42 Insanely Clever Products With A Cult-Following On Amazon

By Emily Estep
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There are a lot of weird but genius products online that are super tempting. But when you're buying something on the internet, how can you be sure if those insanely clever products are actually any good? Well, thanks to Amazon's immense library of reviews, you can buy products online with essentially a built-in guarantee that you'll be satisfied.

Unfiltered and enthusiastic, Amazon customers flock to the review sections of their recently purchased products to express their satisfaction or vent their disappointment, making it easy for you to see if the item you're interested in is actually worth your money. Because, hey, you're hardly gambling if hundreds — possibly thousands — of customers before you have put their seal of approval on whatever it is that you're eyeing.

To help you sift through some of most popular products on Amazon right now, I've done a little digging to bring you the genuinely functional items that have garnered a cult-following on Amazon. These products will not only make your life easier but they also offer solutions to problems you never knew you had.

From oddly shaped makeup tools to motion activated toilet lights, these wacky but brilliant products have a cult-following on Amazon for good reason.

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