42 Genius Items On Amazon You Can Get For Less Than The Price Of A Cup Of Coffee

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You know that old saying you get what you pay for?" While that might be true when it comes to Canal Street knock-off handbags and gas station sushi, I'm here to tell you that Amazon is overrun with not only helpful, but brilliant products that will change your life, all for less than the price of a designer coffee from your favorite local barista.

Let's face it, we can all use a little help — heck, more than a little — in the wallet area now and again. The revelatory thing about these genius and inexpensive products is that they're not just tchotchkes or things they won't use in the long haul. They're actual life-improving, life-enhancing items, inexpensive game-changers that can really make a difference in your home. This list contains cleaning supplies like a telescoping duster and magic cleaning sponges; health and beauty stuff including several different masks and a bevy of foot care items; and lots of accessories to organize your kitchen. And the truly beautiful thing about it? Not a thing on this whole list — the whole entire thing — is more than $7.

In fact, you could buy every single thing on this list — Every. Single. Thing. — for less than $200. That's less than a pair of premium designer jeans would set you back. Do it, and your UPS guy and mailman will think you've hit the lottery with all the packages they'll be delivering. But hey, that's the thrill of bargain shopping.

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