41 Unusual But Brilliant Gifts On Amazon For Men Who Are Hard To Please

My boyfriend is one of those people who is hard to figure out when it comes to buying gifts — the kind of person who has really specific tastes, but also isn't into the usual sorts of items you can find in stores. I can trudge through aisles as much as I want, but at the end of the day I know he won't be satisfied with what's there. If you know someone like that, then you're in luck, because there are literally thousands of great gifts for men on Amazon — as well as everyone else for that matter.

If you can name it, it's probably available on the site. A shower head with a selection of water pressure settings that also lights up in five different colors? Check. A cocktail kit made specifically to take aboard planes? Oh yeah — Amazon's got it. And while searching for these products on your own can be a daunting task, this list has some of the most unusual, unique and downright original gifts on Amazon.

Of course, these gifts aren't just good for men, they're good for anyone: because even though no one needs a breakfast sandwich maker to survive, everyone will love having one. So go ahead and take a look at these incredibly fun gifts that guys actually want — and pick some things up for yourself, too.

1. The Warming Balm With Bentonite Clay To Soothe Your Muscles

Fieldworks Supply Company Muscle Warming Balm, $16, Amazon

Perfect for anyone who finds themselves with sore muscles after a long day, the Fieldworks Supply Company warming balm helps soothe muscles by reducing inflammation and swelling. Made with bentonite clay — a mud that's been known for its healing properties for centuries — this balm takes it a step further by adding ginger and chili pepper extract, which give the user a pleasant warming sensation on their skin.


2. A Wall Mount Charger With Added USB Ports

Aglaia Wall Mount Charger, $12, Amazon

This wall mount charger literally does it all — it features both USB ports as well as traditional outlets to plug in everything you need charged, it doubles as an LED night light, and it even has a slot to safely store a phone or tablet. It's able to charge up to six devices at once, and the light has a dawn-to-dusk censor to light the perfect amount in every room.


3. The Sous Vide Cooker With A Digital Control Panel For Accuracy

Wancle Sous Vide Cooker, $111, Amazon

If you've ever watched people try to cook using the sous vide method on Chopped, you'll know that the contestants have a tendency to overcook their protein — but with the Wancle sous vide cooker's digital control panel that makes the temperature accurate to .1 degrees, you won't have to worry about chewy dense meat ever again. Unlike other sous vide cookers, this one is not only ultra-silent, but is also powered with 850 watts in order to quickly heat the water so you're not left waiting.


4. The Sunglasses Handmade From Real Wood

Cloudfield Polarized Wood Sunglasses, $40, Amazon

A classy pair of sunglasses looks good on anyone, and unlike other pairs, these wood sunglasses are handmade from real bamboo. The nine-layer lenses have a double UV-blocking coating and polarized film to keep your eyes completely protected from harmful rays, and it even comes with a free protective case, microfiber pouch, and cloth.


5. A Drinking Game Where No Two Games Are Ever The Same

Under The Influence Drinking Game, $25, Amazon

Since each card is personal and interactive, the chances that you'll wind up playing similar rounds of this drinking game are practically zero — and even if you play with the same people over and over, there's four decks and over 150 cards to play with to keep things fresh. Easily playable with or without alcohol, one Amazon reviewer wrote: "Some of the cards are a little crazy so you may find yourself drinking often, but you can choose how drunk you want to get based on what deck you play out of, so everyone gets to decide if they want to get smashed or drink casually."


6. The Portable Coffee Mug Made From Real Leather

Goat Story Mug, $31, Amazon

Why busy up your hands carrying coffee when you could use the super-portable Goat Story mug? Not only is the holder you see above made from real leather, but it flips upside down to turn into an insulated stand for the mug. Unlike other coffee mugs, this one is 100 percent leak- and spill-proof, and is also 100 percent stain-resistant.


7. A Foot Massager With A Built-In Heating Function To Relieve Foot Pain

Nekteck Foot Massager, $46, Amazon

Built with six massage heads that have 18 rotating massager nodes to better reach every part of your foot, the Nekteck foot massager is the answer for anyone looking for masseuse-level rubs in the comfort of their own home. Simple to operate and adjustable in height for added comfort — depending on how long your legs are — this foot massager even has a built-in heating function that can be turned on or off.


8. The Survival Guide Perfect For Experts And Novices Alike

Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide To The Art Of Wilderness Survival, $10, Amazon

You can have all the survival gear in the world, but what's the point if you don't know how to use it? This field guide by Dave Canterbury teaches you how to survive in the wild, from tying knots to learning how to forage for food. Even if you're not planning to get stuck out in the middle of nowhere, this book is great for anyone looking to escape into the outdoors for a few days. One Amazon reviewer wrote that it's "a good, basic beginner bushcraft/wilderness survival book that can also be enjoyed by an experienced outdoors person."


9. A Facial Mask For All Skin Types That's Easy To Use

HommeFace Facial Sheet Mask Set, $12 (6 Pack), Amazon

Some people can hardly be bothered when it comes to taking care of their skin, which is what makes the HommeFace facial sheet mask set so perfect — simply remove the mask from the package and put it on your face. That's it. No need for any extra lotions or exfoliators, this mask is formulated from botanical extracts and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and nourished after just 15 to 20 minutes.


10. The Powerful Meat Grinder With Stainless Steel Blades

Gourmia Meat Grinder, $57, Amazon

There's nothing quite like sitting down for a meal where everything was made from scratch, and the Gourmia meat grinder can do it all. If you want homemade sausage, meatballs, kibbeh, or hamburgers, anything can power through the toughest slabs of meat to give you fresh and tender food. Designed with three stainless steel blades to give you a variety of fine, medium, and coarse cuts, all the parts in this meat grinder remove for easy cleaning, but also lock into place for safe and sturdy operation. And as an added bonus, it even comes with a food pusher, kibbeh attachment, and sausage horn!


11. An LED Desk Lamp With Adjustable Brightness To Suit Your Needs

WILIT LED Desk Lamp, $30, Amazon

LED light is softer and more friendly to the eyes than regular bulbs, which is only part of what makes this LED desk lamp so preferable to traditional lights. Unlike other lamps, this one has an adjustable dimmer so that you can change how bright the light is depending on your needs, and it even has an alarm clock, calendar, and thermometer built in as well.


12. The Floating Shelf Made For Your Cell Phone And Keys

ILoveHandles Floating Cell Phone Wall Mount, $25, Amazon

Everybody needs a place to throw down their keys and phone immediately after getting home, so make sure your belongings don't get lost with the ILoveHandles floating cell phone wall mount. Made with all-natural wood with a sleek finish, this can hold up to three pairs of heavy keychains using the powerful magnet underneath. Amazon reviewers love that it's easy to install, too.


13. A WiFi Extender With A Smart Signal Indicator For Better Coverage

TP-Link WiFi Range Extender, $26, Amazon

Instead of resetting the router every time your wi-fi gets spotty, why not try a WiFi range extender? Compatible with any standard router or gateway, it has a smart signal indicator that helps you determine what the best location for optimal coverage is in your house. Unlike other WiFi extenders, this one has an added high-speed mode that boosts the connection and quality when streaming HD video or playing games.


14. The Single Serve Coffee Maker That's Also Programmable

Black + Decker Single Serve Coffee Maker, $24, Amazon

Able to be programmed to brew the perfect cup of coffee in advance so that you don't have to get out of bed until you can be caffeinated, the Black + Decker single serve coffee maker works with both soft pods and ground coffee. Simple to clean and with a versatile permanent filter, this single serve coffee maker even comes with its own 16-ounce insulated mug.


15. A Cocktail Kit Perfect For Air Travel

W&P Carry On Cocktail Kit (Gin & Tonic), $20, Amazon

A boozy flight can put even the most anxious flyer at complete ease, or turn a boring 16-hour trip into a raucous house party. Regardless of your style, the W&P carry on cocktail kit has all the stuff you need to make two cocktails mid-flight, complete with a recipe card, spoon, muddler, half-ounce jigger, tonic syrup, and linen coaster. Although the alcohol isn't included, one Amazon reviewer raved that it's "Perfect for that special touch on a fun flight or vacay!"


16. The Portable Smoker That Uses Real Wood Chips

Gourmia Portable Infusion Smoker, $30, Amazon

You'd think that most smokers use wood chips to get their flavor, yet many rely on artificial flavors and chemicals to get that smoky taste. The Gourmia portable infusion smoker not only uses real wood chips to get that smoked flavor, but the added fan filters out heat and vitalizes the smoke for maximum and evenly-distributed flavor. Small enough to store anywhere while on-the-go, this smoker is perfect for steaks, poultry, seafood — and even cocktails can get smoked if you're willing to experiment!


17. A Miniature Version Of A Classic Game

Viva Sol Mini Bean Bag Game, $24, Amazon

Perfect for your desk or even a dining room table, the Viva Sol mini bean bag game is a smaller-sized version of the classic tailgate game cornhole. Each board is 5 by 10 inches, and made completely out of wood (no cheap particleboard here!) with a walnut finish. One Amazon reviewer raved: "I brought it in to work and everyone loved it! We even started a little tournament playing on the conference table."


18. The Discrete Workout Solution That Fits Underneath Your Desk

Platinum Fitness Deluxe Folding Pedal Exerciser, $40, Amazon

Working a desk job where you're left sitting for the majority of the day can leave your muscles feeling weak — so why not put your legs to work with the Platinum Fitness deluxe folding pedal exerciser? Unlike other similar products, this pedal exerciser prevents itself from overheating, a problem that competitors encounter that can cause them to suffer in performance. The LCD display keeps track of your exercise time and revolutions per minute, and the frame even folds easily to store.


19. A Projector Compatible With Fire Stick, iPad, Smartphones, And More

HTLL Home Cinema Video Projector, $70, Amazon

Using a 1,500-lumen bulb for brighter projection and sharper resolution, the HTLL home cinema video projector is able to display media from nearly any device you can think of: PCs, tablets, iPads, iPhones, or the Amazon Fire Stick — you name it, it'll probably work. Unlike other projectors, this one is equipped with an ultra-quiet fan that's half as loud as other competing projectors, and the additional built-in speaker offers stereo sound.


20. The Tool That Combines A Hammer, Saw, Knife, And More Into One

ROSE KULI Portable Pocket Mini Tool, $12, Amazon

We've all heard the saying, "rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it," which is exactly what the ROSE KULI portable pocket mini tool is for. Sure you probably won't need a double-sided poking knife or a bung puller every day, but a saw, knife, screwdriver, hatchet, wrench, wire cutter, bottle opener, or hammer? You'll find yourself reaching for those pretty often. Made with durable stainless steel with a non-stick coating, the wooden handle is smoothed to prevent any potential hand injuries, and it weighs less than 1 pound.


21. A Shampoo Bar Made With Real Beer

Beauty And The Bees Tasmania Real Beer Shampoo, $14, Amazon

Beer is known for its ability to leave hair bouncy and shiny, and the Beauty and the Bees Tasmania real beer shampoo is absolutely bursting with it — which is brewed naturally by small breweries locally in Tasmania, Australia. Perfect for anyone with dandruff or oily hair, this shampoo moisturizes the hair and scalp without leaving any greasy residues or heaviness. And not only is it made with 100 percent natural leatherwood honey and nourishing essential oils, but this shampoo bar is equal to approximately two bottles of liquid shampoo.


22. The Spice Rack Made From Stainless Steel

MyGift Spice And Condiment Rack, $30, Amazon

Made from stainless steel for a sleek look in any kitchen, the MyGift spice and condiment rack organizes all your spices into one location. The top shelf includes two tall glass cruets for easy dispensing along with three steel shaker jars, and the lower shelf comes with five glass jars that twist shut to preserve freshness. One Amazon reviewer wrote that this spice rack is "rich looking and convenient," and that "it only adds beauty to your kitchen."


23. A Planner That Pushes You To Achieve Your Goals

90X Goal Planner And Organizer, $34, Amazon

Whereas other traditional planners are just that — planners — the 90X goal planner and organizer includes motivational and inspirational quotes throughout to help keep you going even when the going gets tough. This planner breaks down productivity into seven easy steps that help you stay motivated towards your goals, as well as follow through on them. One Amazon reviewer writes that "it has helped me identify small and weekly tasks that will help me to actually achieve these goals one step at a time."


24. The Push-Up Bars That Rotate To Help Alleviate Wrist Pain

Elite Sportz Equipment Push-Up Bars, $15, Amazon

Doing push-ups can cause strain on your wrists with your whole body pressing down on them, but the handles on the Elite Sportz Equipment push-up bars rotate to greatly reduce that strain. Sturdy so that they won't collapse or move around while in use, these are small and light enough that they can be packed in almost any bag for easy use while traveling or on-the-go.


25. A Shoulder Wrap Infused With Lavender And Peppermint

Spa Comforts Microwaveable Shoulder Wrap, $18, Amazon

Whereas other microwaveable shoulder wraps simply heat you up or cool you down, the Spa Comforts microwaveable shoulder wrap is also infused with lavender and peppermint as an aromatherapy treatment — which helps improve sleep quality and alleviate muscle tension. One Amazon reviewer even raves that "clearly the herbs are very fresh," and that they like to heat it up in the morning and wear it during their drive to work.


26. The Beard Grooming Kit Made With 100 Percent Boar Bristles

Liberty Grooming Beard Grooming Kit, $13, Amazon

Not only is solid European beech wood used to make the brush handles in the Liberty Grooming beard grooming kit, but unlike other beard grooming kits, the bristles are 100 percent boar that dig deep to remove dead skin and trapped hairs from your beard. "This brush is perfect for faces," one Amazon reviewer writes. "It is firm but soft. It is great quality and I can see using it for a long while."


27. A Night Light For Your Toilet With 16 Built-In Different Colors

LumiLux Toilet Bowl Night Light, $15, Amazon

Even though no one needs 16 different color options when it comes to lighting up their toilet, the LumiLux toilet bowl night light gives them to you anyway — you can even set it to "carousel mode" and have all 16 colors cycle on their own. Perfect for those nights where you don't want to turn on the jarring overhead light — but are afraid of missing the toilet completely — this light features a built-in motion sensor that detects body heat. And just for the sake of going the extra mile, this toilet bowl night light even has a dimmer that offers five different options of brightness.


28. The Bar Book For Anyone Who Wants To Become A Mixologist

The Ultimate Bar Book, $13, Amazon

A James Beard nominee for the 2008 best wine and spirit book, this ultimate bar book covers classic cocktails as well as new drinks. "If it's not in this book," one Amazon reviewer writes, "then you probably don't really need it. It handles the basic set-up of a family bar or any small bar for that matter. It gives recipes and glassware advice, and even shows pictures!"


29. A Compact Light Bulb That Fits Right Into Your Wallet For Easy Use

NYKKOLA LED Wallet Light Bulb, $6 (5 Pack), Amazon

Compact and lightweight so you won't notice it sitting in your wallet, when you flip up the lightbulb on this handy gadget, it'll automatically light up on its own built-in stand. All batteries are included, and each order comes with a pack of five. One Amazon reviewer writes: "they helped me out plenty of times while searching for my house key after dark."


30. The LED Shower Head With Five Different Settings That Changes Colors

DreamSpa Color Changing LED Shower Head, $35, Amazon

Just think how colorful your bathroom will be if you decide to snag this LED shower head. It changes colors to reflect if the water is too hot (it'll turn red), too cold (an icy blue), or just right (green!) and features five different water pressure settings to choose from: power rain, pulsating massage, hydro-mist, economy rain, and water-saving mode. With no batteries required to operate and no tools required for installation, this shower head comes with a one-year warranty.


31. An Organizer That Can Be Arranged To Carry Almost Anything

Cocoon Grid-It Organizer, $10, Amazon

Why waste money buying multiple specialized organizers when one can cover it all? The Cocoon Grid-it organizer uses woven elastic strips that can be configured in whatever way you need them to be, whether you're transporting makeup, electronics, or even art supplies. The soft rubber on the back of each strip keeps your belongings secure by holding them firmly in place — and with over 550 positive four- and five-star reviews, you can rest assured that this organizer is built to last.


32. The Baseball Cap Holder That Saves Space

Perfect Curve Baseball Cap Holder, $10, Amazon

Why take up an entire shelf in your closet with hats, when you can save space and use the back of your door with the Perfect Curve baseball cap holder? Able to attach to a wall as well as hang behind a door, each order comes with two racks and requires zero assembly. One Amazon reviewer wrote that this baseball cap holder was an "awesome way to store a large number of caps," in addition to making the caps "easy to retrieve and put away."


33. A Cable Organizer That Keeps Your Desk Looking Clean

Quirky Desktop Cable Manager, $13, Amazon

Having to sit and stare at messy cables strewn throughout your workplace can be distracting, and downright irritating — but with the Quirky desktop cable manager, you'll easily be able to keep those cords organized and your desk clear. Featuring a weighted base for added stability, this cable manager is small enough that it'll fit even the smallest workspaces. And as an added bonus, each divider is tall enough that you can stack multiple cables on top of each other, saving you from having to buy multiples.


34. The Travel Organizer That Holds Almost Everything You Could Possibly Want

BUBM Travel Gear Organizer, $15, Amazon

Made from durable and water-resistant nylon, this travel gear organizer has two layers which give you even more room to fit your belongings into: cosmetics, electronics, jewelry, pencils, and any loose items fit perfectly into this. Slim and lightweight to make it even easier to take with you, if you aren't completely satisfied with this organizer it even comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee.


35. A Koozie That Uses Double-Wall Vacuum Insulated To Keep Drinks Cold

YETI Insulated Colster, $25, Amazon

Whereas other koozies are made from flimsy foams that fall apart over time, the YETI insulated colster is made with one that's made to last without fading, peeling, or cracking. And unlike cheaper competitors, this koozie has double-wall vacuum insulation to keep your drink cold, while the load-and-lock gasket secures it in place. Able to hold 12-ounce standard bottles and cans, it even has a no sweat design that keeps condensation from forming on the outside.


36. The Sandwich Maker That Can Handle Nearly Any Bread

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker, $21, Amazon

When was the last time you saw a sandwich maker that could handle the thick bread of a bagel? The Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker can not only handle bagels, but it can even tackle muffins, biscuits, and more — and can make a breakfast sandwich in about five minutes. All the removable parts in this sandwich maker are dishwasher-safe and made with a durable, non-stick coating to keep your food from sticking to the surface, and as an added bonus, a quick and easy recipe guide is included.


37. A Car Vacuum With An Extra Long Hose To Reach Every Spot

ThisWorx for Car Vacuum, $29, Amazon

Featuring an extra long 16-foot hose so that you can reach every nook and cranny in your car without having to find a closer outlet, this car vacuum comes with three different nozzles so you're set no matter what needs to be cleaned. Made with a powerful 106-watt motor and a strong metal turbine to make sure no dirt gets left behind, one Amazon reviewer wrote that the "vacuum itself is powerful," and that it "easily cleaned out the sand from the car seats, as well as the other dirt from the floor mat."


38. The Protein Shaker With An Extra Spot For Your Snacks

My Savvy Snacks Three-In-One Protein Shaker Bottle, $19, Amazon

Why juggle multiple snack and drink containers when you can combine them all into one? The My Savvy Snacks three-in-one protein shaker bottle has two separate compartments that can be used to carry anything from protein for your workout to snacks, and even comes with a silicone collapsible cup, two sporks, and a cooler bag. BPA-free and dishwasher-safe, this protein shaker bottle is also leak-proof to prevent any accidents that might happen while on-the-go.


39. A Towel Designed To Keep You Feeling Cool All Day

Chill Pal Original Cooling Towel, $13, Amazon

Simply take it out, soak it in cold water, wring it out and bam — the Chill Pal original cooling towel is ready to keep you cool for hours! Using evaporative technology in order to hold water for longer, this cooling towel is constructed from high-grade, thick PVA, and is machine-washable so that it can be used multiple times. One Amazon reviewer even raved that she purchased this cooling towel to take to an outdoor event totally "saved the day!"


40. The Sleeping Pad That Inflates All On Its Own

TNH Outdoors Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad, $40, Amazon

Made with a 1.5-inch thick design to ensure that you won't be able to feel the uneven ground beneath you, all it takes to inflate the TNH Outdoors self-inflating sleeping pad is a quick twist of the valve and poof — the pad will start to inflate itself. And because it's primarily meant to be used while traveling, this sleeping pad is not only able to roll up tightly to fit into small spaces, but it also only weighs 2.2 pounds.


41. A Hydrating Beard Oil That Won't Leave A Greasy Residue

RUGGED & DAPPER Beard Oil, $17, Amazon

Made with grapeseed, hazelnut, coconut, and argan oils to better moisturize the hair follicles, the RUGGED & DAPPER beard oil helps keep a beard growing strong by giving it a dose of essential vitamins and antioxidants. One Amazon reviewer writes: "I haven't had any issues with flakes or itchiness since I've been using this" and that "it's not greasy or anything. It just soaks in nicely."

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