43 Genius Inventions That Make Life’s Annoying Tasks Way Less Frustrating

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Turn on any infomercial and you'll likely see a person desperately struggling with a simple everyday task. That dude left wholly entangled in his hose. That woman flat-out smacking her wall with a hammer. Yes, they're obvious over-dramatizations, but there's truth at the core of it: people love products that make their lives easier, because some jobs are just downright frustrating.

Granted, my hose has never wound its way around me like a boa constrictor, but I'll be the first to admit that I've struggled with basic tasks. I've lost my keys for hours, only to find them somewhere in my one-room apartment. I've dropped the entire cookie into the glass of milk while dunking it, and I've accidentally fried sections of my hair while attempting to curl it. That's why I have a deep-rooted appreciation for genius inventions for practical people. If something saves me time, effort, or unnecessary irritation, that purchase is a win in my book.

So whether you're looking for items that make your chores less miserable or just something that you're bound to use day in and day out, you're in the right place. Whoever designed these innovative products was definitely using their head, because these things are downright brilliant.

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