43 Amazing Finds On Amazon Prime That Are Cheap As Hell

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I honestly don't know how we survived before the advent of Amazon Prime. I know that sounds dramatic, but I'm legitimately bad at remembering to shop for birthday gifts or reorder my favorite exfoliant, so that free two-day shipping is a real life-saver for me. Of course, once you're clicking through Amazon, it can be tempting to add a whole slew of other great products to your cart... which can get expensive fast. For that reason, I'm always on the hunt for things that won't drain my checking account — like all these amazing finds on Amazon Prime that are cheap as hell.

There's a little something for everyone here, so whether you're on the search for a facial spray that'll make your skin glow, a colander that folds up flat so there's more space in your kitchen cupboards, or a humidifier that fits in your car cupholder — we've got you covered.

And with that Amazon Prime two-day shipping, you won't have to stress if you forget your best friend's birthday (hey — it happens).

Not signed up for Prime? They've got a 30-day trial membership; stock up on these products and experience the glories of two-day shipping for yourself.

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