43 Brilliant Products On Amazon Creeping Up The Best-Sellers Charts

We all have our favorites on Amazon. For me — aside from the books — it's all the serums, emollients, and potions that go into my curated skincare routine. I'm admittedly a bit of a product hoarder, but I do have favorites that I order on the reg — and I found them because other Amazon reviewers obsessed with them. However, what about those hidden gems that great, but not quite topping the charts just yet? News flash: There's a cornucopia of brilliant products creeping up the best-sellers charts, and they're all pretty fantastic.

Sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind, push the boundaries of your comfort zone, and try new things. You know how to do this: You've welcomed almond butter over peanut butter, matcha and chai instead of your old familiar lattes, and seriously — if someone had told you a few years back that you'd be spreading avocado on your toast instead of butter and Instagramming it like your life depended on it, would you have believed them? Change is good, and as a bonus, when you do fall in love with these products that are already en fuego thanks to the dozens of intrepid Amazon reviewers before you, you can be the one to introduce them to your friends with a smug smile. You're now basically an #influencer.

1. These Socks Are Great For Running — Whether You Have Toe Shoes Or Not

Artfashion No Show Toe Socks, $17 (6 Pairs), Amazon

Clearly those shoes with the toes — the new darlings of the running shoe movement — require special socks like these rainbow-colored models. The funny thing is that these socks are becoming hot sellers even with regular running shoes, too, because they allow your toes to align and splay naturally, and they reduce friction. These socks are also an effective weapon in the fight against athlete's foot, and they wick away moisture to keep your feet dry and comfortable.


2. These All-Natural Face Wipes Use Vinegar To Get Rid Of Acne

Hello Cider Face Wipes, $17 (25 Wipes), Amazon

Convenient and portable, these face wipes are crafted with a unique 100 percent natural blend of ingredients leading off with apple cider vinegar, a potent antibacterial and anti-fungal ingredient containing alphahydroxy and malic acids. Together with tea tree oil, neroli, and chamomile, this unique blend prevents pimples from forming and clears existing blemishes, while also evening out skin tone. The natural ingredients are gentle and perfect for use on sensitive skin, too.


3. This Travel Pillow Cradles Your Head In Softness

Knidos Travel Pillow, $24, Amazon

It's the innovative new design of this travel pillow that has bumped it consistently up Amazon's charts. The Knidos pillow solves the problem posed by most travel pillows: They tend to tilt your head forward because there's no support to prevent it. Instead, this pillow supports your head in the front and at the sides, working with gravity to cradle your head in comfort as you sleep. It's accompanied by a cutting-edge cooling cover that keeps the pillow at an optimal temperature for sleep while you're using it, and it's machine-washable for easy cleaning.


4. This Stuff Gets Rave Reviews From Dancers And Gamers Alike

Nelson Sports Dry Hands, $8, Amazon

Enthusiastically reviewed by dancers and gamers — and everyone in between — it should be no surprise that this grip enhancer is quickly climbing the hit lists at Amazon. Akin to "liquid chalk," you simply apply a few drops to your hands, rub them together, and your hands will be dry without feeling sticky or greasy. It's great for hot yoga, weightlifting, golf, gymnastics, and other workouts, too.


5. This Tool Has 23 Uses In Total

Kelvin 23-In-1 Multitool, $35, Amazon

If I had a nickel for every multi-tool on Amazon, I'd be able to take Jeff Bezos out for a very nice lunch. However, this multi-tool shines head and shoulders over its competitors for the unique dual position screwdriver that's among its arsenal: It locks at 90- and 180-degrees for extra torque and features 16 bits, each with a powerful alloy magnet to hold loose screws. Crafted from an aluminum base as well as engineered ABS plastic and an ergonomic rubberized handle, the tool also encompasses a 6-foot measuring tape, a liquid level, an LED light, and a hammer.


6. These Knives Are Razor-Sharp And Ergonomic, Too

Chef Made Easy Ceramic Knife Set, $20, Amazon

The popularity of ceramic knives has soared in recent years, and this set is among Amazon's top sellers because it's an excellent value for the money. Ceramic is lightweight yet hard as a diamond, and stays sharp for years on end — even without sharpening. The blades are paired with ergonomically designed handles coated with soft touch rubber, as well as gripping dots for comfort during use. This 9-piece set also includes a vegetable peeler, an unusual and useful add-in.


7. An All-Natural Spray That Will Soothe Your Red, Itchy Eyes

Heyedrate Lid & Lash Cleanser, $16, Amazon

If your eyes are red and stressed from everyday pollutants or too many hours in front of the computer, this spray is the answer. Crafted from 100 percent natural, organic, vegan ingredients led off by hypoallergenic hypochlorous acid, you simply spray it onto your eyes and gently massage in. It's free from alcohol, fragrances, parabens, sulfates, and preservatives, and works by stopping irritants in their tracks with a broad spectrum microbial effect and an anti-irritant. While it's specially formulated for eyes, it's applicable for use anywhere.


8. This Is The Only Cheese Slicer You'll Ever Need

Bellemain Adjustable Thickness Cheese Slicer, $10, Amazon

With its adjustable-width opening, this slicer could be the only cheese tool you'll ever need. Not only does the slicer's rugged stainless steel wire cut slices to the thickness you desire — thick, thin or even paper-thin — but its elegant design also looks beautiful in any presentation. Cast from a single piece of zinc alloy, it's not only good-looking, it's also durable enough to last for years to come.


9. This Mask That'll Help Shrink Your Pores Naturally

SAFERENCE RX Pore Minimizing Sheet Masks, $13 (10 Pack), Amazon

If you're into K-beauty and you're also looking for a reliable mask that'll reduce the look of your pores naturally, you're going to love this mask. This is formulated with actual volcanic ash, which is also really great for absorbing excessive oils and preventing acne flare-ups, plus charcoal powder. Charcoal is another huge trend in beauty right now, and it's not difficult to see why, since charcoal absorbs dirt like nobody's business and can help open your pores up in a healing way.


10. A Glove That's The Chemical-Free, Antibacterial Way To Dust

e-Cloth Dusting and Cleaning Glove, $15, Amazon

Crafted from a unique polyester-nylon blend, this glove is the perfect cleaning tool if you suffer from allergies, want to ensure your home is as germ- and chemical-free as possible, or are just trying to go green. The natural positive charge of the fibers attracts dust and fluff, while the construction of the glove makes so many cleaning jobs easier — it traps dirt and removes it from wherever you're working, rather than pushing it around like its competitors. It removes over 99 percent of bacteria with just water, too, and its guaranteed for 300 machine washings.


11. The Spatula Set That's All You Need To Multi-Task While Baking

Joseph Joseph Silicone Spatula Set, $29 (Set of 3), Amazon

From the design gurus at Joseph Joseph comes this set of spatulas engineered with baking in mind. The three-piece set includes a spatula, a spoonula, and a cookie turner, all crafted in food-grade, BPA-free silicone that's heat-resistant up to 520 degrees. Each tool features a weighted handle with an integrated rest that will keep its head up and off your work surface when you put it down — all for improved hygiene and less mess.


12. A Mat That Will Keep Your Yoga Practice On The Straight And Narrow

Healthyoga Alignment Mat, $32, Amazon

Avid yogis, this hot-selling mat will take your pranayama away: It has alignment lines built right in to help you to focus and adjust your hands and feet to the accurate position, and keep your body in proper alignment. Seriously, how cool is that?! Additionally, it's crafted from eco-friendly TPE — meaning it's non-toxic and latex-free — and made with no PVC. The double-layered structure is 6 millimeters in thickness for excellent cushioning without losing feel, and it's topped with non-stick texturing on both sides.


13. A Makeup Organizer Will Get You All Sorted Out — Your Way

Uncluttered Designs Adjustable Makeup Organizer, $20, Amazon

With multiple components that you can customize to meet your needs, this organizer isn't just perfect to get your bathroom counter in shape, but it also makes a terrific desk organizer or a storage system for that catch-all counter in the kitchen. The set comes with one large piece, two smaller pieces with compartments, two drawers, two small dishes, and dividers — all crafted from durable, easy-to-clean plastic. "Exactly what I needed! Stores a ton," writes one reviewer.


14. A Massager That Eases Your Pain

NURSAL Handheld Percussion Massager, $35, Amazon

The unique selling point that has helped this massager become an up-and-comer on Amazon's charts is the fact that it uses deep-tissue percussion therapy to provide relief, as opposed to physical manipulation. This alternative modality has many benefits in addition to easing tight muscles: It promotes increased blood circulation, releases trigger points, and promotes lymphatic drainage and gastrointestinal motility (in other words, it might help you poop regularly). TMI, maybe, but hey — reviewers swear by it.


15. These Molds That Make Gorgeous Designer Ice

Shefio Ice Ball Molds, $16 (Set of 4), Amazon

I'm really into ice, and while the chewy kind will always have a special place in my heart, these molds make gorgeous, 2.5-inch orbs that will make any drink an experience. They're crafted from BPA-free, durable silicone that's also easy to use — because they feature a unique wing design that enables the ice balls to simply pop out of the molds when frozen. They're easy to clean, too, since they're dishwasher-safe.


16. This Memory Foam Pillow Has A Secret: It's Adjustable

LANGRIA Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow, $29, Amazon

You already know that lofted memory foam pillows are great for spinal alignment; this one kicks it up a notch with a detachable foam layer that allows you to adjust the height to your specific needs. It uses high-quality, premium memory foam that's environmentally-friendly — because it's free from ozone depleters, formaldehyde, mercury, and heavy metals. Bonus: just detach the outer breathable mesh cover to hand wash it for easy cleaning.


17. A Comb That Actually Relaxes You

pureGLO No Static Detangling Comb, $13, Amazon

Describing what this comb doesn't do for your hair would be faster and easier than telling you what it does do. Yes, it detangles — job numero uno for a comb — but, crafted from cruelty-free buffalo horn that's rich in natural protein, its teeth spread natural oil from scalp to hair ends to eliminate static, too. The handle of the comb is made from 100 percent organic green sandalwood — which gives off a light aroma used for centuries to help calm the mind and ease stress. Your hair will be left revived and revitalized, and so will you.


18. These Washable Insoles Keep Your Feet Clean And Fresh

HappyStep Terry Insoles, $13 (2 Pair), Amazon

If you're on your feet all day or enjoy working out, these insoles are a terrific accessory to pamper your feet. Constructed with a 100 percent cotton terrycloth upper lining to effectively absorb sweat, and a latex bottom lining to provide cushioning and actively control odors, these insoles maximize the comfort of your shoes. Plus, when one pair is soiled, simply wash them and allow to air dry while you're wearing the second pair.


19. This Genius Drawer Insert Keeps Your Spices Neatly Arrayed

mDesign Spice Rack Drawer Organizer, $17, Amazon

Expandable and adjustable, this drawer insert is such a smart accessory for the avid cook. With a slim profile that fits most drawers, it's crafted from durable, shatter-resistant BPA-free and food safe plastic. It features three tiered and angled levels that make it easy to locate and grab whatever's needed, while keeping your spices neatly tucked away inside the drawer. Plus, this organizer has applications outside the kitchen: Use it for nail polishes, pill bottles, or small office supplies in desk drawers.


20. This Luxe Mask Features Clay From A Remote South Korean Island

Lasstokki Green Clay Mask, $16, Amazon

If you want to look insidery AF, tell your friends it's the crinum lily you're getting from Tokki Island (i.e., this mask) when they ask about the new glow to your complexion. After all, the plant — unique to an island in South Korea — has been used as a traditional remedy to calm the skin and replenish moisture for thousands of years. This mask cleanses and exfoliates without drying, and helps to eliminate blackheads and dead skin cells while moisturizing and stimulating circulation.


21. These Must-Have Patches Prevent Blisters In Any Shoes

ENGO Blister Prevention Patches, $15 (6 Pack), Amazon

ENGO specializes in blister-prevention products for runners, hikers, and more — and this variety pack of patches is their most popular product. Unlike traditional blister bandages, they apply to your shoes, not your skin — and they're ultra-thin, so your shoes' fit is unchanged. Suitable for any type of shoes, ENGO patches adhere easily and provide immediate relief from the painful friction that causes blisters.


22. These Lashes Will Take You From Glimmer To Glamor In A Flash

Hot Pink Magnetic False Eyelashes, $14 (4 Pieces), Amazon

How'd you like to have movie-star eyelashes without the mess and irritation of glue? It's not only possible — but also budget-friendly — with these magnetic lashes. Lightweight and comfortable, these lashes are handcrafted, easy to clean, reusable, and cruelty-free. They're super easy to apply, and one reviewer writes: "I naturally love this magnetic false lashes to me its look like I am wearing it originally. The textures, it's natural and everything."


23.This Inflatable Solar Lantern Is Great For Serendipities Or Emergencies

LuminAID Inflatable Solar Lantern, $25, Amazon

Recently, I wrote a round-up including items on Amazon that'd be perfect in the event of an apocalypse — and this lantern, as it's solar-powered and folds practically flat, would fit into that category. Except this one is so pretty, and floats on water, so you could not only use it for camping, but are perfect for party decorations. It offers 75 lumens of warm LED light, and feature five light settings, including candle flicker.


24. This Monkey Has A Sense Of Humor, But He's A Real Tool

Zootility Tools PocketMonkey, $13, Amazon

This monkey is a real tool. In fact, there are 17 different implements engineered into this multitool shaped (somewhat) like a monkey that's 1 millimeter thin and made to fit in your wallet. Incredibly lightweight and TSA compliant, the PocketMonkey includes three screwdrivers, six nested hex wrenches, a bottle opener, a letter opener, a phone kickstand, a door latch slip, a ruler, a headphone wrap, a straightedge, and an orange peeler. Plus, he tells jokes.


25. The Sports Bra That Has A Hidden Pocket To Give You Your Hands Back

Queenie Ke Sports Bra (XS-XXL), $29, Amazon

When you're making your circuit of the gym, don't you hate having to keep up with your phone and your keys? This sports bra puts an end to that struggle with its convenient pocket, located right between your shoulder blades. Crafted from four-way stretch fabric that's chafe-resistant, moisture-wicking, and breathable, this bra is quick drying and features a double fabric front panel for coverage and added support. It's great looking, too, and retains both its color and its shape even after multiple washings.


26. A Smartphone Stand That Folds Up To Fit In Your Wallet

Nite Ize QuikStand, $10, Amazon

Made from brushed aluminum and durable polypropylene, this stand is tough enough to hold up a smartphone of any size — or even a small tablet up to 7 inches — but is tiny and collapsible so that it folds up into your wallet or for easy carrying in any bag. Additionally, it flips to hold your device in either portrait or landscape mode, and you can switch back and forth on the fly, too.


27. This Minty Liquid Takes Natural Oral Care To The Next Level

Tooth Soap, $23, Amazon

Made with organic, natural, and sustainable ingredients, this tooth cleanser is a great way to get your teeth clean and your mouth germ-free and minty fresh without all the chemical ingredients used in most commercial toothpastes and mouthwashes. Crafted with organic extra virgin olive oil and organic coconut oil, this liquid naturally brightens and removes tooth stains — and peppermint essential oils give your breath a fresh scent as well.


28. This Diffuser's Practical Design Makes Your Car Smell So Good

Romanda Car Diffuser, $10, Amazon

Easy to use and install, this car diffuser helps you get rid of that funk that sets in to your car the minute that delicious new car smell wears off. Its stainless steel design is made to adhere to your car's vents and works with them to disperse scent throughout your vehicle. The top of the diffuser encloses a felt pad that holds the oils or perfume of your choice — and it's easy to change, because the top seals magnetically and the set comes with eight felt pads.


29. This Versatile Trimmer Removes Unwanted Hair For Much Less

Lavany 2-In-1 Electric Trimmer, $13, Amazon

Waxing is a choice, of course — but it also happens to be one that is painful and expensive. For under $10, why not give this trimmer a try for all your hair removal preferences? Its versatile two-in-one design includes an eyebrow trimmer head and a nose trimmer head that enable you to precision trim your brows, nose hair, facial hair, bikini area, and any other body hair you'd like using just one device. Weighing no more than a ballpoint pen, it's powered by a single AAA battery, and gets its trimming might from stainless steel precision blades.


30. This Air Purifier Has All The Features...And It's Portable

Pixio Portable Air Purifier, $20, Amazon

Great for asthma and allergy sufferers, this air purifier is an ionizer that purifies the air by eliminating airborne bacteria, pollutants, and odors rather than masking them. It features a small footprint that makes it ideal for travel, emits little to no noise while in use, and saves on energy costs as it is able to operate on less than 5 watts. The unit needs no filter, and has a built-in timer that allows you to set it to automatically turn off after 30 minutes of use.


31. These Stones Are Actually An Ancient Chinese Cure-All

Hana Emi Guan Sha Massage Set, $28, Amazon

Guan sha is the Chinese predecessor to acupuncture, and these stones are the tools of the trade of this ancient practice. The practice — basically a type of massage wherein you manipulate different parts of your body with these specially-shaped stones — is considered a healing treatment, doing everything from relieving headaches to relaxing muscles and improving digestion, while detoxing the whole body and relieving stress. This particular set is crafted from bian stone, considered highly authentic, and comes with a downloadable ebook of instructions.


32. This Towel Is A Cult Favorite Among Amazon Reviewers

OHE Cure Series Japanese Exfoliating Bath Towel, $7, Amazon

If you're looking for a super soft and cushy bath towel to dry off with, this isn't it. Rather, this towel is designed for use inside the shower, where you'll use it much like a loofah — either with soap and water or just water — to give yourself a vigorous scrub and exfoliate your skin for a circulation-boosting shower. It's made of textured nylon, so it's durable, dries fast, and is highly hygienic.


33. This Garment Bag Keeps Your Clothes So Fresh And So Clean

BAGSMART Anti-Wrinkle Garment Organizer, $22, Amazon

Any road warrior will relate to the angst of arriving on-site only to find your clothes for tomorrow's presentation crumpled beyond recognition. You know that in-room iron never does the trick, but this garment organizer will — in preventing those wrinkles from ever setting in in the first place. Constructed with rip-stop hexagon check polyester to resist the wear and tear of travel, this bag neatly holds up to six articles of clothing and seals with Velcro, then tucks conveniently inside your suitcase to keep those clothes in pristine condition.


34. This Curling Iron Means You Won't Hyperextend Your Shoulder To Do Your Hair

Trèsutopia Angled Curling Iron, $30, Amazon

There's no more putting your shoulder out of its socket just to get that perfect beachy wave with this curling iron: Its unique right-angle shape means you can curl away in comfort with less stress on your wrists, shoulders, and elbows. The barrel uses an advanced element to heat to 180 degrees quickly and evenly, and the iron delivers long-lasting style without damage. It also includes an automatic shut-off feature for safety, as well as dual-voltage operation.


35. This Ingenious Splatter Screen Will Keep Your Kitchen So Much Cleaner

ExcelSteel 13-Inch Silicone Splatter Screen, $15, Amazon

Place this splatter screen on top of your frying pan while in use, and you'll be amazed at how it cuts down on the mess in your kitchen. Crafted from non-stick, odor-absorbing, stain-proof silicone, this splatter guard keep hot oil from escaping your pot or pan and getting all over your range, cabinets, vent hood, and everywhere else. It comes with a non-slip, heat resistant grip, too. Plus, when you're not using them to guard your fried goods, these accessories can do double and even triple duty as trivets and to strain water off of pasta and vegetables if you don't have a colander handy.


36. This Wrinkle Releaser Is Great For Anyone On The Go

Lewis N. Clark Wrinkle Wiz, $6, Amazon

Bottled in a convenient TSA-compliant 2-ounce size, this wrinkle releaser packs a punch: It removes wrinkles, eliminates static cling, and leaves your clothes fresh-smelling, too. Formulated by a team of fabric engineers and chemists, Wrinkle Wiz has a light, pleasant scent and is safe for use on most fabrics. "A must for travelers who hate ironing," writes one reviewer.


37. A Sliding Shelf That Brings Your Appliances Front And Center When You Need Them

Top Handy Caddy, $9, Amazon

Right now, you're lugging your giant and extremely heavy stand mixer forward from the corner of the kitchen island every time you whip up a delectable dessert, but with this sliding caddy, you could simply glide it forward when you're ready to put it into action. Made from durable ABS material, this caddy holds up to 25 pounds, and is sturdy and effortless to use. It's dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning, too.


38. A Serum Will Give You Longer Lashes And Thicker Brows

Magic Glance Natural Eyebrow And Eyelash Serum, $28, Amazon

Formulated with organic sea minerals and other natural ingredients, this French brow and lash serum will make your lashes longer, more voluminous, and healthier — and give them a pleasant curling effect, too. Used just once a day before bed, you'll begin to see results in just 10 days to two weeks, and one tube contains a six month supply.


39. This Seven-Handled Band Does All The Exercises

FoMI Exercise Band, $14, Amazon

Made from professional-grade rubber that's virtually indestructible, this exercise band enables you to do an almost infinite number of workouts with just one tool. Simply change the handles to adjust resistance levels or tailor your workout to different body parts. At roughly 36 inches in length and weighing just 10.6 ounces, you can also throw this band in your gym bag or suitcase and carry it along for a complete workout wherever you go.


40.These Magnetic Twist Ties Are So Handy

Monster Magnetics TwistieMag Magnetic Twist Ties, $23 (10 Pack), Amazon

You may buy these magnetic twist ties to keep the cords going to your electronics neat, but once you have them at home, you'll see that they have so, so many uses. Stick your car keys to the fridge. Make your earbud wire stick to your shirt. Hold your drapes closed. Put your glasses on your towel rack while you shower. See? There are literally about a kajillion ways these silicone-covered accessories will come in handy, and the high-grade neodymium rare earth magnets are guaranteed not to corrode or demagnetize — ever.


41. This Fitness Accessory Is Ideal For Improving Your Core Strength

URBN Fit Balance Board, $28, Amazon

Whether you're looking to build muscle, recover from an injury, improve your posture, or enhance your balance, this board is the tool for you. Use it for various bodyweight exercises — even simple ones like squats and planks — to firm and tone, or take it to work and pair it with your standing desk as an effective thermogenesis tool even while checking your emails. Designed to be both efficient and safe, this board is made from premium wood topped with non-slip grips.


42. This Seat Cushion Adapts To Your Bottom

Sojoy iGelComfort 3-In-1 Foldable Gel Seat Cushion, $35, Amazon

If you're wondering what the best seat cushion for your bottom would look like, I submit for your consideration this version. It's crafted with memory foam that's both soft and strong to mold to your shape and cradle you in comfort, and it has a gel insert to provide additional relaxation and keep you cool. Its ergonomically-engineered design relieves pressure and promotes circulation for sufferers of a wide variety of back conditions, including sciatica and arthritis, and it's great while rehabbing from surgery, for anyone in a wheelchair, or for pregnant women. It also features a handle for ease of carrying.


43. These Straws Are A Great First Step Toward Saving The Earth One Sip At A Time

Kitchen Up Straw Bundle, $15 (Set of 8), Amazon

One really simple way you can help save the environment is by limiting your use of disposable straws — and instead choosing this reusable straw selection. This full-featured set includes six silicone straws and two stainless steel straws, plus two brushes perfect for cleaning out all your reusable straws. They all come bundled in a storage pouch, which you can also use to take them on the road.

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