42 Brilliant Products Trending On Amazon With Tons Of Glowing Reviews

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How psyched can people really get about face washes, rubber massage balls, and over-the-door hampers? Pretty darn psyched, apparently, because these trending things on Amazon have tons of glowing reviews. After taking a look at the reviews sections, I'm reminded of the enthusiasm that accompanied the release of Furbies or Tamagotchis — except this time, they're a lot more practical. People are just so excited about these genius products that they can't help but share just how much their lives have improved on a daily basis. Still skeptical? Well, most of them have thousands of fantastic reviews.

With millions and millions of products available on Amazon, it's pretty difficult to get any recognition at all. Some listings go forever untouched, the "be the first to review this item" button staring a shopper in the face — or at least it would be, if any shoppers cared to look. The fact that these products have so many darn reviews is actually really impressive. Not only have they made their way into countless households, but people were so impressed, they took time out of their busy schedules to rate and review. Like, for free. And if you've spent any time on the internet at all, you know that people can be pretty brutal with their opinions. So go ahead: Check out these products that will actually improve your life, according to the people who already own them.

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