41 More Clever Versions Of Basic Household Items You Can Buy On Amazon

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They may not be glamorous, but you need household items like sponges, plungers, and shower liners. And as long as you're shopping to keep your house in order, why wouldn't you want to own these more clever versions of basic household items you can buy on Amazon? Because a sponge is just a sponge — until you realize there's a natural, antibacterial version out there that never, ever stinks like mildew. Then the game suddenly changes.

This list of genius products on Amazon includes everything you need to keep every room in your home functional. The only difference between these items and the ones you might already own is that these go the distance in terms of functionality. You may have a vacuum, but who wouldn't want an affordable, lightweight version that just so happens to include a steam function for bacteria and germ-free floors? You already have a spice drawer, thank you very much — but cooking is a whole lot more enjoyable when you can organize 30 spice bottles within three drawers.

It's not that there's anything wrong with your household items, it's that these innovative versions of those items get the job done faster, more efficiently, and might even save you money. Here are 41 more clever takes on your most essential household items.

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