42 Surprising Products On Amazon That Consistently Make The Best-Sellers List


You'd be surprised by how many of these best-selling items you haven't heard of — but that's all part of the fun, right? Sometimes the best gifts in life are surprises, but it's hard to surprise people when you're constantly saddled with the same old things you see every day. Luckily for you, me, and all of our future gift recipients, there are some mighty brilliant Amazon products that aren't just consistent best-sellers, but chances are, you've probably never seen most of these products either.

For starters, you'd never expect a miniature waffle maker to be one of the top-selling items on Amazon, but considering you can also use it as a panini press I can see how people are raving about it. And don't get me started on the eyelash serum that gets you thicker, longer lashes in just four weeks — and frankly, the only reason that's such a surprise is that there are tones of reviewers who go on and on about how much they loved their fuller lashes. So yes, it works.

Whether you're looking for shot glasses made from real Himalayan pink salt, or a therapy light that doubles as a gentle alarm clock, Amazon has the best-selling products that people keep coming back to for a reason.


The Lunch Jar Made From Durable Stainless Steel

Not only are there four microwaveable inner bowls that allow you pack four separate items without any cross-contamination, but the Zojirushi Mr. Bento lunch jar is also made from durable vacuum-insulated stainless steel that makes it great for transporting both hot and cold foods in the same container. Many Amazon reviewers commented on the "outstanding quality" of this lunch jar, and it even comes with a forked spoon as well as a carrying tote.


A Bag That Eliminates Odors In Closets, Bathrooms, Garages, And More

You could try to mask unwanted odors with expensive sprays that quickly run out, or you could try the DampRid hanging bags instead. Each bag lasts for up to 60 days, and absorbs moisture from the air in order to eliminate any musty odors in your garage, laundry room, bathroom, RV, and more. These bags won't dry the air out, and the fresh scent they leave is light and pleasant.


The Nail Serum Formulated With Nourishing Essential Oils

Whether you're looking to strengthen your nails, smooth a few dry cuticles, or fight off bacteria, the Organica nail guardian is right up your alley. This nail serum is made with essential oils (like tea tree, eucalyptus, and lavender) that help to refresh and protect your nails — and each bottle lasts for approximately one month of regular use. One Amazon reviewer even raved that "It has stopped my thumbnails from splitting down the center and my nails are growing longer than they ever have before!"


A Scrubbing Brush That Gets Stubborn Dirt Out Of Your Grout

Scraping out your grout can be difficult without the proper tools, but the Fugenial Fuginator cleaning brush makes a stubborn job incredibly easy. This brush effectively cleans dirt and mold off of all cement and elastic grouting — and the ergonomic handle allows you to deliver targeted pressure that busts away grime. The nylon bristles are super-durable so that you won't have to worry about them fraying or wearing down, and it won't warp if washed in ultra-hot water.


The Massage Ball That Soothes Tired And Sore Muscles

No matter if you're at home or at the gym, the Body Back massage ball is a great way to roll out any aches or pains that may have developed on your feet. This massage ball is 2 inches large, which makes it easier to target smaller body parts like your forearms, calves, and hamstrings — and it's also great for reducing inflammation from plantar fasciitis. It's also great to use pre-workout to prevent injury, and help stimulate blood flow which leads to faster recovery.


A Cult-Favorite Solution That Helps Prevent Ingrown Hairs And Razor Bumps

Razor bumps and ingrown hairs are a pain whether you wax, laser, or shave — so prevent it no matter what method you use with the Tend Skin razor bump solution. Cruelty-free and developed without any animal testing, all you have to do is use this solution immediately after you wax or shave away unwanted hair. And because it's safe for all-over use, you can even use it before and after having laser hair removal to help reduce any next-day bumps or irritation. It dries in under 10 seconds, and even works as a mild exfoliant to get rid of dead skin.


The Pack Of Underwear Made From Soft, Breathable Cotton

At $12 for six of the Amazon Essentials women's cotton bikini panty, these are a total bargain — but that's not why so many reviewers love it. It's made 95 percent cotton and 5 percent elastane, giving you a comfortable yet secure fit that won't leave your skin feeling smothered. The tag in the back is also printed so that there's zero chance of any tag-related irritation, and it has over 1,800 positive four- and five-star reviews. One writes: "I am happy I found these because they are incredibly comfortable. When I wear them, I actually hardly notice I'm wearing them because they are so light and comfortable!"


A Knife With Its Own Built-In Cutting Board

Because it's got a built-in cutting board, you can easily chop ingredients right over the stove using the Allstar Innovations clever cutter. This handy knife and scissor combination is made with super-sharp stainless steel blades that won't rust over time, and the safety latch allows you to store it in any drawer or knife block without it popping open. And unlike a regular pair of scissors, the ergonomic design of the handle allows you to exert additional pressure at a fraction of the effort, which makes chopping through meats, cheeses, and vegetables a breeze.


The Hot Tool That Gives You Shiny, Tangle-Free Curls

The tourmaline ceramic technology in the Infiniti Pro curl secret hair styler means that your hair will come out looking shiny, frizz-free, and smooth. But what's unusual about this hair styler is in its unique design — to make it work, you insert your hair through the heating tunnel and then slowly pull it downwards for instant curling. Able to heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, this hot tool can create loose, medium, and tight curls regardless of your hair type, and reviewers swear by it.


A Deodorizing Spray That Moisturizes Your Feet

You can spray it in your shoes to remove any unwanted odor, or you can spray the Elite Sportz Equipment shoe deodorizer directly on your feet to help control smells while moisturizing your skin. This deodorizer kills the bacteria that causes odors using a blend of seven essential oils and 11 herbs — like coconut, chamomile, ginger, and cayenne — that specifically combat the bacteria that cause foot odor. There are also no harsh chemicals in the formula, and it even has an icy sensation upon application that can even moisturize cracked heels.


The Reusable Cotton Produce Bags That Are Double-Stitched

Made with premium-quality organic 100 percent cotton mesh, these reusable mesh produce bags are breathable and can be taken straight from the grocery store directly into your fridge. These bags are double-stitched and lightweight, making them great for use as a lunch bag or tote, and each order comes with six bags of varying sizes: two extra-large, two large, and two medium. They're reusable and machine-washable, too.


A Set Of Magnetic Key Holders That Can Hold Up To 1.4 Pounds

Stick them on your refrigerator for safekeeping, or stick the Fun Magnetic Man fridge key holders anyplace that's metal where you'd like to be able to store keys, like in a workshop or garage. Each order comes with four key holders made from premium silicone, and each holder can carry up to 1.4 pounds of weight without breaking or detaching.


The Mini Waffle Maker That Can Make Paninis And More

Whether you're making paninis, hash browns, small personal waffles, the Dash mini waffle maker can handle it. This compact waffle maker is great for smaller kitchens or dorms since it only weighs 1.5 pounds, and once plugged in it only takes three minutes to heat up. The non-stick cooking surface makes it easy to clean, and there are eight different colors to choose from.


A Salad Dressing Shaker That's Water-Tight And Leak-Proof

Store-bought salad dressings are never as good as the ones you whip up at home, so try making your own with the OXO salad dressing shaker. This shaker can hold up to 1.5 cups of dressing, and is designed with a water-tight, air-tight, and leak-proof seal so that you won't have to worry about it spilling in your bag or refrigerator. The soft, non-slip grip band gives you great control when mixing and shaking dressings, and there are measurement markings on the side so you know you're not messing up the recipe.


The Cream That Repairs Dry, Cracked Hands

Even the driest, most cracked hands can find relief in the O'Keeffe's working hands cream. This cream is super-concentrated so that it can actually help heal extremely dry skin, and creates a protective layer on the surface of your skin to help protect it from the elements while giving it a needed dose of moisture. Most Amazon reviewers were able to see noticeable results within days, and people with conditions like psoriasis and eczema even commented on how repairing this cream is.


A Sponge That Repels Bacteria And Germs

Not only do they repel potentially harmful germs and bacteria, but these no-stench sponges will remain odorless and smell-free throughout at least 90 days of use. These sponges get rid of grime, stuck-on food, and can be used on dishes and to clean your home. But unlike traditional sponges, which quickly become home to bacteria, this one boasts antimicrobial technology that keeps them clean and free of odors for, literally, months longer.


The Blanket That Helps With Anxiety And Insomnia

Weighted blankets are a great way to help yourself fall asleep when you're suffering from insomnia or anxiety. The Amy Garden weighted blanket is about 15 pounds heavy, but it's still breathable because it's made from 100 percent cotton and filled with hypoallergenic glass beads. This blanket may feel heavy at first but within one week your body is able to adapt to the weight — and many Amazon reviewers reported that they've "never slept better" after using this blanket. One also wrote: "I purchased this blanket six months ago. I used to suffer from severe insomnia- lying awake nearly all night until 4am or later. Since I’ve had this blanket I’ve not had a problem for even a single night."


A Stainless Steel Bar That Removes Unwanted Odor From Your Hands

Whether you've been handling garlic or fish, all you have to do is rub your hands on the Amco stainless steel odor absorber and any odors that your skin may have absorbed are eradicated. You can use this steel bar of soap with or without water, and because it's reusable it'll never lose its effectiveness no matter how old it gets — which saves you money in the long-run.


The Set Of Bins That'll Get Your Fridge Organized In No Time

Each drawer is designed with a convenient handle so you can easily sort through the Sorbus fridge and freezer organizer bins one you've loaded them with produce, and each order comes with six pieces: two wide and two narrow drawers, one can dispenser, and one egg drawer. The durable and sleek design is completely BPA-free, and each bin can easily be cleaned with mild detergent and water.


A Mount That Keeps Your iPad Securely Fastened To Your Dashboard

Designed with a suction pad that's reusable and won't lose its adhesion, the iOttie iPad mount holder securely fastens your iPad to the dashboard of your car so that you can use it to navigate while you drive, or so that your passenger can watch movies. Able to fit any tablet between 7 and 7.6 inches wide, this mount can also attach to desks, counters, as well as other flat surfaces, and the 360-degree swivel elbow means you can adjust the viewing angle to whatever is best for you.


The Shot Glasses Made From Pink Himalayan Salt

Whether you're drinking tequila or just looking for a cute addition to your bar, the Deco Himalayan salt shot glasses are right up your alley. These shot glasses are 3 inches tall, and add a natural salt flavor to whatever beverage (shots) you pour into them. Each glass is hand-carved, and since they're made from salt they naturally resist any bacteria or mold growth. When it's time to clean them, simply wipe them down and store them in a cool, dry place.


A Serum That Strengthens Your Eyebrows And Eyelashes

Each order lasts for up to three months, although you should be able to see noticeable results from the Babe Lash brow and lash enhancing serum in as little as four weeks. This serum helps to strengthen, condition, and enhance delicate or thin eyebrows and eyelashes, leaving you with longer, fuller eyelashes. One Amazon reviewer even raved: "This stuff doesn't smell weird, won't irritate your eyes, and will save you a butt-load of money if you are considering false lashes!"


The Massive Ice Pack That Can Cover Your Entire Back

If you've ever wished you had one, giant ice wrap that could cover your entire back, let me introduce you to The Coldest Water flexible gel ice wrap. This cold therapy wrap is designed to help relieve pain from sore muscles and sprains anywhere on your body — whether it's your back, thighs, chest, quads, ankles, or more. It takes two hours in the freezer for this ice wrap to reach peak-coldness, too.


An Exfoliating Pad That Clears Blemished Skin

Lactic acid penetrates deep to help detoxify any clogged or dirt-filled pores, but what sets the Neogen gauze peeling wine apart from other single-use exfoliating pads is the resveratrol, a natural ingredient found in red wine that helps prevent free radicals from irritating your skin. Each order comes with 30 pads, and many Amazon reviewers raved about how these exfoliation pads are gentle, yet effective for all skin types.


The Alarm Clock That Gently Wakes You Up With Light Therapy

Instead of jolting awake from a blaring alarm, wake up refreshed and relaxed with the Philips wake-up light alarm clock. This light therapy lamp and alarm clock combination uses natural light to slowly wake you up over a period of 30 minutes so that you can function better in the mornings. Finally, a gentle beeping will finally get you ready to tackle the day. There are 10 different brightness settings to choose from when you use this clock as a lamp, and the bulbs will never need to be replaced since they're LEDs.


A Bathtub Caddy Tray Made From Bamboo

Made with sturdy and waterproof bamboo so that you won't have to worry about the Royal Craft Wood bathtub caddy tray accumulating water damage, this tray is designed to comfortably work with two people in the tub, and is adjustable so that it can fit tubs of all shapes and sizes. It's able to expand out to 43 inches wide, and the non-slip silicone grips on the edges prevent it from sliding against the tub. It's also got plenty of grooves to hold phones, books, tablets, glasses of wine, and more.


The Insoles That Help Absorb Shock To Cushion Your Feet

Made with high-density foam that helps absorb shock from the ground to keep your knees safe, the Superfeet green insoles have a deep heel cup that gives you added support whether you're walking, running, hiking, or more. These insoles also have a special coating that doesn't allow any unwanted odors to develop, and the closed-cell foam supports your feet for extra comfort. Unlike other insoles, these ones have a stabilizer cap at their base, and also help relieve foot, arch, heel, and plantar fasciitis pain. One reviewer writes: "There is no comparison, for someone with high arches the support level of the greens is unmatched even after hours of standing. I highly recommend these to all my fellow service industry workers."


A Dish Cleaning Sponge That Reaches Into Tall, Awkward Glasses

It can be hard to reach every nook and cranny when you're cleaning tall glasses and vases, so make your life easier with the Full Circle dish cleaning sponge with handle. The sponge is made from layered cellulose that gently yet reliably cleans away dirt, and unlike other handled dish sponges, this one can stand on its end for a quick dry. After the sponge head wears down over time, you can easily replace it so that you don't need to spend money on an entirely new brush.


The Citrus Reamer That Can Handle Lemons And Limes

Most citrus reamers make you choose one: lemons or limes. But with the Chef'n dual citrus reamer, you can extract the juice from both lemons and limes, as the large yellow end fits lemons and the green tip on the opposite end is small enough for limes. You can use this reamer directly over the stove to squeeze juice directly into your dishes, and many Amazon reviewers noted how it's great at getting out all the fruit juice without any waste.


A Hair Waver With Ceramic Tourmaline Plates To Keep Your Hair Frizz-Free

The plates on this hot waver are made with ceramic tourmaline technology that prevent any heat damage, which means Hot Tools professional deep waver leaves your hair looking frizz-free and shiny after you're done — and leaves you with beachy waves instead of curls. Unlike other deep wavers, this one has an 8-foot swivel cord which makes it great for professionals and novices alike, and the patented pulse technology ensures that the plates maintain their temperature for the most effective styling.


The Hydrogel Eye Patches Made With Black Pearl And Gold

Amazon reviewers agree that the Petitfee hydrogel eye patch does an amazing job at healing puffy eyes. These eye patches are soaked in a blend of green tea and tangerine extracts, along with black pearl and pure gold powder to help improve the blood circulation in your face. Simply apply the patch underneath your eyes for 30 minutes, and many people were able to see results after just one use. Reviewers also say it helps with redness, too.


A Pair Of Reusable Scouring Pads

Traditional scouring pads need to be thrown out after a month or two since they grow dull and mildewy, but the Skoy scrubs are both reusable and last up to three times longer. Not only do they save you money in the long run, but they're also safe on most surfaces, since they're made from cotton as well as a non-toxic hardener that gives them their scrubbing power.


The Solution That Busts Through All Types Of Clothing Stains

Whether they're from sweat, red wine, coffee, oil, baby formula, or tomato sauce, The Laundress stain solution will bust through any type of stain to refresh your clothing back to new. Each super-concentrated bottle lasts for up to 200 uses, and is safe to use on both whites and dark clothing. One Amazon reviewer writes that "a tiny bit gently rubbed into the stain usually does the job on almost any fabric that can be washed with water," and that one bottle has lasted her for five years.


A Peeling Gel That Moisturizes As It Exfoliates

Bursting with natural cellulose, hollyhock, and honey that delivers a refreshing dose of moisture, the Dr. G brightening peeling gel goes the extra mile by simultaneously exfoliating away any dead skin so that you're left with smoother, softer skin. This peeling gel is also loaded with vitamins C and E to help brighten your complexion, and the black willow extract helps detoxify your pores.


The Hangers That Organize Your Bras, Tanks, And More

Whether you've got drawers stuffed full of bras, tanks, bathing suits, or camisoles, the Axis International Marketing bra organizer hanger makes it easy to find that one bra you're looking for without having to dig through piles of clothes. This hanger combines eight hangers into one, and they're great for allowing your clothes to drip-dry so that they don't accidentally shrink in the wash. Each one is made from rust-resistant steel, and many Amazon reviewers noted how sturdy they are under a full load of clothes.


The Smart Light Bulb That Works With Amazon's Alexa

Whether you've got an Amazon Alexa or a Google Assistant, the LIFX smart LED light bulb can sync up with both so that you can control the brightness and color settings via voice control. Since it's an LED, this bulb has a lifespan of up to 22.8 years, and there are 16 million colors to choose from as well as both warm and cool whites. Each bulb has equal brightness to a 75-watt bulb, and since the WiFI is built-in, it's also super easy to install this bulb.


The Coffee Beans With Double The Caffeine Of Average Coffee

If the average cup of Joe doesn't even get you out of bed anymore, try this notoriously strong, organic whole bean coffee. This coffee has double the caffeine of your average cup of coffee, and the beans are specifically selected and roasted to create that smooth, sharp taste. Many Amazon reviewers noted how this coffee is "very powerful," with one even writing that it has "this nice energetic yet still able to concentrate buzz."


A Key Chain That Makes Opening Beer Bottles A Breeze

Most bottle opener keychains are flimsy and wear down over time, but the Fencher heavy duty bottle opener keychain is made from durable and strong stainless steel that will last. Great as a small gift or stocking stuffer, the press-on lock makes clipping your keys to your belt simple, and because the surface of this keychain is anti-scratch, you won't have to worry about it losing its shine as it jostles around your backpack or lanyard.


The Handbag Organizer Made With Durable Nylon

Not only is nylon a strong, durable fabric that doesn't rip or tear easily, but the JET-BOND handbag organizer insert is also lightweight, foldable, and if it ever gets dirty, all you have to do is wipe it down with a towel. Each organizer has one large pocket, two zippered pockets on the side, six mesh and four parachute pockets — and because you can easily lift it out of your bag using the built-in handles, it's easy to swap your belongings from purse to purse.


A Compact Egg Cooker That's Great For Offices, Dorms, And More

Get your day started right with the Dash rapid egg cooker. Great for small kitchens and even offices, all you have to do is load up to six eggs into the cooker and then set the timer — the automatic shut-off function prevents your eggs from overcooking, and the buzzer lets you know when they're done cooking. It'll boil eggs to your liking (hard, medium, or soft), and also comes with inserts to poach them or make omelets. Reviewers swear by this for seamless meal prep.


The Makeup Brush With Handmade Bristles

Whereas competing makeup brushes can end up shedding their bristles into your powder, the HQ-QiLi kabuki makeup brush has top-quality handmade bristles that won't fall off when you're applying powder, cream, or liquids. The flat, curved bristles give you options when blending your foundation and powders, and doesn't leave behind streaks.


A Self-Massage Tool That Targets Uncomfortable Pressure Points

With 11 therapy knobs that have been specially placed to target the pressure points in your back, the Body Back self-massage tool easily helps you relieve pain from spasms, knots, soreness, and more. At one 1.25 pounds, this tool is light enough for people of all ages to benefit from it, and because it encourages blood circulation it's also a great way to promote healing — and each order even comes with a 12-page instruction guide if you've never used a self-massager before.

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