40 Unexpected Products On Amazon Reviewers Are Seriously Impressed By

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A hair mask that comes in a mayo bottle, a pillow that makes you look like you're ready for space travel, and a blanket that actually helps fight insomnia — these are just a few of the totally weird, unexpected products that are blowing up on Amazon right now as we speak.

Amazon has always been a veritable gold mine of ridiculous deals you can't find anywhere else, but it wasn't until I actually started writing about the most popular stuff on the site that I realized just how wacky some of it gets. For example, you might not think there's a market for eye patches made out of snail slime or magnetic twist ties, but you'd be wrong. It's there, and reviewers swear by them both. In fact, the love dished out for these bizarre products reaches the kind of fever-pitch levels that most people would probably only reserve for their favorite sports teams. It's that dedicated.

Some of the items featured here, like a cutting board and a reusable lint roller, aren't so much strange as they are strangely unique in the reverence they've inspired in fans. (Who'd have thought a flexible cutting board could generate pages upon pages of unanimous praise?) So get ready to jump aboard the hype train and scroll through this gallery to experience firsthand just what all the buzz is about.

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