42 Genius Products That Make You Less Boring

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Let's face it: Adulthood can be boring. It requires a fair amount of responsibility that can sometimes turn into a tedious routine. You might find yourself stuck in the rut of making coffee, commuting to work, then coming home to make a quick dinner and watch a show before going to bed — before starting the whole cycle over again. It can all start to feel a bit humdrum, which is why it's time for a quick injection of interesting, and these genius products are here to give you just that.

All these products will add a little pep in your step. For example, if you know there's an aromatherapy face mask waiting for you when you get home, that commute won't seem so bad. Or you might dread mornings a little less if you know you can use your electric egg poacher to make eggs Benedict for breakfast.

And unlike going on an expensive European trip or signing up for an improv class to become more interesting, none of these products will break the bank or require you to overcome your fear of public speaking.

So go ahead and scroll through for products that will make life — and you — a little less mundane.

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