42 Cheap Fitness Products People Call Their Most Amazing Finds Of The Year


I love working out, but I'll be honest: It's tough to stay motivated while exercising without the right equipment. Sure, you can always just use your body weight or do some cardio — but there are many cheap fitness products on Amazon that make working out way more fun and effective. Plus, so many people are calling them their most amazing finds of the year.

Think of it this way: You could do tons of push-ups and jumping jacks without any gear, but you might get bored — and you won't continue to challenge different muscle groups. Adding in tools like push-up handles forces you to engage different muscle groups to maximize the effects of all those push-ups. Even grabbing an upper-body bar will help to work your entire body, but without so much strain on your wrists.

That's just one example, though. There are tons of great workout devices on Amazon that add more challenge and resistance to your workout for every single muscle group and activity. And the best part? They don't cost a fortune. Even something as simple as a resistance band kit that costs less than $20 can add so much to your exercise routine — and customers can't get enough of it. One person even wrote, "I love these bands! They are perfect for at home workouts and I also use them for stretching my legs before a run."

If you aren't sure exactly which gear you need, it's always best to check out what reviewers are saying. The following affordable fitness products have tons of rave reviews so you can feel confident clicking "Add to Cart" to upgrade your home gym.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

by Andrea Hannah

1. This Weighted Jump Rope That's Also Cordless (Seriously)

There are a million reasons to love this cordless jump rope, the first being that you don't have to actually jump rope to get in a good workout. Instead of messing with cords that tangle or disrupting your flow when you inevitably bump into the rope, this jump rope gives you the same high-intensity workout without the cord. It features 270-gram weights on each end, which comes out to a little more than a half-pound each. And with the memory foam handles, you can jump for twice as long in total comfort. Positive Amazon review: "This is great if you are not that great at jumping rope but want to add it to your workout. The handles are easy to hold and the weight makes it feel like it has a long cord. You don’t even know you are not actually skipping over the rope."

2. These Foam Yoga Blocks For More Intense Stretches

Over 13,000 reviewers swear by these yoga blocks, whether they're advanced yogis or new to the practice. These blocks are made from dense EVA foam that's super lightweight, so you can easily move them around during your workout. They also feature non-slip surfaces, and you can prop them up in three different ways to find the best height and support for your poses. Plus, for only $11, they're a steal. Positive Amazon review: "I've never used yoga blocks before, but realized they could help prop me up as I gradually work towards my splits. These are perfect. Sturdy to do the trick, while also being just soft enough to be easy on the body. Would definitely recommend."

3. This Yoga Ball That Works Your Core While You Sit

This high-capacity yoga ball is so versatile, you'll never run out of ways to work out with it. It features a super thick shell that holds strong amidst a barrage of sits, bounces, planks, or rolls. While you can use it to amp up the level of resistance for your planks and push-ups, you can also get in a workout by literally just sitting on it. In fact, sitting on this ball forces you to engage your ab muscles, so you can work your core even while you're watching your favorite TV show. It comes with a quick pump, too. Positive Amazon review: "Bought this as alternative seating at my desk since I work from home and I absolutely love it! The color is perfect and it’s comfortable! It helps me with my posture and allows me to get the fidgets out! Love it!"

4. A Thigh Master That'll Help Give You Quads Of Steel

Many versions of this Thigh Master have been around for a long time because they really work. This one features a tightly coiled spring between the two padded bars, which gives it all the resistance you need to tone your thighs from every angle. You can place it between your inner thighs to work your quads from anywhere, or you can squeeze it between your forearms to work your chest and upper back for full-body strength training. Positive Amazon review: “Even though I specifically bought this for the traditional thigh work out, I developed other work outs with this also, including an important one that my physical therapist taught me to treat my patellar tracking disorder. I also learned more moves on YouTube videos. If I had known how versatile this is, I would have bought this long time ago. It takes up so little space, yet works out a good variety of muscles.”

5. This Fitness Set That Comes With Multiple Sliders & Bands

This core-training set has everything you need to sneak in a workout at home. It comes with four dual-side sliders, each of which can be used on carpet or hard floors with ease. While these lightweight sliders are meant for your feet (so you can slide during core exercises), some reviewers have also used them for added challenge during for their upper body. On top of that, this set also comes with five resistance bands of varying degrees to work your glutes, hamstrings, chest, and more. Positive Amazon review: "I must say, they work very well. I have hardwood floors, and the core sliders glided over the wood - which is not polished - perfectly. I was amazed and quite satisfied, too. [...] Now I have some other workouts to do when I don't feel up to doing HIIT."

6. This Pilates Ring That Adds Resistance To Your Workout

If you love in-studio sculpting classes, this Pilates ring as a must-have accessory. At 12-inches in diameter and weighing less than 1 pound, this ring seems like it may not make that much of a difference — but as one reviewer wrote, "It provides a good amount of resistance." Many customers love to follow along with the included exercise guide to strengthen and tone their abs, thighs, and glutes as much as they want to. Positive Amazon review: "This has been a great and cheap addition to my at home Pilates workouts. It’s light, but very well made and very easy to toss in a suitcase for Pilates sessions on the go."

7. These Compression Sleeves To Help Protect Your Knees

These ergonomic sleeves can help protect your knees when you're doing dynamic movements. Each one covers your entire knee and feature a specially designed "pocket" at the kneecap to cradle your knee while you work out. They're also made from flexible fabric that features high-compression technology to help keep your entire leg in alignment, staving off potential injury and sore muscles. As one reviewers wrote, "These sleeves do everything they advertise and more." Positive Amazon review: "These are incredible! I've had several other elastic type knee braces, braces with cable side supports, and even have some that have a metal hinge. However, these are now my favorite knee braces! Bar none! They are super supportive, are actually 'cool' as they breathe well, and I've had them for a little over a week."

8. The Cushiony, Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat With An Anti-Slip Grip

Not only is this yoga mat affordable, but it's made from environmentally-friendly TPE materials. The TPE offers plenty of flexibility so you can easily roll it up and take it on the go, yet it's also really durable so it'll hold up well to wear and tear. On top of that, it’s made with a double-layer structure coupled with a non-slip textured surface. This provides optimal grip that helps prevent you and this mat from sliding around during your practice. Positive Amazon review: "I have very hard tile floors and have been looking for a mat that will stay put while using it and not be so hard on my body. This one takes the cake!"

9. These Cotton Sweatbands That Come In Rainbow Colors

This sweatband set has so many colors ranging from neutrals to eye-popping brights so you can match them with any outfit during your workouts and outdoor runs. They're also made from super soft cotton, so these bands manage to absorb sweat without being itchy. Plus, they feature the perfect amount of stretch so that they never feel too tight. Positive Amazon review: "The headband is quite absorbent so I don't have to wipe off my forehead every few seconds a short time into my routine. By the time I take it off one hour or so later, it's usually completely soaked but doesn't allow any of the sweat to drip down into my eyes or onto my face."

10. A Wobble Cushion That You Can Use With Any Chair

It can be hard on your body to sit in a desk chair all day, but this wobble cushion helps to strengthen your back and core while you're there. It's shaped like a half-dome, where the flatter half sits flush against your chair while the sloped portion is where you sit. This specially designed cushion purposely causes instability, forcing your lower back and core to get to work to keep you upright. The results? Relief from sore back muscles and potentially better posture. Positive Amazon review: "I love it! I have been using it for 6 months and still find it keeps me moving while I sit, and has reduced my back pain. I loved it so much I bought another one to use at home and one for my mom as well."

11. This Upper Body Bar That's Easy To Install In Your Doorway

There are no bolts, screws, or confusing installation instructions with this upper body workout bar. To install, all you have to do is hook the upright part of the bar over any standard doorframe. That's it. You can use it to do pull-ups or chin-ups — and when you're finished, unhook it from your door. Some reviewers even use it to amp up their push-ups and tricep dips on the floor, too. Positive Amazon review: "This costs about as much as one month at the gym but you can use it for years and years. [...] I use this for pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups and dips and you can use it for sit-ups and abs straps as well."

12. This Running Belt That Keeps Your Items Close By

Just fill up and strap on this water-resistant running band and you're guaranteed to have everything you need when you're out for a jog. It features a wide, zippered pocket in front, which is the perfect size for your phone or wallet. There's even a small hole that you can thread your headphones through. The two pockets on the sides feature easy-access Velcro flaps, and they're both great for any extras you may need, like lip balm, sunscreen, or even a hydration gel pack. Positive Amazon review: "Love this thing! Holds about as much as I could hope for (fits my iPhone plus a small snack). Best of all, it’s got a thick strap and truly doesn’t bounce around. Have taken it on 3 or 4 15+ mile runs and have been totally comfortable. I have only had it about a month but it seems it will hold up well."

13. A Genius Device That Strengthens Your Wrists

This wrist strengthener is both easy to use and super effective. All you do is slip your forearm through the machine, grip the top, and curl inward. This strengthener offers tons of resistance to work your wrist muscles, all while the stretchy band on the back supports the rest of your arm. And the best part? You can work out even while you're watching your favorite show. Positive Amazon review: "Ten reps each side of both the regular and reverse and I'm like woah. So needless to say I'm in love and will be using it daily. The instructions are helpful and clear and there's absolutely no assembly."

14. This Activity Tracker That's Affordable & Alexa-Compatible

For the cost of a week of Starbucks, you can grab this informative and affordable fitness tracker. It has all the bells and whistles you need to keep you motivated, including a pedometer, heart-rate monitor, and even an activity tracker for your workouts. It’s also Alexa-compatible, so you can voice command directly into it and control your smart home devices. Positive Amazon review: “Im a big Wyze fan and this doesn’t disappoint.. I also bought the Wyze Scale and they all interact together which is awesome... Nice touch that Alexa is incorporated. Tested out turning on lights while out of the house using the Wyze band and it worked flawlessly.. Highly recommended! $30 is a steal.”

15. The Stretching Strap That Helps Increase Your Flexibility

While this nylon strap looks like a pretty simple product, reviewers swear it's one of the most useful devices they've ever purchased. It's over 6 feet long and features loops at both ends, so you use it in ton of different ways to stretch out your entire body. The highlight, though, is the comprehensive guide that comes with it. This guide walks you through 30 different stretches for every muscle group to relieve fatigue and increase your flexibility over time. Positive Amazon review: "Shocking but amazing results from doing simple stretches."

16. This Foot Rocker That Gives Your Calves A Deep Stretch

If you're prone to sore leg muscles, this foot rocker is a total lifesaver. Here's how it works: You set your foot into the angled footplate, which naturally stretches the bottom of your foot. Then, slowly rock this device backward. Your leg elongates and fully stretches your heels, calves, and hamstrings to help relieve tension and soreness before your next workout. And as a bonus, this genius little device comes with a massage ball to work out the toughest knots. Positive Amazon review: "I have Achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis and this is the perfect tool for a deep stretch."

17. These Cozy Running Socks That Won't Slip Down Your Shoe

As one reviewer put it, these running socks are "so comfy, they don’t move on my feet, and they fit just right." They're made from a blend of soft rayon and stretchy spandex, which gives them just enough stretch to conform to your foot without budging. They're also thin and lightweight, which helps to keep your feet cool on a long run. And because they come in a pack of six, you can wear a pair almost everyday of the week. Positive Amazon review: "I love these socks. They are of excellent quality. They are thick enough to provide the perfect level of support and cushion that I like. I would certainly recommend these socks for use when wearing sneakers and walking, running, or doing any other type of workout."

18. This Unique Tool That Helps Make Your Hands Stronger

Once you work out with this grip strengthener, you'll be able to open all those jar lids in a snap. And it's so easy to use; all you have to do is literally grip it. That's it. When you pull the level, the spring on top increases the amount of resistance you experience. You can use this tool for as long or little as you want, and you can even increase or decrease the tension depending how tired your hands are that day. Positive Amazon review: “My grip was starting to go. Harder to open jars. Now I can sit in my chair, watch a movie and get in some grip and forearm workouts!”

19. The Armband That Keeps Your Phone Close By While You Run

Instead of fumbling with your phone during a long run, snag this lightweight armband before you head out again. It's made from water-resistant materials, which means you should totally ruin your electronics when you break a sweat or hit a storm. The pouch is also big enough to fit any iPhone, and it features a separate hole for your headphones along with a tightly-fitted pocket for your house key. Positive Amazon review: "My first time wearing this was for my first half marathon and it worked GREAT. I have an iPhone 7 and the case has openings for all different jacks on the side and center of the phone. The screen protector allows you to use the touchscreen and the band was great and held tight. I absolutely love it and can't wait to use it for trail runs as the weather gets better!"

20. These Jump Ropes With Length-Adjustable Cords

All you need is one of these high-quality jump ropes to get in a quick cardio workout while you're at home. Each jump rope features soft foam handles that are easy to grip, as well as a steel cable that's virtually impossible to get tangled. Plus, you can actually adjust the length of the cord from either side to create the perfect challenge for you. And when you're done, you can slip these jump ropes into their storage bags and tuck them into a drawer. Positive Amazon review: "The jump ropes are very easy to adjust the length, I mean like seconds. They're very smooth with just enough weight to really move. Very durable as well. I've been jumping rope on the cement for 15 minutes plus, 6 days a week and the other cover is holding up very well."

21. A Handle Bar That Helps Increase Your Wrist & Forearm Strength

This wrist and forearm "blaster" is a simple tool that really works to build your strength. It features a long handle bar with anti-slip padding, as well as a durable nylon cord that you can adjust. All you have to do is attach any standard Olympic weightlifting plate to the cord and get to work. Each time you twist the bar backward and forward, your wrist and forearm muscles contract and grow stronger. Positive Amazon review: “I really have been enjoying this product. I have always wanted some more mass in forearms, but have had trouble seeing gains there with my regular workouts. I added this to my routine, and have been very impressed with the progress.”

22. The Foam Roller That Has Over 40,000 Five-Star Ratings

This 12-inch roller is made from high-density foam which sounds like it would feel soft against sore muscles, but it's actually pretty firm. In fact, the firmness of this roller presses into tight, knotted muscles to help you relax all over. It's available in various colors as well as sizes. Positive Amazon review: "This product is amazing in warming up your muscles to prevent injury during exercise. I usually pair my rolling with a couple of dynamic legs stretches before my workout, and it has done wonders in making my movements more effective and less stiff. Warming up has never been so straightforward.”

23. This Resistance Band Set That Has Everything You Need For Your Workout

You can forget the stacks of barbells and grab this set of workout bands that are easy to store when you're finished. It comes with five durable resistance bands that add up to 150 pounds. You can use one band at a time — depending on which part of your body you're working — or you can mix them in an endless amount of combinations to find your perfect level of resistance. This set also comes with several handles, a door anchor, and a compact storage bag. Positive Amazon review: "It can carry out all the things needed for the whole body exercise. In my exercise process, they really can support well, with good quality and excellent resistance."

24. These Handles That Help You Perfect Your Push-Ups Perfect Fitness Pushup Stands Amazon

While these push-up handles don't seem like a workout essential, reviewers completely disagree. Just the few extra inches these handles lift your upper body off the ground force more muscles to engage. And the more muscles you engage, the more intense every push-up is. They also have a textured grips on the bottom, so they shouldn't budge an inch. Positive Amazon review: These pushup stands are great. Wide, light, soft and very stable. They are very easy to put on your yoga mat and use during a workout. I can now do a full workout with no wrist pain. I would highly recommend them.

25. This Blender Bottle That Keeps Your Smoothies Smooth

This blender bottle has tons of rave reviews for a good reason: It's easy to clean and it keeps your shakes and smoothies super smooth. That's because this BPA-free bottle comes with a metal "whisk" ball. Whenever your smoothies starts to settle, you can flip the cap on top of the opening (so that it's closed), and then shake the liquid. The whisk will help to separate the smoothie before your next sip. Plus, the lid and and basin are dishwasher-safe. Positive Amazon review: "This has got to be the best $9 I've ever spent. I mix my protein shakes in it without having to touch a blender, and they come out smooth. It takes a couple of seconds at most, it's remarkably easy to clean, and the construction/materials/design's incredible. I even dropped it and the shake didn't spill. I've taken to making iced coffees in it as well."

26. These Best-Selling Joggers That Are Buttery Soft

These best-selling joggers are so soft that you'll want to keep them on after your workout. They're made from brushed polyester and spandex, which gives them that stretchy, peach skin feel. On top of that, they feature an elastic band and ankles and drawstring waist for ultimate comfort. And they come in so many colors that you can grab a pair for every day of the week. Positive Amazon review: "I love these pants, it's like wearing a light, soft cloud. [...] Good for when you're not in the mood for the tighter workout pants but want something comfy. I want 20 pairs."

27. The Agility Set That You Can Use To Make Your Own Bootcamp

It's super easy to set up your own bootcamp-style workout with this travel-friendly agility set. It comes with an adjustable agility ladder that's made from heavy-duty nylon straps. This set also comes with six micro-cones that you can use in a ton of different ways for speed and agility training. And with the included drills guide, you'll never run out of ideas for your next workout. Positive Amazon review: "Really nice product with a carry case and stakes to hold it down. The carry case is nice and actually big enough so you can put everything back into it without it feeling like an over packed suitcase. I would highly recommend this..."

28. A Twister Board That Helps Work Your Core

It couldn't be simpler to work your six-pack than with this ab twister board. All you have to do is place your feet on the designated foot pads, and then contract your abs to twist back and forth. Each time you do, you'll work every part of your core. And as a bonus, the foot pad features acupressure nodules and small magnets that can help relieve foot pain while you're working out, making this brilliant little machine well-worth the investment. Positive Amazon review: "This little green machine delivered more than I expected! It shipped much faster than predicted and I am a happy consumer. I have been able to reach my move goals with this.

29. These Sand-Filled Medicine Balls That Work Your Whole Body

The movement of the weight in these 2-pound, sand-filled medicine balls force your bodyweight to re-adjust and your muscles to adapt, making you stronger in the long run. Plus, they each fit perfectly in the palm of your hands so you can hold them for added resistance during lunges or sit-ups, making them perfect for just about any type of whole body workout. Positive Amazon review: "Like these much better than dumb-bells because they are actually fun to play with. [...] I totally love the soft feel that makes them easy to grasp them with my fingers. My forearms & hands feel stronger. Great product!"

30. The Foam Exercise Dice That Mix Up Your Workouts

These foam exercise dice are perfect for when you want to breath new life into a stale workout routine. One of these extra-large cubes features six different exercises, including jumping jacks, squats, lunges, crunches, push-ups, and a wildcard of your own choosing. The other features the amount of reps you have to do. Roll them together to generate a surprising, but totally effective workout on the fly to keep your mind and body engage when you feel like you're getting bored. Positive Amazon review: "These dice are awesome!! I use them when I am watching TV and when a commercial comes on its time to get moving!!"

31. This Soft & Stretchy Sports Bra That Customers "Absolutely Adore"

This best-selling sports bra proves there's no reason you can't be comfortable and stylish while you sweat. It's made from lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric that feels like a dream against your skin, and the long-line design of this bra gives you options. You can wear it under another shirt or by itself during your workout. Either way, the lightly padded inserts provide the perfect amount of support for your favorite low-impact exercises. Positive Amazon review: "I absolutely adore this. [...] I have worn this with high waisted jeans as a crop tank and also as a workout tank doing HIIT and on a walk." Available sizes: Small — XX-Large

32. This Easy-To-Use Ab Roller That Has A Cult Following

The reviews on this affordable ab roller speak volumes — and the vast majority of them rave about how great this tool is for shaping your six-pack. It features a single wheel that features a specialized anti-slip texture so you can use it on any surface, along with two handle bars — each of which are covered in foam padding — so you can literally roll with it comfortably. Whether you work with it for 10 minutes or 10 reps per day, reviewers insist you'll see results. Positive Amazon review: "I used to go to the gym all the time before this whole COVID thing, and since then I have been looking for ways to work out at home. I saw this Ab Roller and decided to order it. OMG, it was VERY easy to assemble and within a few moments I was able to start rolling! I did as many reps as humanly possible the first time and I could feel the muscles going to work!”

33. These Fitness Bands That You Can Use Anywhere

These fitness bands come in a tiny little pouch that weighs less than 1 pound, making them the perfect choice for workouts on the go. But just because they come in a small package doesn't mean they don't serve an intense workout. Each band features a different level of resistance, ranging from extra light to extra heavy, so you can choose the perfect amount of resistance for the muscle group you're working. Plus, they're made from natural latex, which holds up well to daily wear and tear. Positive Amazon review: "I am very satisfied with my purchase. I never knew that elastic bands could cause me to feel so much burn! I was very surprised by how durable and elastic these bands are. Even after prolonged rigorous workout sessions, I have noticed absolutely no wear or tear whatsoever! Extremely good quality for the price. I love the strength ladder too."

34. This Hula Hoop That's Weighted For Extra Ab Work

There's a lot to love about this weighted hula hoop, including how fun it is to squeeze in a workout with it. It weighs almost three pounds total, which may not seem like much — but one reviewer describes it as “a great, fun ab workout." The weight of this hoop combined with movement provide you with low-intensity, light cardio that you can actually look forward to. And the hoop itself can be broken down into eight pieces for easy storage when you're finished. Positive Amazon review: "I purchased this hoop for myself and just love it. The surface is soft and spongy-like which helps make it comfortable to use. Follow the instructions and start out slowly as far as the number of minutes you use it... then build up to the amount of time you wish."

35. These Exercise Cards That Only Require Your Body Weight

There's nothing but your body weight required to use these genius exercise cards. The deck comes with 50 different cards, each one with a different exercise or set of exercises to help keep your workouts fun and fresh. Each card also includes an illustration to help you achieve the correct form. There are even cardio exercises, stretch cards, and a goals guide to help you piece together the perfect workout for you. Positive Amazon review: "These are a really fun addition to my fitness routine. I tend to get bored easily, and with these cards I can shuffle through and pick a few movements at random to spice up my workouts. They are big, and have a clear diagram on the front, and instructions on the back."

36. This 3-Pack Of Fruit Of The Loom Sports Bras That Feel Like Heaven

As one reviewer puts it, these comfy sports bras "fit and feel wonderful." And according to others, that's an understatement. These low-impact bras are made from a luxe cotton-spandex blend, which lends them both their softness and stretchiness. Even the straps are soft so they won't dig into your shoulders, and there are no clasps or zippers so these bras are smooth from straps to under band. Positive Amazon review: "They offer the perfect amount of support, but are so comfy and sometimes I feel like I am not even wearing a bra. This is exactly what I had been looking for in a bra. Please never stop making these, I will keep purchasing them for life. I am buying another pack right now! Available sizes: 32 — 4X

37. The Gripper Socks That Are Perfect For Barre, Yoga, & More

There's a lot to be said for a good pair of athletic socks, and these gripper socks definitely qualify. They're made from 100% recycled cotton, so are breathable and absorbent. The best part about these socks, though, are the sticky grippers on the bottom. These grippers help to keep you from slipping and sliding during barre, yoga, dance, or other workouts — and the Mary Jane straps on top mimic dance shoes. Positive Amazon review: "These socks are the best!! As a yoga teacher I find these socks provide me with non-slip comfort and protection while allowing me to feel grounded and stable... I find that these socks allow me to enjoy great freedom of movement without any concerns about sliding."

38. These Foam Pieces That You Can Use To Customize Your Home Gym

If you're setting up your own workout station at home, you can't beat these foam tiles for affordable and effective flooring. They come in a set of six large tiles and include 12 edges for a clean polished look. Each tile is water resistant — so your sweat will roll right off them — and also help to reduce noise. And the best part is you can snap these tiles into any configuration that works for your space, but you can change up your flooring whenever you want to. Positive Amazon review: "I am absolutely thrilled with these gym floor tiles and may purchase another package of six tiles for a bigger area to set my weights on. Worth the money for sure!"

39. An Anti-Chafe Balm For Total Comfort

Whether your workout of choice is a long run, bike ride, or strength training, nothing ruins your efforts quite like uncomfortable (and even painful) chafing from your workout gear. This anti-chafe balm is the popular and effective solution: apply the plant-based formula on any area of your skin where you commonly experience chafing to create a preventative barrier that locks out moisture. The vegan-approved stick is portable and has earned more than 21,000 reviews. Positive Amazon review: “This morning I applied the balm to my inner thighs under a sundress and spent a day walking around in the heat and sunshine; it was hot, and I was sweating, but miraculously, my thighs felt fine!”

40. This 15-Pound Kettlebell That's Made From Solid Cast Iron

You can be sure that once you invest in this kettlebell weight, you'll basically have it forever. It's made completely from solid cast iron, and there are no seams at all to help prevent damage over time. This 15-pound weight is perfect for a ton of different dynamic exercises, including wings, lifts, squats, and more. Positive Amazon review: "These are perfect! I love them. I feel the burn! But in all seriousness, they are easy to hold, maneuvering in any workout is simple, and they are very versatile. You cannot beat that price!

41. This Pilates Bar That Stores Easily In Between Uses

Whether you want to lift your seat, tone your triceps, or strengthen your core, this pilates bar has you covered. The 15-inch bar is made from solid iron pipe and is covered in comfortable foam padding. This set also comes with two latex bands and straps that you can apply to your ankles, feet, and hands, making it truly one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment on the market. You can even break down the bar into three separate pieces for super easy storage. Positive Amazon review: "This Pilates Bar was super easy to screw together and will be easy to store. I can use it at home, take it to the park, use it in the yard, anywhere. After only a few sets my arms are thanking me!"

42. This High-Tech Jump Rope That Counts Your Jumps For You

If you want to go high-tech with your workout, this digital jump rope is a total game-changer. It features a screen set in the handle that actually tracks how many times you jump, as well as how long you're working out and how many calories you burned during your session. The jump rope itself is also made from high-quality materials, including state-of-the-art ball bearings so you can pick up tons of a speed, as well as a steel cable rope that shouldn't get tangled. Positive Amazon review: "This jump rope is perfect! Not only did it come with its own storage bag but it keeps tracks of every jump. I'm participating in a jump rope challenge and this helps me to keep track throughout the day without restarting the jump count until I hit the restart button. It is also super easy to adjust the length of the rope (for people of different heights). I highly recommend!"