41 Unexpected Buys On Amazon That Reviewers Say Changed Their Lives

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Saying a product "changed my life" is the kind of groan-inducing sentiment you might expect to hear when you accidentally come upon an infomercial while channel surfing. I mean, really? A microfiber cleaning cloth changed your life? Well — let me rephrase that. I don't believe paid actors on TV when they say that, but I definitely believe Amazon reviewers. I'm a lot more likely to listen up to their thoughts on, well, microfiber cleaning cloths or any other unexpected buys on Amazon. Knowing they're genuine consumers just hoping to steer other genuine consumers in the right direction gives me a lot more confidence in their opinions.

Now, I know it still seems ridiculous for any person — paid or unpaid — to say a product changed her life. But honestly? Small things can change your life, even if it's just in tiny ways. Take my hair volumizer, for example. It gives life to my otherwise flat-ish hair. And that makes me feel a little more glam when I step out of my house every morning. It's a small thing, but it makes a significant difference.

And that's what I'm hoping these products do for you. I hope they're purchases that do, indeed, change your life, in small — or maybe even big — ways.

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