42 Clever Products On Amazon For People Who Haven't Updated Their Home Staples In A Decade

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It's easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to kitchen gadgets and cleaning tools. If something's not broke, why fix it? But the truth is: appliances and products constantly evolve. These clever products on Amazon for people who haven't updated their home staples in a decade prove that new technology and novel ways of thinking about classic tools can make a huge difference — and make life so much easier.

Of course, you can own almost any vacuum cleaner and it will get the job done. But what if you can instead own a lightweight stick vacuum that you can lug up and down stairs and works equally as well on hard floors as it does on carpet? Any old bath rug will keep you from getting water on the floor after your shower, but a bamboo bath mat will never feel wet or soggy.

And, yes, you can cook eggs in a regular pan. But why do that when there's a special egg-cooking plan with separate compartments for the most perfect sunnyside-up eggs that never blend into one another? Count me in.

Classic products that stand the test of time will always exist (if you are lucky enough to own a glass blender, keep it around). But these 43 clever products offer an innovative new twist on classic home items that you need — and you might just find they save you space, time, and money.

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