Get Your Messy Life Together With These 43 Clever Products On Amazon


Your shoes are piled on top of each other, there's a heap of sweaters at the foot of your bed, you keep forgetting to pay the internet bill, and to top it all off, you're stressed about work. First of all — take a deep breath. Life can be a lot to handle. We all need a little help sometimes, and often, it's simply a matter of having the right tools in your tool belt. With these 44 clever products on Amazon, you'll find that life doesn't have to be so difficult to navigate.

So how, exactly, does one get their ish together? Products that help organize your home are a great place to start. Rifling through your closets and drawers everyday, unable to find what you're looking for, is a small but persistent source of stress, so why not eliminate that annoyance altogether by investing in some organizing products?

Other items, like productivity planners, can help you stay on task and meet longterm goals, so you don't have to stress about missing deadlines and birthdays. You can also buy easy-to-use grooming tools, like steamers and lint removers, to keep your clothes looking fresh, so you also appear to have things together on the outside.

Scroll through for more tools to put in your tool belt, so you can (sigh of relief) finally get your sh*t together.


A Tiered Pot & Pan Rack To Keep Your Kitchen Cabinets Organized

You know how you have to lift up a whole bunch of pans to finally get to that big one at the bottom of your kitchen cupboard? This pan rack eliminates that problem once and for all. The rack features height-adjustable shelves that let you stack up to 10 pots, pans, and griddles of various sizes, and you can use it either horizontally or vertically.


A Storage Shelf That Hooks Onto The Side Of Your Refrigerator

I'm consistently amazed at the clever things people come up with to increase storage space, and this refrigerator shelf is a prime example of that. It hooks onto the side of your fridge and gives you a full three extra shelves for storing condiments, sauces, crackers, cereal, and more. A rod with hooks at the bottom is perfect for hanging dish towels and oven mitts, too.


These Magic Eraser Sponges That Can Clean Just About Anything (Including White Sneakers)

These magic eraser sponges are work exactly how they claim — like magic. Just put a little water on the sponge and you can erase dirt, grime, grease, soap scum, and scuff marks from just about any surface, including sneakers. These sponges are thicker and denser than other similar magic erasers, since they feature a three-layer design that gives them longer-lasting cleaning power. One Amazon reviewer, a mother of 3-year-old twins, writes that they're "absolutely amazing with getting crayons off the wall".


A Stress Relief Elixir That's Made With Natural Floral Essences

Formulated by a doctor over 80 years ago, this stress relief spray has stood the test of time. The formula is made with a blend of five anxiety-reducing flower essences: rock rose, impatiens, clematis, star of Bethlehem, and cherry plum. Just put four drops on your tongue as often as needed, or add to a beverage. The spray is gluten-free, vegan, and non habit-forming.


A Productivity Planner Designed To Help You Reach Your Goals

This productivity planner is a game-changer for procrastinators and the goal-oriented alike. It keeps track of tasks and appointments, but it also helps you prioritize those tasks and appointments on a daily and weekly basis, so you get done what needs to get done. There's also space for reflections at the end of each week: what were your "wins"? What tasks were not completed? What have you learned? What actions will you take to ensure the next week is productive? Commit to using this little planner and watch your productivity skyrocket.


These Makeup Remover Sticks So You Can Erase Small Eyeliner & Lipstick Mistakes

Getting your liquid eyeliner just right can be tricky with a capital 'T'. Effortlessly remove any mistakes (without having to start over) with these handy makeup eraser sticks. Just gently snap the top of the stick to release a flow of makeup remover into the soft cotton tip. And it won't irritate your skin — the makeup remover is made with a hypoallergenic blend of aloe, cucumber, and green tea.


These Two-Tier Shoe Shelves That Double Your Closet Space

These adjustable slots let you stack a pair of shoes on top of each other, which ends up doubling your shoe storage space. The top rack can be adjusted to fit three heights, so you can fit flats, ankle boots, and heels without the risk of scuffing or scrunching. Non-slip grips secure your shoes in place, so they won't slide around or topple over, either.


This Clever Way To Turn Your Light Switch Into A Magnetic Key Holder

Turn your light switch cover into a key holder with this magnetic key rack. Just remove the bottom screw of the cover and replace it with the super strong neodymium magnet — which can hold up to 3 pounds. (Don't worry — the magnet won't interfere with your remote car key.) You'll never lose track of your keys again.


This Wine Glass Drying Rack That Prevents Water Spots

If your wine glasses constantly have water spots on them, but you're too lazy to hand-dry them after a bottle of red (listen — I get it), you'll love this wine glass drying rack. Hanging your glasses upside down from the rack maximizes air circulation so that they drip dry without forming any of those pesky water spots. The ultra-stable base won't tip over and the rubber tips around each hook protect your glassware from getting damaged.


A Motion Sensor Closet Light That Also Sanitizes Your Clothes

These motion sensor wardrobe lights are blowing my mind. They automatically turn on when they sense activity, illuminating your closet so you can find that one shirt. But there's more — when no motion is detected, the lights go into UV-C-mode. UV-C light actually destroys the DNA of bacteria, which means that these lights sanitize your clothes and shoes. Perfect for for keeping things hygienic between laundry days.


A Flat Organizer With Elastics For All Your Small Items

This accessory organizer is outfitted with a grid of elastics that can be configured any which way so that you can secure small items like phones, ear buds, pens, sunglasses, keys, and pens. The organizer is super flat, so it takes up almost no space, and a pocket on the back is perfect for storing 9- to 11-inch tablets.


This Pet Hair Remover With A Self-Cleaning Base

Swipe this pet hair remover in one direction across any fabric to effortlessly remove cat and dog fur. To clean the remover, insert it into the self-cleaning base, then pull to scrape off hair. When the base is full, snap off the bottom cap and empty it into the trash. It's endlessly reusable so you never have to leave the house with a furry black sweater again.


This Thingamajig That Keeps Your Ziplocs Open For Easy Food Transferring

Transferring food to storage bags can get messy fast. These baggy racks, though, make transferring a lot less messy since you don't have to use one hand to hold the bag open while you pour with the other. Just clip the side of the bag to the rack to hold it open and upright and you can transfer soups, sauces, and snack mixes with ease. There are even adjustable height settings, so the racks work with baggies, quart-size bags, and freezer bags alike.


A Set Of Organizers You Can Use In Your Sock & Underwear Drawer

If your sock and underwear drawer is a mess, put these organizers to work. Each set comes with four organizers that are made with breathable, mold-proof fabric. The ones with smaller dividers are great for underwear, socks, scarves, ties, and accessories, and the one with long, skinny dividers is ideal for keeping your bras in good shape. Slip these in your dresser drawer and you'll be able to find those watermelon-print socks in no time.


This Handheld Clothing Steamer So You Don't Have To Iron

Forget about hauling out the ironing board and use this handheld steamer instead. Just fill it with water and plug it in (it heats up in just two minutes), then aim the steamer at your garment to work out wrinkles. It's safe to use on all kinds of fabric, like cotton, denim, wool, polyester, nylon, and silk.


A Lightweight & Extremely Versatile Vacuum Cleaner

This stick vacuum is ultra-lightweight, which makes operation a breeze, and it's also super skinny, so it takes up next-to-no storage space. You can detach the long handle to transform it into a hand vacuum, and there's even a crevice tool for reaching between couch cushions. The vacuum works on hardwood, carpet, and upholstery, and the 15-foot power cord gives you plenty of length to roam.


This Screen-Cleaning Spray & Microfiber Cloth That Gets Rid Of Smudges

Spray a little of this screen cleaner onto any screen and rub it gently with the microfiber towel to get rid of fingerprints, smudges, dust, and dirt. The streak-free formula even features anti-microbial properties that keep bacterial growth at bay. The spray is safe to use on LED, LCD, and plasma screens, so you can use it on your phone, tablet, computer, TV, and more.


These Compression Packing Cubes That Maximize Your Suitcase Space

Listen up, jet-setters: these packing cubes compress your clothes, giving you way more space in your suitcase, which means you don't have to pack light after all. The cubes are made from durable ripstop fabric and feature breathable mesh tops that let you see exactly what's inside. Each set comes with three different-sized cubes. Use the big one for jackets and sweaters, the medium-size for shirts, and the small one for socks and underwear. Choose from colors like tangerine, yellow, and blue.


This Organizing Rack For All Your Storage Container Lids

This lid organizer is oddly specific, but very useful. It holds round and square storage container lids upright and features five adjustable dividers to secure lids up to 9 inches in diameter. It's BPA-free and fits neatly into kitchen cabinets and drawers. Way better than that random pile of lids hanging out in the back of your cabinet.


A Peel-Off Nail Polish Guard For More Precise Manicures

Use this latex nail polish barrier to create intricate nail art or to help you give yourself a more precise at-home manicure. All you have to do is paint the barrier around your cuticles before starting on your nail polish. The barrier will then guard your skin from any smudges or mistakes. When you're done polishing, simply use tweezers to peel the latex off, and voilà.


This Set Of Airtight Food Storage Containers

Keep food fresh (and the ants away) with the help of these airtight food storage containers. The BPA-free containers feature side locks and silicone gaskets to ensure that contents are completely sealed from air exposure. Each set comes with two large and four small containers, as well as chalkboard labels and a marker so you can tell you flour from your sugar. Use them for nuts, cereal, coffee, and baking ingredients.


A Rope With Clips That Keeps Your Socks Together (So You Don't Lose Them On Laundry Day)

I honestly have no idea how at least one sock disappears every time I do laundry, but these sock clamps will put an end to that mystery. After wearing your socks, attach them to one of the nine clamps on the rope. When laundry day rolls around, simply throw the whole rope into the wash — your socks will remain together while they suds up, rinse, spin, and dry. The ropes feature hooks on one end, so you can hang them up in your closet for easy access.


A Neater Way To Stick Post-Its On Your Computer Monitor

Keep important reminders right where you can see them with these monitor memo boards. They attach to the right and left sides of your monitor with 3M adhesive and provide a place for you to stick post-it reminders (or, hey, notes of self-affirmation!). Most importantly, they won't block any part of the screen. A small shelf on the bottom is also great for storing small items like your phone — there's even a slot to accommodate your charging cable.


A Toiletry Bag With A Hook So You Can Hang It On The Towel Rod Or Door Hook

This toiletry bag is outfitted with a hook that's perfect for hanging on towel rods and door hooks in hotel bathrooms, which majorly saves on counter space. There's one main compartment, one bottom compartment, and multiple mesh pockets, so you'll have plenty of space for moisturizers, toothpaste, makeup, and makeup brushes. The bag is made from a durable, waterproof fabric with a layer of thin padding that protects any glass cosmetic bottles.


A Bento Box For A Neatly Organized Lunch

Pack the most pristinely organized lunch with this bento box lunchbox. It comes with a set of utensils, two stackable compartments, and dividers, so you can keep your salad separate from your pasta. The BPA-free containers are completely leakproof, as well as microwave- and dishwasher-safe. Plus the sleek, minimalist design will make you the lunchtime style maven at work.


This Tongue Scraper Made From Antibacterial Copper

A tongue scraper is one of the most effective tools you can use to banish bad breath. Gently running the tool over the length of your tongue will remove plaque and bacteria buildup that causes bad breath in the first place. This tongue scraper is made with copper, which is a naturally antibacterial metal, so you're getting double the odor-fighting power.


A Shower Caddy With A Space Just About Everything

With this shower caddy, you'll have room for all your shower supplies. The six angled racks are perfect for shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, while the flat racks are great for soap and smaller tubs. And those two hooks at the bottom? You can hang your loofahs and razors there. The caddy fits over most shower heads and features a suction cup and non-slip grip to keep it secure. Choose from five different finishes, like silver, bronze, and graphite.


This Bacteria-Eliminating Shampoo For Your Makeup Brushes

The bristles of your makeup brushes can pick up oil and bacteria fast, which you don't exactly want put on your face. And it's not just your face you should be concerned about, since all that buildup can also be hard on the bristles themselves. Give your makeup brushes a good bath with this makeup brush shampoo. It's plant-based, hypoallergenic, and gentle, so it won't irritate sensitive skin or your brushes' bristles.


A Revolving Spice Rack That Takes Up Minimal Space

Spin this countertop revolving spice rack around to find just the right spice to season whatever it is you're cooking. The stainless steel rack holds up to 20 spice jars, but is still narrow enough to fit onto countertops without taking up much space. The best part? The rack comes with a selection of pre-filled glass jars with spices like thyme, marjoram, garlic salt, coriander, rosemary, and oregano.


This Organizer That Keeps Your Car Trunk Tidy

If you've got a lot of junk in your trunk (your car trunk, that is) this car organizer is for you. It has two large compartments, plus a removable subdivider, so you can keep your first aid kit, umbrella, beach towel, and latest haul from the grocery store totally organized. Use the eight mesh side pockets for smaller items like flashlights and tire pressure gauges. Hook and loop fasteners allow you to attach the organizer directly to your trunk so it doesn't slide around when you take a hairpin turn.


A Little Tool That Cleans Your Hair Brush

Hair brushes can pick up stray hairs like crazy, and those stray hairs likely have a bit of oil and product residue on them. Obviously, you don't want to put that back on your hair, so keep your brush clean with this hair brush cleaner. One side of the tool features long teeth that work out stuck hair, and the other side features broom-like bristles so you can sweep product residue off the bristles and base of the brush.


A Wall Mounted-Toothbrush Holder That Also Holds Your Razor

This silicone toothbrush holder is outfitted with strong adhesive so you can mount it onto your shower wall or bathroom mirror. The toothbrush holder features drains on the bottom to prevent water and toothpaste buildup, and the additional hooks can be used to hang razors and loofahs. The silicone material is rust-resistant and easy to wipe clean. Choose from basic black or Tiffany blue.


A Pillbox That Fits Right Onto Your Keychain

If you're forever forgetting to take your vitamins, this pillbox keychain is for you. About the size of a AA battery, the lightweight, stainless steel pillbox fits right onto your keychain, so you remember to take your multi-vitamin after lunch. And if your water bottle spills in your bag? You don't have to worry — the interior O-ring tightly seals your pills from any liquid or contaminants.


This Dry Erase Calendar To Help Plan Your Week

The little squares on monthly calendars just don't provide enough space for writing everything down, so use this weekly dry erase calendar instead. Each day has plenty of writing space so you can keep track of your yoga class, work presentation, dinner plans, and more. The bottom of the calendar features plenty of free space for grocery lists and reminders, and the best part? The markers wipe right off the calendar for up to 50 days without staining. Each calendar comes with four dry erase markers and an eraser, too.


These Two-Tiered Spinning Trays To Organize Your Kitchen Cupboard

Thanks to this lazy Susan, you no longer have to dig to the very back of your kitchen cabinet to reach that bottle of paprika. Just keep seasonings and sauces on the rotating trays and spin to easily find what you're looking for. The two tiers maximize storage space, and the trays are height-adjustable between 6 and 7 inches.


This Towel Holder That Fits Right Over The Cabinet Door

Keep your dish towels within easy drying reach with this over-the-cabinet towel bar. Made from durable steel, it hooks right over any cupboard door and features foam backing that prevents scuffs and scratches. It's also great for using in the bathroom where towel rod space can be limited. Choose from several different finishes, like copper, pearl gold, and matte black.


This Countertop Lipstick Holder For A True Makeup Junkie

Put this lipstick holder on your vanity and you'll feel like you're at the department store makeup counter every time you go to apply your lip. Made from durable acrylic, the holder has room for up to 40 lipsticks and can be used to store other small cosmetics, too, like lipgloss, makeup brushes, and travel-sized vials.


This Laundry Bag That Fits Right Onto The Back Of Your Door

Your laundry hamper is hanging out in the corner of the closet — which could be valuable space for storing shoes. Free up that floor space by using this laundry hamper that fits right over your door. Just hang the loops of the laundry bag right over the stainless steel door hooks. The bottom of the bag features a zippered closure, which can be unzipped to dump laundry right into the washer. The hamper come in colors like green, gray, coffee, and pink.


A Bamboo Shelf Organizer For All Your Plates And Bowls

This bamboo kitchen shelf organizer is designed to fit neatly into the corner of your kitchen cabinet. With three separated tiers, you can easily access different plates and bowls without having to go to the trouble of unstacking them. You can also use it as a kitchen countertop organizer, or put it in the linen closet to stack hand towels and wash cloths.


These Storage Bins For Sweaters, Blankets, & More

Keep cashmere, wool, seasonal clothes, blankets, and linens in good condition by keeping them in these storage bins. The bins are dust-proof, moth-proof, and water-proof, and feature a sturdy frame that keeps the container upright, but can be collapsed when not in use. A clear window lets you see what's inside, and the bins feature zippered closures on both the top and side for easy access. Choose from pink, beige, gray, and brown.


A Wall-Mounted Organizer For Cleaning & Gardening Tools

Do you have a bunch of cleaning and gardening tools propped up in your mudroom or the corner of your garage? Keep them organized and out of the way with this wall-mounted broom holder. The slots feature rolling ball grips that can hold up to 7.5 pounds, and they automatically adjust to hold any object secure. The six hooks along the holder are ideal for hanging hats, gardening gloves, and sports equipment, too.


These Versatile Silicone Scrubbers & Pot Holders

These versatile silicone scrubbers are about the size of your hand, and they act as dish scrubbers, coasters, trivets, pot holders, jar openers, or even as a substitute for a loofah in the shower. They're made from silicone, which means they're durable and resistant to mold and bacterial growth (unlike standard sponges). Each dishwasher-safe scrubber is bristled on one side (for scrubbing), while the other side is grooved for a comfortable grip.


This Air Purifier That's Small Enough To Put On Your Desktop

Keep sneezing and sniffling-inducing germs and allergens at bay with this three-speed desktop air purifier. The HEPA filter traps up to 99 percent of allergens like dust, mold, dander, and pollen, while the charcoal filter eliminates odors from smoke, pets, and cooking. As for germs, a combination of UV-C light and titanium dioxide work to eliminate airborne bacteria and viruses. And at just 11 inches, the purifier is just the right size for your desktop, bookshelf, or bedside table.

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