41 Office Snacks For Your Hangry 3:55 P.M. Slump

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Even if you love your job to pieces and it is your Reason For Being, there is just plain no getting past that 3:55 p.m. slump. It's right about that time of day that everyone's brains collectively shut down, and every time you open an email or try to tackle something on your to-do list, your fingers are itching to type the word "Naaaaaaap" until your eyes finally submit to your will. Thankfully, you can attempt to dodge that slump with some strategically prepared afternoon snacks for the office — all it takes is a little forethought!

See, the perfect office snack is about as elusive as trying to find your one true love. It has to check off a whole host of things — ideally, you want it to be nutritious, you want it to get you through those pre-dinner hunger pangs on your commute later, and you want it to be something interesting enough that you don't just end up going down to the vending machine and wasting all your hard-earned cash money on something that isn't even that tasty. In pursuit of that unicorn of office snacks, here is a roundup of 41 different snacks you can either gather from the grocery store or challenge yourself to make in advance and take to the office. I believe in you, fellow snackers! Your one true snack lies ahead.

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