420 Memes You'll Find Funny Even If You Don't Observe National Weed Day

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I'm not just saying this in case my mom reads this: I don't smoke pot. Not because I have anything against it or the people who smoke it, I just never really got into it for a variety of reasons — mostly because I have no chill. But, when it comes to finding the internet's reaction to 420 — that I not only get, but I also get a kick out of it. I promise, there are so many 420 memes you will find funny even if you don't smoke or observe National Weed Day.

Because for the most part, stoner humor can be funny for all. We all grew up with Seth Rogan and James Franco in Pineapple Express making us laugh until we cried, because for some reason, that kind of comedy gets us. It gets all of us. And weed humor on the internet is pretty similar.

But fine, don't take my word for it. I dare you not to laugh at least a little bit at one of these 420 memes. Or, at least, I dare you not to grin or let your lip turn up the slightest bit. These are the best memes to pull out in honor of National Weed Day.

When You Disappear Into The Fridge

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And you literally just lost a chunk of time and have no idea where it went.

When Sex And The City Got High

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Ah, Carrie and her antics.

Never Set Your Alarm

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If you actually want to wake up on time, or have anything even relatively important to do.

Oh, They Know

They know exactly what you're up to. How could you even take the day off with a straight face?

What Weed?


I have about 800 pictures of my dog on my phone, and he looks like this in all of them.



Because Ilana gets it. Ilana gets everything.