47 Genius Products Quickly Gaining Popularity On Amazon

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I try not to pay too much attention to trends, because I've been burned before. (Like when I replaced all my fifth-grade electronics with see-through versions, and opaque stuff was back in the next month). That being said, some trends are too brilliant to ignore — these genius Amazon products trending right now, for example.

Unlike totally transparent calculators, I'm thinking the things people are buying right now on Amazon might be sticking around for a long while. These new beauty products, games, kitchenware sets, and everyday gadgets have been gathering more buys and reviews by the day. That's because Amazon users are genuinely impressed with how useful, fun, and effective they are. I'm sure the fast and reliable Amazon shipping hasn't hurt, and that goes double for Prime users. Needless to say, this stuff has been going like hotcakes.

But "trending" doesn't necessarily mean you'll be able to get them whenever you feel like it, so it's best to jump on them while they're still in stock. Here's 47 random but seriously clever products skyrocketing into popularity, so by the time they hit your Facebook feed, you'll be the person commenting, "Tried it, loved it, definitely go buy it."

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