42 Useful AF Products That'll Captivate Every Practical Person

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I like to consider myself a minimalist (or an aspiring one, anyway), but I'm also regularly finding and writing about products that'll fascinate every practical person. This then becomes a conundrum — while I also think I'm a practical person, the products somehow end up in my Amazon cart, kind of take away from that whole minimalist thing. The way I justify it? If I'm using it pretty much every day, I'm allowed to have it. It's a great standard to live by, because instead of useless clutter, you end up with things that genuinely improve your habits and routines.

Amazon is absolutely loaded with useful AF products that make your life easier on a daily basis. It has stuff that helps you organize your drawers, minimize germs in your kitchen, and even light your way to the bathroom when you get up in the middle of the night. Imagine a world where your hair tie looks like a piece of jewelry and you no longer have to wash your whole face when you botch your eyeliner. I already live in that world, and let me tell you, citizenship is pretty epic. Rather than the stuff that ends up in a donation box, these are all products you'll actually use, so as a practical AF person, you can feel good about the purchase.

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