming in. The hydrocolloid patch works two ways, protecting the area from bacteria and also sucking out moisture and dirt from your pore. Use them throughout the day, or pop one on overnight and wake up with fewer unwanted acne. Over 3,000 Amazon reviewers rave over how great these are. According to one fan, "I've tried many different brands of patches to rid my skin off blemishes, and these are by far my favorite brand. The packaging is beautiful, they are the perfect sizes, come with enough patches to last me awhile, are fairy priced, and are very transparent and discreet, and stay on all day, so I feel comfortable wearing them to work. I hardly ever leave reviews unless it's a product I **HIGHLY** recommend, and honestly, these have changed my life."


An Electric Foot Warmer That You Can Share With Someone Else

This huge electric foot warmer is made from ultra-soft fleece, and provides warmth and relief for tired, cold feet. It's large enough to fit two pairs of feet, and you can keep it on all night long to save money on energy bills — it even has an LED light so you can easily adjust the settings at night. The foot warmer even has a plushy, fiberfill center for bonus cushioning.


A Set Of Heat-Free Hair Rollers You Can Comfortably Sleep In

These flexible heat-free rollers will work on both dry and wet hair, allowing you to curl your hair as your sleep. This protects it from heat damage and saves you a lot of time in the morning. And since they're made of lightweight, soft foam that essentially makes them feel like tiny pillows, the rollers won't keep you from falling asleep. This 42-pack of rollers comes in six different widths for varying degrees of curls, from tight to loose waves.

One Amazon fan raves, "These flexible curling rods are great. I use them several times a month and they have held up remarkably well with no signs of giving out. They are a must for getting long-lasting spiral style curls on long hair. I have tried both ways of using them--in the hair a few hours, which results in very pretty waves, as well as sleeping in them overnight, which results in curls that last all day and into the evening. Very versatile, and since there is no heat involved there is no damage to the hair. Highly recommend this product."


A Shower Head That Plays Music And Mimics Rainfall

This shower head mimics rainfall and has a removable waterproof Bluetooth speaker inside of it — which allows you to play the music, audiobooks, or podcasts of your choice. The speaker has a seven-hour run time, can be easily removed to recharge it, and even syncs via Bluetooth with a phone or a tablet that's up to 33 feet away.


A Pack Of Heel Protectors To Stop You From Tripping

These heel protectors securely slide over the heels on your favorite shoes and prevent them from plunging into the grass, sticking in between bricks, and otherwise causing you to trip. They're discreet, reusable, very easy to remove, and come in a few included sizes, depending on how thick your heel is. Featured on Shark Tank, reviewers say things like: "Wore them for my outdoor, tented wedding and loved them! I am not a regular heel wearer and walked like a pro all day. Cannot imagine stepping onto grass in heels ever again."


A Handy Holder That Prevents Your Avocado Halves From Turning Brown

The function of these avocado holders is clear: They protect an avocado from turning brown in the fridge when you don't want to use the whole thing. The holder reduces the avocado's exposure to air, which slows down the oxidization process — which means you can finally eat half an avocado now and safely store the rest for later. The holder is also dishwasher safe and easy to store. One fan raves, "I basically buy these for everyone as a gift bc they're so amazing. First avocado-saver product I've used that legit works. HELPFUL AVO TIP I learned when living in California: leave the pit in with avocado to stop it from browning (seriously, even leave it in your guac), it helps!"


An Alarm Clock That Wakes You Up With A Sunrise

This light therapy alarm clock is designed to simulate the sunrise with LED light — which encourages you to wake up naturally in the morning, adjusts your body's rhythm to a time of your choice. The light can be incrementally increased in 20 different intensities to slowly wake you up with light, and it even has five soothing alarm sounds you can use as a last resort. You can also set the light to one of 256 different colors, not just natural yellow light, but also blue, red, and green.


A Set Of Toaster Bags That Make Grilled Cheeses The Easiest Thing Ever

These toaster bags are made of non-stick Teflon and fit neatly into any standard sized toaster, making it possible to cook grilled cheeses without taking out a frying pan. It's also a great way to reheat pizza and cook frozen chicken nuggets. Since they prevent cross-contamination, they're also an easy way to keep veggie burgers separate on a grill or gluten-free bread away from the office toaster. The bags are reusable, so there's no need to worry about excess waste, and you can also use them in the microwave.


An Innovative And Multifunctional Way To Keep Your Hands Free of Germs

This hand sanitizer dispenses a spray of aloe vera, spearmint, bergamot, and essential lemon oils to clean hands, but it also flips over to release dry wipes to clean tougher messes. The bird-shaped, portable sanitizer is small enough to fit anywhere, and the spray smells fresh and won't dry out your skin. It also has a locking mechanism to prevent the canister from spilling if you knock it over.


A Support Band That Makes Your Bra That Much Better

The Buband adds extra support to any sports bra to keep you completely secure when you're working out. It'll turn any sports bra into one ready for HIIT, and it's covered in soft fabric that dries quickly and won't cause chafing. The band prevents bouncing when you're running, but it's helpful for other activities too.


A Tea Infuser Travel Mug That Keeps Drinks Hot Or Cold

This insulated travel mug has a two-piece steeper strainer system, allowing you to brew tea on the go with the steeper or simply infuse some fresh fruit with the strainer. You can use it for both hot beverages like loose leaf tea and for cold drinks like iced coffee because this travel mug maintains the temperature of both. It'll keep drinks cold for 32 hours and hot for 12, it's BPA-free, has a matte grip that prevents slips, and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. According to one reviewer, "This is perfect for my morning tea. It is still hot 3 hours after I leave my home (when I finally get to sit down and enjoy it). I use it everyday. I liked this container so much I had to order a second one."


A Bathtub Tray That Expands To Fit Perfectly Without Slipping

This expandable bamboo bathtub tray turns any bath into a luxury spa experience — it has a cupholder for a mug of tea or a glass of wine, a place to hold a book or tablet, and a groove to fit your phone. The adjustable eco-friendly bamboo design won't rust, will fit into any tub or jacuzzi, and won't slide around once it's in place.


A Spray Deodorant That Smells Like Roses

This spray deodorant is made with essential oils that get rid of the bacteria that cause odor, without getting in the way of your body's natural detoxing process throughout the day. The non-aerosol spray is also free of aluminum or potentially harmful antiperspirants, and instead utilizes the astringent properties of rosehip leaf and rose leaf extracts to keep you dry and smelling floral. Reviewers say it will even last them through a workout. One fan says, "I Love this stuff. It smells wonderful. I use it as a base, spray it on, let it dry and then I use Primal Pit Paste (lavender or any scent) and I’m dry throughout the day, evening and into the next day! No odor!"


A Set Of S-Shaped Hooks To Store More Clothes In One Spot

These S-type clothes hangers take up as much space in your closet as regular hangers, and are made to hold multiple pairs of pants (and keep them wrinkle-free). They're made of stainless steel, won't rust, and the ends are coated in rubber so they're scratch-free, too. You could also store yoga pants, scarves, T-shirts on these, and they're good for air-drying delicate items as well.


A Makeup Remover Pen Infused With Cucumber & Chamomile

These makeup remover sticks easily and gently remove makeup mistakes with a formula infused with cucumber and chamomile that's good for sensitive skin. You can also stash one of these remover sticks in your bag and use it throughout the day to clean up makeup and remove smudged mascara without leaving oily residue behind. One reviewer writes: "The tip is pointed so it's very precise. They are great for getting the mascara off your skin underneath your bottom lashes or getting mascara or eyeliner off your eyelids after you've applied eye shadow and gotten some on it. This is a must have for anyone who wears makeup!"


A Backpack That Keeps Your Laptop Safe And Has A USB Charger

This sleek backpack is ideal for all your essentials — including a 17-inch laptop — and has a waterproof construction that will keep your electronics safe from rain. It has a USB port to charge your phone in the airport or in the classroom, and it even has a combination lock to keep your goodies safe. It also has curved, padded straps that distribute weight evenly on your shoulders.


A Necklace Made From Lava Rock That Diffuses Oils

This essential oil diffuser necklace is made of 100 percent natural lava rock, which absorbs a generous amount of your favorite essential oil and gently diffuses it throughout the day. You can also put a few drops of your favorite perfume or body mist to the necklace, and it will diffuse your signature scent. The lava rock is also smooth enough that it won't catch on your clothing.


A Tri-Fold Mirror With LED Lights That You Can Fold Away

This tri-fold makeup mirror expands to be six by ten inches and has eight LED lights to provide the perfect lighting when applying makeup or removing facial hair. The lights also remain cool to the touch, so you don't have to worry about burning your fingers. The mirror can be easily folded up for convenient travel, and the middle mirror is magnified so you can see exactly what you're doing.


A Nail Polish Bottle Holder You Can Wear While Painting

This clever silicone nail polish holder slides onto your fingers with two rings, keeping an open nail polish bottle propped up wherever you are — no hard surface required. It's also small and malleable, meaning you can stuff it in any makeup bag. And just in case you're a bit of a messy painter, it even catches any drips or spills from the nail polish bottle. It fits any nail polish bottle, and is easy to pull off without messing up your nail polish. According to one Amazon fan, "This item is genius! It works great when painting my nails. The seller sent an email giving some pointers for how to position polish with odd shaped bottles. I'm glad they did because I generally use OPI and was having issues with the bottle staying in place. Pulling up one of the leaves works perfectly. They also provided a picture which I have attached."


A Wine Glass That Holds As Much As A Full Bottle

This wine bottle glass holds up to 750 milliliters of wine, aka the standard size of a bottle, perfect for sharing among a few friends. The glass is available in multiple sizes with different Linda Belcher-approved quotes. It's a solid gift for any wine lover, a jokey gift exchange, or — ya know — for yourself after a long week. It's hand-wash only, but reviewers say it's easy to clean.


A Makeup Removing Cloth That Only Needs Water

These makeup removing cloths get rid of all makeup — even waterproof mascara — without irritating your skin, and all you need to make them work is water. The clothes are made of polyester and are infinitely reusable, making them much better for the environment and for your wallet than disposable wipes. Plus, gently massaging your face each day promotes blood circulation and a healthy glow.


A Drain Plug That Stops Your Sink From Getting Clogged

SinkShroom is a game-changer for anyone who constantly finds their sinks clogged because too much hair and other debris gets caught in the drain. All you do is pop SinkShroom into the drain, and it will catch anything that accidentally gets rinsed down — from beard hair to a wedding ring. It's also really easy to clean and fits any standard-sized bathroom sink.


A Mask With Magnetic Properties That Nourishes Your Skin

This magnetic mud mask cleans our your pores while hydrating, and the results are clear and glowing skin. The formula is packed with iron, so when you use the included magnet wand to slowly remove the mask, it pulls even more impurities out of your face and gently massages your skin — but leaves behind a soft essence you can rub into your skin to keep it moisturized. The set also comes with a spatula to apply the mask consistently.


A Sandwich Maker That Does All The Work For You

This layered sandwich maker allows you to make top-notch breakfast sandwiches quickly and easily at home, with different compartments to properly cook eggs, toast bagels or English muffins, and properly melt cheese. It prepares sandwiches in about five minutes and has an alarm tone to let you know when your sammy is ready. And since all the removable parts are dishwasher safe, it's easy to keep the sandwich maker clean. One reviewer raves, "The best little sandwich cooker! You HAVE to buy along with "150 Best Breakfast Sandwich Maker Recipes" book. This eases up anyone's busy mornings. I've only used it once but my husband has used it a dozen times since I purchased it. He's made great sandwiches and thanks me for this purchase since he's a foodie. Just a great little device."


A Water Bottle That Also Holds Your Weekly Pill Box

This water bottle stores not only a weekly pill box to keep your daily pills separate, but also, it holds up to 20 ounces of water, at the ready to help you wash down your daily medications. There's nothing more annoying than popping a pill in your mouth and realizing there's no water around, but this bottle prevents that from ever happening. You can also remove the pill box entirely, and use just the container or the water bottle.


A Toothpaste That Whitens With Activated Charcoal And Coconut Oil

This toothpaste combines the natural power of activated charcoal, organic coconut oil, and baking soda to whiten your teeth without causing tooth pain or irritating sensitive gums. The formula is entirely vegan and fluoride-free, and it'll effectively clean and whiten your teeth while carbon eliminates the bacteria that causes bad breath. And although the toothpaste is black, it still tastes like mint. One reviewer writes: "I really like this toothpaste. After just two days, my teeth were noticeably whiter and it's not too abrasive for my already sensitive teeth."


A Coffee Press That You Can Take With You On The Go

This travel coffee press allows you to make fresh coffee on-the-go — just pour the grinds into the micro-filter, steep with hot water, and press. It'll deliver rich flavor without any grits or grinds, and the bottle is stainless steel to keep coffee hot for hours. And as soon as the system is done pressing, it immediately stops extracting flavor, so your coffee is smooth and consistent down to the last drop. You can also take the filter out and use it as a regular travel cup.

One fan effuses, "It looks like your seemingly average everyday coffee travel mug but you'll quickly realize that not all coffee travel mugs are created equal, especially this travel press. I've had mine fore a year and it works as good as the first time. Brew it, plunge it, screw it, forget about it for hours if you want to, it won't over-brew. Hot coffee when you want it. Perfect for hectic lifestyles, on the go types, and people have more frequent flyer miles than they know what to do with. I bought this mug for 5 people as gifts and they are all rejoicing back to me. Don't think on it another second. If you're busy and passionate about good coffee, this is what you want."


A Pack Of Pimple Patches That Can Heal Acne Overnight

These colloidal acne patches are the latest and safest way to treat acne, especially pimples that have already "popped" or come to a head. All you do is place one of the patches on (they range in size), after washing and drying your face, and go to sleep. In the morning, you'll find that the patch has not only sucked a bunch of the gunk right out of your pimple but it's also helped to heal the actual skin around the blemish. You can even wear it under makeup, and it's a great way to keep you from picking your skin.


A Cutlery Cleaner That Keeps Your Fingers Safe

This cutlery cleaner helps you clean sharp blades safely and thoroughly, prolonging the life of your cutlery without risking any cut fingers. It has wrap-around bristles on both sides for quick and efficient cleaning, as well as hand grips on the outside so you don't drop the cleaner itself. You can also use it to clean forks, spoons, or any other kitchen utensil.

One reviewer raves, "I hate my dishwasher. I rent the place so I can't just replace the thing. Hate running it half full. I usually only have a handful of silverware to wash at a time, am disabled so standing for long periods is painful.I just washed half my silverware drawer in about 10 minutes. Dishwasher residue, butter, tomato sauce. All cleaned. Knives, done and I didn't cut myself."


A Sleep Mask With Activated Charcoal To Soothe Your Eyes

This eye mask is infused with Japanese binchotan charcoal, which eases the tension around your eyes and helps to relieve fatigue. The mask is lined with cotton, so you'll barely feel that it's there, and it won't irritate your eyes. An adjustable strap in the back allows you to tighten or loosen the mask. Plus it has a satin front and contours gently to the eyes so absolutely no light will get in.


A Set Of Beer Saving Silicone Caps To Protect The Rest Of Your Drink

These silicone bottle caps pop right on top of standard bottles to preserve your beer — whether you simply didn't want to finish your drink in one sitting, you're using it cook with, or you're outside and don't want bugs flying on the lip. They're dishwasher safe, completely reusable, and even come in multiple colors.


A Scalp Massager That Gives Your Hair And Skin A Deep Clean

This scalp massager will help you get a deep clean each time you shampoo, while also giving your scalp a thorough massage to boost blood circulation, ultimately encouraging hair growth. It works with all hair types, it's safe for anyone to use, and it's water-resistant. It also helps redistribute oils throughout your hair for some more shine, and it's even effective at clearing up dandruff.


The Bath Salts That Will Help You Get A Good Night's Sleep

These mineral bath salts turn bath time into a downright spa experience, with valerian essential oil and hops extracts that will help you wind down before bed. The salts in the formula are extracted from an ancient source in Germany that help keep it free of chemicals and environmentally friendly. Soaking with these bath salts also gently exfoliates your skin, and it'll turn your bath water bright blue, too. One reviewer writes: "Love this. The smell is wonderful, strong and is perfect for use in a hot bath when you have cold, flu symptoms or congestion. This clears up my sinuses. Kind of like a bath full of vicks vapor rub."


A Kit That Teaches You How To Make Kombucha At Home

This kombucha starter kit will help you make the trendy drink at home, a drink that's expensive in stores but surprisingly affordable to make at home — and will still provide all the probiotic benefits of the store-bought stuff. The kit not only provides instructions and a basic recipe but also gives you access to support and an online community, where you can contact actual kombucha brewers. One Amazon user said, "If you are tired of paying a lot for store bought kombucha, this kit is the one you want."


A Microfiber Hair Towel That Will Replace Your Blow Dryer

These hair towels are made entirely of microfiber, which absorbs tons of moisture from your hair while keeping your hair smooth. Your hair will be safe from heat damage, since you won't have to blow dry it, and features a loop system to easily secure the wrap on your head. This work on hair of all textures and lengths, and they are machine washable, so you can use them again and again.


An Exfoliating Gel That Takes Your Dry Skin Right Off

This water-based exfoliator is a best-seller in Japan, so naturally, it's become a cult hit on Amazon with more than 2,000 excellent reviews. With natural plant extracts and no artificial fragrance, the Aqua Gel exfoliates away dry skin and the debris of the day extremely gently, without irritating sensitive skin. To use, simply rub onto your face — the dry skin will start to ball up and fall off immediately. It's also made with soothing plant extracts like rosemary, aloe vera, and ginkgo.


A Greek Yogurt Maker That Comes With All The Instructions You Need

This Greek yogurt maker lets you make up to two quarts of fresh yogurt from home, with two BPA-free buckets and a Greek strainer to get that signature thick texture. It comes with a recipe guide and instructions on how to make Greek yogurt, and also has an LCD timer that you can see clearly and set to custom timeframes. Many of the parts are dishwasher safe, and one reviewer writes: "We were quite surprised at how well this little machine works. We make a Lebanese style yogurt called leban and the taste is exceptional!It is simple to operate and all of the pieces fit together and store in a small space."


A Light Therapy Wand That Can Clear Unwanted Acne

This acne treatment wand utilizes light therapy to heal your skin and get rid of acne. This wand uses high frequency waves to help increase skin turnover, allowing unwanted scars and blemishes to fade with repeated use. Fans rave that with just a few uses, you'll start to notice a difference in the texture and look of your skin: "This derma wand has blown me away! I've been using it daily for a bit over a week now. The changes to my neck and face are amazing."


A Mug That Has Space For Dipping Cookies On The Side

This dunk mug holds a cup of milk or tea, and also has a compartment to store a few biscuits or cookies for dunking. Whether you like to start your day with biscuits and tea or like to sneak a few cookies with milk before bed, it's the ideal mug.


A Notebook Made Of Reusable Whiteboard Pages

This whiteboard notebook is filled with whiteboard pages, allowing you to edit your notes and reuse the notebook as much as you'd like. It's extra convenient when you're brainstorming ideas, whether you're studying at home or sharing your thoughts at a work meeting. The notebook is also environmentally friendly, since you'll reduce paper use overtime. It has 60 pages so you'll have plenty of space to write everything you want to down.

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