41 Useful AF Products That'll Captivate Every Practical Person

I like to consider myself a minimalist (or an aspiring one, anyway), but I'm also regularly finding and writing about products that'll fascinate every practical person. This then becomes a conundrum — while I also think I'm a practical person, the products somehow end up in my Amazon cart, kind of take away from that whole minimalist thing. The way I justify it? If I'm using it pretty much every day, I'm allowed to have it. It's a great standard to live by, because instead of useless clutter, you end up with things that genuinely improve your habits and routines.

Amazon is absolutely loaded with useful AF products that make your life easier on a daily basis. It has stuff that helps you organize your drawers, minimize germs in your kitchen, and even light your way to the bathroom when you get up in the middle of the night. Imagine a world where your hair tie looks like a piece of jewelry and you no longer have to wash your whole face when you botch your eyeliner. I already live in that world, and let me tell you, citizenship is pretty epic. Rather than the stuff that ends up in a donation box, these are all products you'll actually use, so as a practical AF person, you can feel good about the purchase.

1. This Bagless Vacuum With A Flip-Down Crevice Tool

As someone who hates lugging out the vacuum for a tiny job, I can confidently say that nothing is more practical than a reliable hand-held vacuum — especially one that works without bags. It weighs less than four pounds, but has a powerful seven amp motor for everything from dirt to food spills. The extra long cord reaches 16 feet from the plug (which means no charging), and it has an on-board crevice tool that quickly and easily flips down, so you can get those hard-to-reach areas in a pinch.

2. This Bizarre Kitchen Tool That Reviewers Call "The Best Masher Ever"

I know what you're thinking: "What in the world is a Smood?" It's a spring-like masher that flattens your food instantly, creating a fluffy mash in just one press. It's great for potatoes, guacamole, or pumpkin pie, and the combination of stainless steel and food-grade silicone is both durable and easy to clean. It's also heat-resistant, so you can mash potatoes right out of the pot.

3. This Ultra-Portable Humidifier That Makes Winter A Little More Tolerable

If your skin gets dry and your nose gets stuffy the second it gets cold, this Yesurprise USB Cool Mist Humidifier solves your winter woes — it ensures that your skin and sinuses stay well-hydrated anywhere. Simply place it into any water container and plug it into a USB port to produce a soothing cool mist that keeps the air cleaner and more breathable during the cold winter months. You can even use it in the car or at your work desk because of it' small, convenient size.

4. A Planner That Tackles Everything, From Organization To Happiness Levels

While most planners just help you to organize your time, the Freedom Planner Pro does that and so much else. It uses undated daily, weekly, and hourly calendars to keep you on track, but it also has goal-setting, law of attraction, inspiring quotes, gratitude, habit reminders, and journaling pages to keep you happy and motivated. Reviewers also love that it's extremely well-organized, high quality, and provides the "one stop shop" approach so you can use one book for everything.

5. These Carry-On Packing Cubes That Remove The Air And Compress Your Clothing

If you're trying to travel light, these compression packing cubes are a must-have. The durable double zipper compression system removes air and compresses clothing so everything (and more) fits in your carry-on, and the rip-stop nylon is ultra lightweight and water-resistant. The large one holds a week's worth of shirts, while the smaller one is great for underwear and socks, so you're set for a long vacation with minimal space.

6. This Brilliant Bracelet Turns Your Hair Tie Into A Piece Of Jewelry

For all of us who need a hair tie on our wrists at all times, there's this brilliant bracelet that adds some aesthetically pleasing details to the practical. Its stainless steel rose gold design turns your hair ties into a piece of jewelry. It fits effortlessly in the groove to keep it on your wrist, and when you need it, it slips right off so you can tie your hair back.

7. An Epic Desk Decoration That Tells You The Weather

This cool Kikkerland Storm Glass makes an awesome desk ornament, but it's also pretty practical. The markings on the glass indicate the forecast because the crystals inside respond to changes in atmospheric pressure. It can tell you exactly what to expect, from thunderstorms to high winds, and it's way more original than looking at your weather app — which most of us forget to do before leaving the house, anyway. It's also got a sturdy wooden base and reviewers say things like: "It has been right every time, even when TV weather personnel are wrong."

8. The Solar Power Bank That Charges Your Phone Up With Sunlight

Power banks are trending like crazy right now, but one that charges your phone using only sunlight? Cool. One that charges your iPhone up to five times on one charge? Epic. The X-DRAGON solar power bank works for other phones, too, and even tablets. It's also resistant to water and has covers for all the ports, so it's great for camping, hikes, or just emergencies. It's also got an LED light and a durable, rubberized coating.

9. These Adhesive Towel Hooks That Won't Make Holes In Your Walls

If you're a renter, or you just don't feel like putting holes in your walls, these adhesive towel hooks are a great alternative. Instead of a traditional hook, they have a rubber criss-cross that grips your hand towels or wash cloths without tearing them. They use a self-adhesive tape to attach to tiles, walls, or appliances — and they're incredibly easy to push in and take out.

10. This Rubber Bookmark That Holds The Pages Open For You

The BookBone is a weighted rubber bookmark that, when rotated horizontally, holds your book open for hands-free reading. It can even be tilted to various angles (up to around 45 degrees) without moving the bookmark. It's great for reading recipes, multi-tasking, or tired hands, and apparently its rubber material works wonders as a jar-opener, too. One reviewer writes: "Very grippy - works even with the book at a high angle and can be used to turn pages (good if eating!). I didn't know my reading pleasure could be increased."

11. These Makeup Eraser Sticks For When Your Eyeliner Goes Terribly Wrong

For those days when your eyeliner just won't come out even, there's these Almay Makeup Eraser sticks. They're totally hypoallergenic and oil-free, but they're pre-moistened with a gentle formula that removes mascara smudges, rogue liner, and fallen shadow. They're also extra thin, so you can erase all those mistakes without affecting the rest of your makeup — reviewers love them for getting rid of mascara flakes in the middle of the day.

12. These Stretchy Silicone Air-Tight Lids That Fit Any Container

If searching endlessly for matching Tupperware lids makes you rage, this is the thing for you. These silicone stretch lids are just in time for Thanksgiving leftovers, because rather than fussing with plastic wrap, they create an airtight seal over any container and prevent leaks and spills in the fridge. They stretch to fit over anything from three inches to 11, meaning that they'll work over mason jars and big bowls (even square ones). They're also BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and are fine in the microwave.

13. This Makeup Bag That's Totally Waterproof, So Nothing Leaks During Travel

This Zoevan cosmetic bag keeps all your things upright so makeup and brushes are easy to grab, and you won't spill anything, either. Then when it's vacation time, it pulls closed for a tight seal that protects everything else in your suitcase. It's made with waterproof, antibacterial polyester fiber, and it even fits larger items like shampoos and hair tools. Inside, it's also got tons of tiny little compartments to keep that one stubby eyeliner pencil from getting lost in the clutter.

14. These Bags For A Crispy Grilled Cheese Sandwich In The Toaster (Or Microwave)

Whether you don't have a stove or you just don't want to dirty a pan, these ALAIX grilled cheese toaster bags are such a good idea. Slip the whole sandwich in and put them in the toaster, toaster oven, or microwave. Not only to they keep crumbs and cheese contained, but they perfectly toast either side of the sandwich for a crunchy, satisfying lunch. They're also a great way to prevent cross-contamination for allergies, or keep things like vegetables and chicken nuggets extra crispy.

15. This Genius Drawer Organizer That You Can Customize To Fit Your Utensils

This might just be the most brilliant way to organize your kitchen or makeup drawers. Each customizable organizer comes with a silicone basemat that's easy to clean, can be cut to fit any drawer size, and comes with little dividers that you can customize to fit your utensils. It's easy to move the dividers around, and it's dishwasher-safe when the inevitable leaks or spills happen. They also come in a few different colors.

16. This Super Smart Car Charger That Tracks Your Car's Location

nonda ZUS Car Charger And Tracker, $28, Amazon

Not only does this nonda ZUS car charger have two super fast USB ports to charge all of your devices, but it's actually got a built-in tracker so you can always find your car in busy parking lots. The included app also tracks your meter time, checks your car battery health, and lets you share your car location with friends and family in case of emergencies. One reviewer loves the USB ports for their unique functions: "The USB ports are reversible. I've never seen this type of feature before. It allows you to insert your charging cable either way so you don't have to fumble wit the cable. The ports are subtly lit which enables you to see the ports in there dark."

17. A Waterproof Exfoliating Brush That Prevents Ingrown Hairs

With flexible brush fibers and a convenient handle, this Dylonic exfoliating brush is one of the best ways to prevent ingrown hairs and razor burn. It increases circulation and unclogs pores so skin stays smooth, healthy, and bump-free anywhere on the body, and its waterproof design can be used wet or dry. "It works great, quickly and effortlessly," says one reviewer who hasn't had an issue with ingrown hairs since. It can even get rid of dry skin if you use it as just an exfoliator.

18. These Labeled Bamboo Cutting Boards To Prevent Cross Contamination

Crafted from premium bamboo, this cutting board set comes with four clearly labeled boards to prevent cross-contamination while prepping your dinner. Bread, chicken, meat, and fish all get their own space, and each is naturally antimicrobial and super easy to clean. The boards also have convenient grooves to catch the crumbs and juices that might otherwise get all over your countertop. The bamboo dries extra fast, and the set comes with its own upright stand to make storage easy and convenient.

19. This Robotic Vacuum That Automatically Cleans Your Space Once A Day

My apartment is insanely dusty, which is why the Eufy RoboVac 11 is the most practical thing I own. It automatically navigates around your space, using infrared sensors to detect dust, drops, and obstacles. It cleans hardwood, tiles, and even thin rugs (most other robot vacuums don't), and has a low-profile design that fits under furniture and around corners. When it's done, it automatically docks itself on its charger so it's ready for its next scheduled cleaning. The RoboVac even comes with a remote control that features several cleaning settings, a timer, and manual controls.

20. The Coaster That's Made For Your Couch

This thing is a life-saver for apartments and dorm rooms with no space for a side table. The CouchCoaster wraps over the arm of your furniture with its weighted silicone design, securely holding your tea, coffee, water, beer, or soda. It fits any sofa, recliner, or arm chair wider than 14 centimeters, and it comes in four different colors. It's safe to use on any fabric or leather, and while there's a slot for mug handles, it comes with an adapter to give cans and bottle a snug fit.

21. An Innovative Wipe To Help Freshen Clothes That Stink

When you really meant to wash that work shirt, but you never got around to it, there's these Reviver freshening swipes. They're hypoallergenic and non-toxic wipes that remove odors from clothing without any water. In addition to being reusable, they're also great for post-gym workouts, cigarette smoke, or pet odors. Reviewers say that if you keep it in the pouch, it'll last well over 10 uses.

22. This Scarf That Repels All Bugs

While it looks like just a chic addition to your outfit, this White Sierra scarf is actually infused with an odorless insect shield (formulates with permethrin) that repels mosquitoes, ticks, and other bugs. It's also made from a UPF fabric that provides protection from UVA/UVB rays. You can choose between four colors and designs, and reviewers say it actually works: "Worked great. I didn't get bitten around my neck at all. And I know they were biting - I got bitten on my ankles."

23. The Blade That Sharpens Reusable Razor Heads Until They're Like New

Rather than replacing your blade every time it gets dull (which can be a huge investment), invest in the Blade Buddy. The silicone surface cleans your blade, bends the razor back into shape, and preserves its life. The result? A smooth, like-new shave every time without the cuts or razor burn. It works on every kind of men's or women's razor, even disposables. Reviewers like that the device doesn't wear the lubricant strip down, and think that you should "buy 10 as gifts for anyone you know."

24. These Storage Containers That Regulate Carbon Dioxide To Keep Produce From Spoiling

This dishwasher-safe producer saver has a special design that regulates the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide to keep fruits and veggies fresher for longer. Not only does it reduce spoilage, but it provides a smart and space-savvy way to store your produce. This large square container comes with a matching lid and a CrispTray that drains away excess moisture.

25. This Extra Practical Bath Mat Made From A Surprising Substance

While it might seem a little strange, the fact that this bath mat is made from Diatomaceous earth (fossilized sea creatures) makes it extra practical — because no matter how wet your feet are, the mat will dry in 30 seconds or less. It's also antibacterial, resistant to mold, dries extremely fast, absorbs a ton of water, and won't skid around the door. It even washes clean with running water and won't smell like cloth bath mats.

26. This Automatic Purse Light So You Can Always Find Your Keys

This Wasserstein purse light automatically turns on when it senses you, and turns off again after a few seconds so you can find exactly what you need quickly and easily. The batteries can be replaced, and it's got a string so it hangs right where you need it — and reviewers love that the light doesn't disturb the people around them

27. These USB-Rechargeable AA Batteries That Work Like New Over And Over Again

Plug these epic AA rechargeable batteries into a USB port every time they go dead, and after seven hours, they work like new. Pop the durable plastic top off the battery and it will reveal the USB port, it comes with a four-port USB charger (perfect for use with any device), and they're guaranteed to last for up to three years. That's a lot of money saved on batteries.

28. These Brilliant Head Rest Hooks That Limit Clutter And Stop Your Purse From Falling Over

Why doesn't every car come with these already installed? ChiTronic car hooks allow you to hang grocery bags, water bottles, and — probably the best part — your pocketbook, so it never again spills over when you brake too quickly. They attach easily to your head rest without any tools, they can hold up to 18 pounds each, and it'll save you plenty of room in your back seat.

29. This Cactus Sculpture That Comes Apart To Give You Coasters

Not only does this TriProC Cactus make an eye-catching sculpture, but it detaches to give you six coasters. The coasters themselves have an anti-skid design to prevent spills, and are so absorbent they essentially drink up any condensation. Best of all, you can personalize the shape and design of your cactus when you put them back. The holder is also a real flowerpot, so you can easily reuse it to get some plants growing.

30. These Adorable Socks For Your Chairs For Easy Sliding Without Damage

First there's the fact that socks for your furniture are just plain adorable. Then there's the fact that they protect your floors, keep the legs in great condition, and help them to slide more easily. This one comes in a set of 16 (enough for four chairs), and they stretch to fit multiple sizes. You can even get them in black or brown, and people say they hold up really well and are way better than those sticky pads that end up all over the place.

31. These Simple But Brilliant Fasteners For All Your Tiny Household Jobs

"You'll never know when you're going to need one of these, but when you do, you'll realize that almost nothing else could have done the job so perfectly," says one reviewer about these Quirky Bandits. They can fasten pens together, keep chips fresh, hang a water bottle from your bag, clip your key onto your belt loop, keep your flat iron closed while traveling, or organize all those unruly wires. They come in a pack of ten assorted sizes and colors for all your household needs, and are durable enough to handle almost anything.

32. This Quirky Table Clip That Keeps Your Purse Off The Dirty Floor

Never again put your bag on a dirty floor with this hilarious and functional BAGMAN clip. It's thin and light, so you don't notice it clipped to your strap, but when it come time to hang your purse on a chair, table, bar, or stall door, it handles a surprising amount of weight (over 22 pounds). It comes in several colors and facial expressions, and reviewers say, "It's stronger than it looks!"

33. This Magnetic Earbud Organizer That Keeps Them Safe And Tangle-Free

The magnet on this earbuds organizer automatically holds your earbuds in place while you wrap the cord around the soft silicone design — making it a lot easier to use than most other organizers. It then folds into itself to keep your wires free of damage and tangles. This one comes in a ton of bright colors and fits easily in your purse or pocket.

34. Everything You Need For A Hassle-Free Shopping Trip

The Carrywell reusable bag organizer has everything you need for a hassle-free shopping trip. It's got six sturdy foldable shopping bags with handles, two mesh produce bags, one insulated freezer bag, and a tote that can carry six bottles of wine. Everything is quality made and reinforced so it'll never rip, they're easily washable, and they come in seven eye-catching colors. It can all condense down to fit into the tote bag for easy transport, too.

35. This Travel Pillow That's Also A Mask And A Neck Wrap

This Kickstarter-backed Voyage Pillow is a neck wrap, eye mask, and head pillow all in one. It's 50 percent smaller than most traditional travel pillows, but it uses thousands of microbeads that adjust to the pressure of your body, creating ample support in any position. It's also extra stretchy, so it fits any head, and it can be used for plane rides, desk naps, and blocking out light.

36. These Customizable Finger Grips So Holding Your Device Is Extra Comfortable

For a customizable, comfortable grip no matter what you're holding, try this peel-and-stick Digit Grip. The ergonomic hand grip uses an adjustable patch of Velcro to stop slipping on your phones, tablets, and E-readers for a better grip without interfering with use.

37. A Reusable Silicone Bag For Those That Bring Their Lunches To Work

Save money and the environment with this two-pack of genius silicone food bags. Here, you'll get one sandwich-sized bag and one snack bag. Not only are they air-tight with pinch-press seals to keep food extra fresh, but they come in tons of sizes and colors, and are safe in the microwave, dishwasher, fridge, and freezer. You can even sous vide in these bags. Basically, you'll never have to buy another box of ziplock bags ever again – and they're easy to label with a dry-erase marker.

38. This Advanced Sensitive Shaving Cream Created By MIT Engineers

Because it uses smart, gentle ingredients and skips the parabens and synthetic fragrances, this vegan and totally natural shaving cream is a great option for sensitive skin. The aloe and shea butter formula hydrates the skin and prevents razor burn, leaving your face feeling smooth and healthy. This mini bottle is also super concentrated, so one little dab is enough to cover a huge area.

39. These Magnetic Eyelashes That Go On Without Glue

These magnetic eyelashes make falsies a snap — literally. They clasp to one another on top and beneath your real eyelashes, using a strong magnet to keep them in place all night. They don't use any glue or adhesive, and reviewers say "the lashes feel and look natural. They stay in place and are comfortable enough to wear all day long."

40. This Soothing Night Light Strip That Turns On When It Senses Movement

Whenever I get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, my two options are 1) Turn on the light and wake my boyfriend, or 2) Inevitably stub a toe. This motion activated bed light is here to fix that. It's a dimmable light strip that turns on when it senses movement, so the second your feet touch the floor, you've got light. It's even eye-friendly and turns off automatically after a designated amount of time that you set. It comes with the adhesive needed to install, and the warm white light doesn't have any glare to it.

41. This Movable Mount Has A Beanbag Bottom

This beanbag mount has a claw cradle that fits any phone up to four inches wide. It can be rotated vertically or horizontally, and its heavy beanbag won't damage any surface, but it's sturdy enough to stay put on a car dashboard while you drive. The best news? You can easily move it from one car into the next, or even into the house to watch movies or hold your recipes up while you cook. Reviewers say it doesn't move at all while driving, so it's great for using for directions.

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