42 Genius Products That Make You Less Boring

Let's face it: Adulthood can be boring. It requires a fair amount of responsibility that can sometimes turn into a tedious routine. You might find yourself stuck in the rut of making coffee, commuting to work, then coming home to make a quick dinner and watch a show before going to bed — before starting the whole cycle over again. It can all start to feel a bit humdrum, which is why it's time for a quick injection of interesting, and these genius products are here to give you just that.

All these products will add a little pep in your step. For example, if you know there's an aromatherapy face mask waiting for you when you get home, that commute won't seem so bad. Or you might dread mornings a little less if you know you can use your electric egg poacher to make eggs Benedict for breakfast.

And unlike going on an expensive European trip or signing up for an improv class to become more interesting, none of these products will break the bank or require you to overcome your fear of public speaking.

So go ahead and scroll through for products that will make life — and you — a little less mundane.

1. A Tool That Makes Watermelon Slicing Easy

Slicing up your favorite summer fruit is no easy task, but this stainless steel watermelon slicer makes it a cinch. Just quarter a watermelon, then run the tool over the surface, and the windmill-like blades will churn out uniform, bite-size cubes... with virtually no effort on your part. The slicer features child-friendly edges (not too sharp), and you can even adjust the size of the cubes.

2. These Aromatherapy Sheet Masks That Are Good For Your Skin And Spirit

These aromatherapy sheet masks aren't just good for your skin — they're good for your senses. The coconut fiber masks are soaked in essences of blackberry and primrose, natural scents which "empower love, confidence, strength, and rejuvenation". As for the skin benefits, these essences provide intense moisture, as well as antioxidants that protect work to protect your skin from damaging free radicals. Use these masks a few times a week for a face — and spirit — that feels bright and healthy.

3. This Botanical Lip Polish Reveals Soft, Smooth Lips

The maker of this lip exfoliant travels to Languedoc, France each year to gain inspiration, then travels back to Seattle to handcraft a selection of flower, herb, and botanical-based skin products. Sounds romantic, doesn't it? The organic lip exfoliant uses sugar to smooth out your lips, and plant butters to add deep hydration. The polish is also infused with rose and mint — for some seriously good scents while you scrub.

4. This Polaroid That Makes Instant Prints And Stores Photos Digitally

The Polaroid Snap camera combines the fun of instantly printed photos with the convenience of digital storage. Just take a photo to print out a 2- by 3-inch print, then save the digital version on the camera for easy uploading later. The camera is compact enough to fit in your jacket pocket, and is outfitted with a timer, built-in selfie mirror, and pop-up optical viewfinder. Choose from three color modes, or opt in for photo booth mode. The camera is available in bright colors, like red, aqua, and pink.

5. This Holographic Phone Ring That Doubles As A Kickstand

Slip this phone ring around your finger to keep it more secure, or use it as a kickstand to prop your phone up on the table for better FaceTime or video viewing. The 360-degree rotating ring attaches to the back of your phone with a little adhesive, and the ring folds down flat when you're not using it. Choose from colors like silver, rose gold, and black.

6. A 3-D Printed Moon Lamp That Actually Looks Like The Moon

This 3-D-printed moon lamp is totally out of this world. The surface of the spherical lamp is patterned after the actual topography of the moon, so it looks just like a mini version of that round light in the sky. It's USB-rechargeable, and on the lower brightness setting it offers illumination for up to 20 hours. Toggle between a bright white light of a soft, warm glow depending on your mood.

7. These Scrubbing Gloves With Silicone Bristles So You Don't Have To Use A Brush

Why put on dish gloves and use a scrubbing brush when you can just don these scrubbing gloves instead? The gloves feature hundreds of stiff but flexible bristles on the fingers and palms, so you can do dishes, wash your pets, scrub vegetables, or clean your bathroom with just your hands. Turn them around, and you've got oven mitts that are heat-resistant up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit. Even better — the silicone material is bacteria-resistant, and the gloves can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

8. This Unique Tool That Makes Mincing Garlic A Breeze

This garlic press makes it super easy (and fun) to mince a clove of garlic. First, use the garlic peeler to remove the outer layers of the clove, then place the clove under the press and simply rock the grating blade back and forth to mince. The press is rust-resistant and dishwasher-safe, but comes with a cleaning brush to get out any stubborn remnants. Use this the next time you make garlic bread.

9. A Next-Level, 12-Sided Fidget Cube

This 12-sided fidget cube guarantees you'll always have something to do with your hands — a game-changer for any of us who deal with stress, anxiety, or attention deficits. The compact cube fits in the palm of your hand, where you can click it, roll, it, flick it, and spin it. You can even wiggle the joystick back and forth. This reviewer writes: "I was constantly getting distracted by other things and my fingers were always messing with other stuff until I got this thing! It kept me focused and on task! Some people use it just for fun others use it to help pay attention. I think it works for both!

10. A Toilet Stool With Build-In Foot Massagers

Going to the bathroom in a squatting position is the way your body was designed to go — and now you can do just that (while still using a toilet) with this toilet stool. Made from eco-friendly bamboo, the stool fits right around the base of your toilet and is height-adjustable between 7 and 9 inches, so you can choose a position that's most comfortable for you. The best part? The stool is outfitted with dual foot rollers, so you can massage your feet at the same time.

11. This Skin-Nourishing Face Mask Made With Banana Extract

Put this banana-scented sleeping mask on your face before turning in for the night, and dream of banana cream pie all night long. The K-beauty mask is made with honest-to-goodness banana extract, which is rich in skin-nourishing potassium and vitamin A. The addition of milk protein adds an extra measure of hydration, while chamomile extract works to soothe skin and reduce inflammation. The formula is non-greasy and reviewers rave it "makes my skin so soft," and "works better than anything else I've used."

12. This Heated Shiatsu Massager For Sore Muscle Relief

Work out knots, and loosen up stiff muscles with this shiatsu massager. The massager is shaped to fit around the contours of your body — like your neck, upper back, lower back, and calves — and the four kneading rollers deliver powerful massaging action. For more relief, use the heat function to keep muscles warm. The cordless massager features a rechargeable battery that last for 1.5 hours on just one charge, and there's also a built-in strap to wrap the massager around desk chairs and headrests.

13. An Acupressure Headband That Relieves Headaches And Stress

You might feel a little odd wearing this acupressure headband, but it can actually work wonders. The headband features small discs with acupressure "needles" (don't worry, they're not sharp enough to hurt). The needles stimulate pressure points to release tension, relieve headaches, reduce stress, and promote blood flow. The band is made from breathable cotton and features a Velcro closure. Wear this for 10 to 30 minutes and experience total relaxation.

14. A Cupcake Scoop That Keeps The Drips Away

This cupcake scoop is one of those clever inventions that makes life just a little less messy. Here's how it works: use the curved scoop to spoon up some cupcake batter from your mixing bowl, then hold it over your pan and push down on the button — the plunger will then scrape the scoop and dispense the batter neatly into the pan — no dripping involved. Even better? The scoop measures the exact same amount of batter each time, so each cupcakes is the same size. Use it for muffins too.

15. These Aromatherapy Inhalers You Can Take Anywhere

Thanks to these aromatherapy inhalers, you can get a quick pick-me-up no matter where you are. The inhalers are about the size of lip balms, and are formulated with essential oils like eucalyptus, menthol, and peppermint — all of which work together to enhance breathing, boost energy, improve focus, relieve headaches, and soothe stomachaches. Just hold it up to your nose and breathe deeply. The inhalers are available in scents like berry and mint: Keep one in your car, one in your desk, and one in your purse.

16. An Egg Cooker That Poaches, Scrambles, And Boils

Haven't mastered the art of poaching eggs? (Me neither.) Use this electric egg cooker instead. Just crack your eggs into the poaching tray, add water, and set the timer — no art involved. And the cooker doesn't just poach; it also hard boils, soft boils, and scrambles eggs, so you can have eggs any way you like 'em. The cooker makes up to seven eggs at a time, and includes an automatic shut-off feature, so they're never overdone.

17. These Super Adorable Snail Tea Bag Holders

These silicone tea bag holders will cheer your cup of rooibos right up. Just clip one of the snails onto the rim of your mug, then wrap the string of your tea bag around the neck of the snail, and he'll hold it steady — even if you drink your tea at a snail's pace.

18. These Magical Unicorn Bath Bombs

Make your bath night just a little more magical with these unicorn bath bombs. Each bomb is reminiscent of a mystical unicorn horn, and will turn your bathwater into a soothing shade of blue or purple. They smell delicious too, with fragrant notes of lime, pineapple, raspberry, and vanilla. Hand these out as party favors, or just use them to pamper yourself anytime you need a bit of enchantment in your life.

19. A Water Bottle That Doubles As A Foam Roller To Soothe Sore Muscles

This foam roller water bottle kills two birds with one stone in a very unexpected way. The outside of the bottle is made with high density foam, which — get this — means you can actually use the water bottle as a foam roller to work out muscle knots, increase circulation, and reduce tension. Meanwhile, the inner chamber of the water bottle is made with BPA-free recycled stainless steel: fill it up and sip through the built-in straw. Talk about brilliant.

20. This Detailed Planner That Actually Helps You Become More Productive

This productivity planner is about to become your new life coach. The planner gives you a multi-faceted approach to increasing productivity. Each day, week, and month features entries for goal-setting, prioritizing, keeping track of habits, and reflecting on your progress. Of course, the planner also helps you keep track of appointments, so you don't miss your next teeth cleaning. And the planner is undated — so you don't have to wait for the new year to get started. Choose from cyan, black, purple or red.

21. This LED Backlight Strip That Enhances Your TV Viewing Experience

Turn your living room into a real home theater with this highly-rated LED backlight strip. Not only does the subtle glow of the strip look cool — it also works to prevent eye strain when watching shows in the dark, while reducing glare which, in turn, enhances the color and contrast of your screen. The strip is USB-powered, and can be trimmed to fit any TV.

22. This Air Fryer That Makes French Fries And Chicken Strips Crispy Without Having To Use Oil

If you're a sucker for deep fried foods (who isn't?) but aren't about to risk the splatter of a hot pot filled with oil, this air fryer is a great alternative. The air fryer uses a high-pressure convection fan to make delicious fried foods like hash browns, french fries, chicken strips, and mozzarella sticks. The dishwasher-safe fryer is temperature adjustable between 180 and 400 degrees, and features an automatic shut-off function to prevent overcooking.

23. This Spaghetti Monster Colander That'll Make You Happy Every Time You Use It

Who says cooking has to be serious? Certainly not this spaghetti monster colander. This not-so-scary monster has two protruding eyes that function as handles, so you can strain your pasta with ease. The cooking creature also has feet on the bottom, so you can stand him upright in the sink while you rinse fruit or veggies. The colander is BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.

24. These Vodka Shooters That Keep Things Icy

Throw back a shot of Absolut or Grey Goose in the best way possible with this vodka shooter set. Just keep the shooters in the freezer and take them out when you're ready to use them. When you pour, ice crystals will form on the outside of the cups, giving you extra icy shots. A rustic caddy made from ash wood makes it easy to pour a round of shots and carry them over to your friends.

25. This Knife That Actually Warms Your Butter As You Spread It

Tired of mangling your toast every time you spread cold butter on it? Try using this warming butter knife instead. The fascinating knife works without batteries or electricity. Instead, it utilizes heat-conducting technology to transfer warmth from your hand to the serrated blade where it gently heats and and softens that cube of butter. (I know, it sounds totally futuristic.) Use this and enjoy a completely intact slice of toast or baguette.

26. An Innovative Tool That Makes It Easy To Add Breading To Food Without Making A Mess

Making your own breaded, battered food can be a messy process — creating tons of dishes and getting flour and batter on pretty much every surface. With this Breader Bowl, breading your battered meat, veggies, and other food is quick and easy. Just place your breading and seasoning in the lower part of the bowl, then place the sifter screen over it. Add your meat, veggies, or whatever else you plan to fry, secure the lid, shake everything up, and voila! Your ingredients will be perfectly coated and ready to fry.

27. A NSFW Party Game To Bring You And Your Friends Out Of Your Creative Comfort Zone

Remember Pictionary? Well, this NSFW drawing game is sort of like that classic game but a lot edgier. The game's cards include 670 daring prompts — everyone takes turns drawing, guessing, stealing points, and more. "This game will have you in tears," one reviewer gushed. "Play it with your artistic friends, and marvel at the attention to detail. Play it with your more uptight friends, and be amused by what they think something means. Play it with your family, and never look at them the same way."

28. A Luxurious Korean Sheet Mask That's Literally Made Of Pure Gold

You'll feel pretty luxurious every time you use this 24-karat gold Korean sheet mask. Putting actual gold in a face mask isn't a gimmick, though — gold has antibacterial, purifying, and brightening properties, so it's great at preventing acne, blackheads, dullness, and more. Plus, this mask also includes ingredients that moisturize and firm your skin, like collagen and vitamin E.

29. A Cold Brew Coffee Maker That Will Make Your Favorite Pick-Me-Up In No Time

If you're a cold brew coffee aficionado, you know the struggle: cold brew is super expensive, even at the grocery store, but making cold brew yourself means you'll have to wait upwards of 24 hours for it to brew in the fridge. Enter this ingenious rapid cold brew coffee maker. Just add a scoop of coffee, fill the device with water, and turn the dial. Just like that, you'll have perfectly brewed, Starbucks-worthy cold brew in just 5 to 15 minutes, depending on how strong you want it to be.

30. A Cute Way To Show Off Your Cactus Obsession While Adding Moisture To The Air In Your Home Or At Work

This adorable cactus-shaped miniature humidifier will make your space decidedly un-desertlike, adding moisture to dry air and helping prevent dry skin and sinuses, painful chapped lips, and all the other icky side effects that can come with living in a dry climate. This humidifier is USB-powered, and can run for four hours before it needs to be refilled. Plus, the small size is great for your desk, bedside table, or just about anywhere else.

31. A Cute Rose Gold Makeup Brush Set That Will Help You Get In Touch With Your Inner Mermaid

If you're the kind of person who can't stay away from the sea, this rose gold mermaid makeup brush set is the perfect way to bring a little mermaid magic into your everyday routine. Equal parts fun and functional, this set includes 10 makeup brushes of various shapes and sizes, perfect for applying foundation, blush, eyeshadow, and more. The brush fibers are synthetic, and can easily be cleaned using gentle soap and warm water.

32. A Fun, Fabulous Tea Infuser That's Shaped Like A Flamingo

If you're a tea drinker, why not cut down on waste from single-use tea bags, and make your tea with this fun flamingo-shaped looseleaf tea infuser instead? Using this tea infuser is super easy: Just fill it up with your favorite looseleaf tea, pop it in some hot water, and your tea will be ready in minutes. This tea infuser is made with food-grade, BPA-free silicone, and is completely microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

33. The Perfect Portable Wine Glasses For Everything From Tailgating To Picnics In The Park

If you're the kind of person who believes wine time is all the time, you'll absolutely love these insulated portable wine tumblers. Headed to a sporting event? Afternoon on the boat? Picnic in the park? Day at the beach? No matter where you're going, your wine can now come with you, without getting warm, spilling, or leaking in your bag and making everything sticky. Each wine tumbler holds 10 ounces, is made of BPA-free acrylic, and has double-walled insulation to keep your wine cool longer.

34. A Rose Quartz Crystal Face Roller To Pamper Your Skin

Lots of people swear by face rollers to improve facial circulation and elasticity or reduce inflammation and puffiness. This real rose quartz crystal face roller is just as legit as the fancier versions you may have heard about, without the hefty price tag. "I LOVE this roller!" one Amazon reviewer gushed. "Not only does it work exactly as I was hoping, the rose quartz looks better in person. It's smooth, not squeaky, and has my skin already feeling smoother."

35. A Glass Infuser Bottle That Makes Drinking More Water Fun And Easy

Infusing lemons, strawberries, mint, and more is an easy way to make plain, regular water a lot more exciting. So if drinking enough water to stay hydrated feels like a chore, this glass water infuser bottle might be the perfect choice for you. Unlike plastic water bottles, this glass bottle won't stain, smell, or leach. Plus, it comes with a leak-proof stopper cap, a backpack loop, and a stainless steel infusion cup to keep fruit, herbs, or whatever else you're infusing at the bottom.

36. A Innovative One-Handed Soap Dispenser Everyone Needs

If you're the kind of person who gets a little nervous thinking about all the germs and bacteria on everyday objects like door knobs, cell phones, and well, soap dispensers — this single-handed soap dispenser will help put your mind at ease. It's specially designed to let you dispense soap using only the back of one hand, limiting the spread of bacteria. "Finally, a soap pump that doesn't pass bacteria and germs around by touch," one reviewer raved. "Works great, is easy to refill and looks nice in a kitchen or bathroom."

37. A Set Of Organic, Reusable Produce Bags

If you already bring your own reusable grocery bags to the store, adding these reusable produce bags is an easy way to further reduce your environmental footprint. Designed to replace those flimsy plastic bags you use for produce and bulk foods, they're made of durable, 100 percent organic cotton, with a drawstring and stainless steel clips to tie them shut (so no more twist ties, either). The set comes with nine bags: three large, three medium, two small, and one with a finer mesh knit for grains, nuts, and more.

38. A Single-Serving Mold To Make A Little Cat Popsicle

OK, how adorable is this popsicle mold? The fun thing about homemade popsicles is that you can make them with just about anything (rosé pops, anyone?). Make a fruity smoothie, melted chocolate, juice, etc, pour it in the mold and place it in the freezer. In a few hours, you'll be popping out a perfectly shaped treat. These silicone molds are 100 percent BPA-free, and Amazon reviewers say they're easy to fill, pop out, and clean up. This one is a cat — but it comes in a few other cute characters as well.

39. An Insulated Can And Bottle Holder That Will Literally Keep Your Drink Cold For Hours

This stainless steel insulated can and bottle holder has a secret: it has a twist off cooling core at the base, which is filled with special gel that stays icy cold for hours. Pop the base in the freezer, and after it's frozen, the cooling base will keep your drink at perfect drinking temperature. "Love this product!" one reviewer raved. "Bought one on vacation last year while at the beach, now the whole family fights to get it first!"

40. A Unicorn-Themed Color-Changing Tea For Those Days When You Need A Little Magic In Your Life

When you first brew this magical loose leaf green tea, it'll be a deep, cobalt blue. Add a squeeze of lemon, and the tea will instantly transform to a rich violet shade — right before your eyes. Remarkably, this color-changing tea is completely free of artificial colors, flavors, and chemicals — and made with rosehip and hawthorne flowers.

41. A Unique, Color-Changing, Ultra-Moisturizing Peel-Off Mask

The first thing you'll notice about this unique peel-off mask is how gorgeous it is — it's literally infused with powder from real rubies and pearls. In the jar, it has a shimmering, iridescent emerald hue. Once you've applied it, the color transforms to a gorgeous, pearly holographic color as it responds to the warmth of your skin. But it's not all about looks: this mask is loaded with rosewater and hyaluronic acid, both of which are known for their incredible skin-soothing, moisturizing properties.

42. A Nifty Cooker That Makes A Whole Box Of Mac And Cheese In Five Minutes

Easy Mac lovers rejoice. With this ultra-quick macaroni and cheese cooker, you can make an entire box of regular macaroni and cheese just as quickly as the individually portioned instant version. Since this cooker only takes five minutes to make a box of macaroni and cheese, it's perfect for lunch at the office, traveling, dorm life, or just those days when you're running behind. "I've probably used this about a hundred times and it works perfectly," one Amazon reviewer reported. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Bustle's editorial and sales departments.