43 Of The Coolest Inventions On Amazon That Are Cheap AF


You usually get what you pay for — an expression that literally means the more you spend, the more you should expect in terms of quality. But the items on this list — 43 of the coolest inventions on Amazon that are cheap AF — are the exception to that rule. Not only are they so affordable you'll consider stocking up on them, but they're also practical and, in many cases, can save you money in the long run.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this list of innovative goodies features plenty of genius tech gadgets like smart light bulbs and multipurpose outlets with USB ports that you can control via voice commands or your phone, a secure Bluetooth padlock locks, and an amazing acoustic speaker that attaches to your smartphone to amplify the sound when you're watching movies or FaceTiming friends.

But even if tech gifts don't tickle your fancy, there are other innovative products on this list to love, like a space-saving multi-styler heated hair tool that can both curl and straighten hair, or a garlic peeler that you simply roll on your counter to remove garlic peels, saving your hands from the fate of a nasty garlic odor.

This list is proof that innovative products don't have to cost a fortune to completely change your life.

1. These Heavy-Duty Kitchen Shears That Cut, Slice & Carve

The Drawer Kitchen Shears, $13, Amazon

This cheap pair of multipurpose kitchen shears can do it all: slice, dice, cut, and even carve through the toughest meats and veggies, while offering an extra sharp blade and finger guard to protect against cuts. One reviewer writes: "These are sharp and cut very easily, are comfortable to hold, and that bottom blade is angled so you can easily slide under something to cut."


2. This Universal Bottle Handle For Mess-Free Pouring

Cooks Innovations Universal Bottle Handle, $10 (2 Pack), Amazon

Transform any bottle into a pitcher that's easier to pour with these universal bottle handles, which slip on and off of large bottles. The handles are dishwasher safe and reusable and come two in a pack.


3. The Most Secure Smart Bluetooth Lock That You Can Control With Your Phone

YZGLIFE Smart Bluetooth Padlock, $20, Amazon

Keep your most valuable possessions even safer with this smart Bluetooth padlock, a key-less lock that you can control via an app from your smartphone. Set the stainless steel lock with a six-digit combination code and use it on your gym locker, handbag, suitcase, bike, and more.


4. A Set Of Cutting Boards That Fold In Half For Mess-Free Food Transfers

Slap Chop Folding Plastic Cutting Board, $13 (Set of 2), Amazon

You've chopped and diced your veggies and meat on this cutting board and now it's time to transfer them into a bowl while crossing your fingers that every ingredient doesn't spill to the floor. No worries: this board folds in half to create a convenient chute that deposits food without making a mess. These non-slip boards come in blue and white and are dishwasher safe.


5. The Most Handy Reusable Antibacterial Cleaning Towel For All Surfaces

The Wype Hand Cleaner Towel, $12, Amazon

Paper towels alone simply don't cut it when it comes to ridding most surfaces of dust and dirt — not only is this anti-bacterial microfiber hand cleaner reusable and effective without any additional chemical cleaning agents, but it lifts up dirt from furniture and even keyboards and traps it. The towel is machine washable and comes with one base, three blue covers, and a carrying bag.


6. A Practical Magnetic Charging Station That Powers All Of Your Devices At Once

Quirky Magnecharge Magnetic Desktop Charging Station, $28, Amazon

Don't waste time charging your devices — get more out of this one compact desktop charging station, which provides four USB ports and two standard outlets. The station has Ai charge technology that can detect the amount of charge each different device requires and features a magnetic mount on top that frees up desk space.


7. An Adjustable Tablet Stand With Flexible Legs For Hands-Free Viewing

Moutik Tablet Stand, $19, Amazon

Watch movies on your tablet or phone, or just enjoy hands-free scrolling, when you position your device on this sturdy, adjustable tablet stand, which has super-long, flexible spider legs made out of steel. The stand can be positioned anywhere — from your desk to your bed — and it adjusts to different angles for a more personalized viewing experience.


8. The Fun And Smart LED Night Light For Your Toilet That Features 16 Colors

Vintar Motion Sensor LED Toilet Night Light, $11, Amazon

Make nighttime trips to the bathroom safer and more fun (really) with this LED toilet night light, which is a breeze to install along the side of your toilet and can be programmed to deliver one of 16 colors (you can also set it to rotate among shades). The night light features five brightness levels and works via a motion sensor that turns off automatically when you leave the room.


9. This Portable French Press Coffee Maker For An Amazing Cup Anywhere

Khaw-Fee Portable French Press Coffee Maker, $7, Amazon

Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee for one — whether you're camping or at the office — with this smart portable French press coffee maker. Made from BPA-free and dishwasher-safe plastic, this compact coffee plunger press fits in your purse, is simple to use, and even easier to clean.


10. A Dual Air Purifier And Charger For Your Car

Jinpus Car Charger Adapter, $16, Amazon

Tackle that frustrating stale car air smell and provide yourself with a smart way to charge devices at the same time with this car charger adapter, which doubles as an essential oil diffuser (oils are not included). The plug-in adapter has dual USB charging ports and releases negative oxygen ions that help remove pollutants like smoke, bacteria, and pollen. Add your favorite soothing essential oil to its oil groove for an extra boost of aromatherapy.


11. The Lemon Juice Sprayer That You Can Simply Pop Right Onto Fruit

PomeMall Lemon Juice Spray, $6, Amazon

This innovative gadget lets you spray juice onto salads, meats, and other meals straight from the source. The lemon juice spray features a screw twist stem that you can insert into soft fruits like lemons, limes, and watermelon to retrieve juice and an atomizing spray head that delivers a mess-free application.


12. This Smart Plug That Works With Voice Commands

Gosund Mini Smart Plug Outlet, $10, Amazon

Plug your appliances and devices into this smart plug and use Alexa or Google Assistant voice commands or your smartphone to turn gadgets on and off. You can save money by setting schedules for your devices and will be able to control the plug from anywhere you roam.


13. An Audio Amplifier That Increases The Volume On Your Phone

Bone Collection Acoustic Speaker, $15, Amazon

This acoustic sound amplifier attaches securely to phones (you'll have to remove the phone case first) and automatically increases its volume, making it even more convenient to listen to music and stream movies from your device. The amplifier is made from silicone, which won't scratch your device, and is only compatible with iPhone 6, 6s Plus, and newer iPhone models.


14. An Adorable Color-Changing 3-D Owl Night Light

Owl 3-D Illusion Lamp, $17, Amazon

If ever that was an upgrade to your typical night light, this is it: a 3-D color-changing owl lamp that is as functional as it is adorable. The lamp can be set to seven different colors and consists of a long-lasting LED light that you can charge via USB cable.


15. These Cut-Resistant Gloves That Keep Your Hands Safe

Stark Safe Cut Resistant Gloves, $9, Amazon

Designed from tough-as-nails "level 5" cut-resistant material, these are the gloves you want to be wearing when you accidentally slip up while prepping a meal with a long, sharp knife. The gloves come in four sizes for the perfect snug fit and are ideal for tasks like cooking, carpentry, and making fixes around the house.


16. A Curling Wand & Straightening Iron In One Tool

Remington 4-In-1 Multi-Styler, $22, Amazon

Why keep a cabinet full of cumbersome hair styling tools when this one multi-styler performs four functions: it's a ceramic curling iron and straightening iron that can create medium curls, large curls, loose waves, or super-straight and glossy strands. With 30 heat settings it's perfect for every hair type and its 30-second heat-up function is amazing on busy mornings.


17. The No-Mess Nail Polish Holder That Angles Your Bottle For Hands-Free Application

Grip & Tip Nail Polish Holder, $8, Amazon

A mess-free home manicure is a reality with this nail polish holder, which tilts your bottle just enough to saturate the brush with polish without spilling any on tables and counters. The stand has a strong, adjustable clamp that can hold bottles of various sizes and the tool folds for travel.


18. This 3D Phone Screen Magnifier So You Can Comfortably Read And Watch Movies

Topun 3D Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier, $11, Amazon

Magnify your phone screen two to three times its original size with this phone screen magnifier and enjoy scrolling sites, reading books, and watching movies without having to strain your eyes to catch every detail. The magnifier fits most Android phones and iPhone 6/6s and up and is lightweight, compact, and foldable for travel.


19. The Unique Garlic Peeler That You Simply Roll Across Your Counter

Cestari Kitchen Garlic Peeler, $10, Amazon

Peeling garlic nearly always means getting stuck with smelly hands — until now. This unique garlic peeler requires nothing from you but a few rolls against your counter — garlic fully intact inside — before it effortlessly spits out garlic peels. The odor-resistant silicone peeler can peel several cloves at once and is dishwasher safe.


20. The Smart Light Bulb That You Can Control From Your Phone

eufy Lumos Smart Bulb, $16, Amazon

This smart light bulb can be controlled via your smartphone, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant, where you can program it to turn on and off, dim, and run on a set schedule, which can help you save money on your electric bill. The LED bulb lasts longer than traditional bulbs and uses far less power.


21. A Strong Magnetic Car Mount That Keeps Your Phone Upright

WizGear Magnetic Phone Car Mount, $12, Amazon

With 10 powerful magnets used in its smart design, this magnetic phone car mount keeps phones upright in cars and off of consoles, making it easy to take calls and follow directions without holding onto your device. Unlike most holders, this one won't block your car's air vent, it allows you to rotate your phone in a variety of angles, and it's large enough to hold onto bigger smartphones.


22. These Silicone Cups So That You Can Make Perfect Poached Eggs

Archer Perfect Poachers, $12 (Set of 4), Amazon

Perfectly poached eggs are one of the most difficult egg dishes to master, but these silicone poachers make it a breeze. The colorful non-stick cups keep your eggs separated and can be used on your stovetop, microwave, or in your Instant Pot. Your cooked eggs will slip right out and the cups are dishwasher friendly, to boot.


23. This Multipurpose Laser Level That Provides A Precise Straight Line For Hanging Decor

Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level, $14, Amazon

Any time you need a straight line — to hang photos or other home decor, for instance — this affordable laser level provides precise measurements that are nearly impossible to see with your naked eye alone, as well as a few other cool perks. The tool includes an 8-foot tape measure, a triple-positioned leveling bubble, and a laser level, with a back-up battery just in case.


24. A Bluetooth Receiver And Car Adapter That Lets You Play 15 Hours Of Music Nonstop

TaoTronics Bluetooth Receiver, $16, Amazon

Stream music or podcasts to this Bluetooth receiver and car adapter for 15 hours straight, no matter where you roam. It can be used to make hands-free phone calls and will adhere to car surfaces with 3M tape, which frees up your car console and ensures you never lose it.


25. This Microwave Popcorn Popper With A Lid That Doubles As Your Bowl

OXO Good Grips Microwave Popcorn Popper, $20, Amazon

Everything you need to make delicious and healthy microwave popped popcorn (aside from kernels) is right here in this perfect popcorn popper. The popper comes with a domed lid that doubles as your popcorn bowl and the non-stick bowl itself features convenient measurement markers and requires absolutely zero butter or oil to get the job done.


26. A Pair Of Magnetic False Lashes That Require No Irritating Glue

Beatife Magnetic False Eyelashes, $13, Amazon

Fake eyelashes look amazing, but the glue needed to apply them can be irritating, especially if you have sensitive or dry eyes. These genius magnetic false eyelashes are the ideal solution: they connect together with magnets and reviewers say they are lightweight and look natural.


27. The Multifunctional Microwave Accessory That Can Be Used As A Tray Or Lid

Home-X Multifunctional Microwave Accessory, $11, Amazon

If you spend any time at all heating up food in your microwave, this multifunctional microwave accessory will make your life a lot easier. The accessory has foldable handles that stay cool and it can be used as a plate stacker, a tray to transport hot foods back and forth, or as a lid to keep food from splattering as you cook it.


28. An Automatic Defrosting Tray For Meat & Frozen Foods That Saves You Time

HF Home Defrosting Tray, $15, Amazon

Put an end to that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realize dinner is a few hours away and the only ingredients you have in your house are still in your freezer. This defrosting tray thaws meat and other frozen foods in half the time it would take to defrost in your fridge or on your counter. The non-stick tray is made from space grade aluminum and features grooves to catch juices and four silicone grips on the sides to keep the tray in place.


29. These Strong Car Seat Hooks That Can Hold Up To 27 Pounds

Pluslor Headrest Hanger Hooks, $11 (Set of 4), Amazon

Attach these strong hanger hooks to car seats, where they can hold up to 27 pounds — making them especially useful for grocery and shopping bags and purses and laptop bags. The dual-ended hooks feature an upper hook for heavy bags with thick straps and a lower hook for more delicate plastic bags.


30. A Mess-Free Food Chopper With Its Own Built-In Cutting Board

Szresm 2-In-1 Food Chopper With Cutting Board, $10, Amazon

This two-in-one food chopper has its very own built-in cutting board, which means you can prep food with just one tool and without making a huge mess. The chopper has a sharp stainless steel blade that is resistant to rust and its clever attached board makes it a cinch to transfer ingredients right into your salad bowl.


31. An 11-In-One Survival Tool To Get You Out Of Any Jam

Explore Mate Survival Card, $8, Amazon

With 11 useful tools packed into one compact card that fits in your wallet or pocket, this survival card is smart to keep around in case of an emergency (both major and minor ones). The card features a flat screwdriver, cutting edge, can opener, bottle opener, saw blade, four-position wrench, and more.


32. This Creative Cheese Shaper That Makes Cheese Bowls, Taco Shells And More

Crafted Ingenuity Cheese Shaper, $17, Amazon

The zoodle craze may have piqued your interest in fun shapely foods, but this cheese shaper is the gadget that is going to blow you away. Using its clever bowls, you can shape your favorite cheese to create crispy cheese bowls, taco shells, crisp snacks, and artsy shapes that will jazz up any meal.


33. An LED Strip For The Back Of Your TV That Will Make You Feel Like You're In A Theater

Luminoodle Bias Lighting, $10, Amazon

If your television set is delivering dull picture quality lately, this $10 bias lighting solution is the quick, cheap fix that will save you from dropping hundreds on a new TV. The LED strip adheres to the back of your monitor, is powered by a USB cable, and provides an amazing source of backlight that will make your screen's colors more vivid — and will make you feel like you are sitting in a home theater.


34. The Moldable Plastic That You Can Use To Create Cool Objects

InstaMorph Moldable Plastic, $11, Amazon

Pour these InstaMorph moldable plastic pieces into warm water and, within minutes, they mold together to form plastic that can be used to create useful household objects like knobs, mounts, and brackets. More than a few reviewers have even used this plastic to create actual teeth, with one writing: "I just made a tooth out of this stuff the very first day I got the product to replace a broken crown on tooth 11 just left of my front tooth (which the dentist told me would cost $1,200 to replace, the thief — the fifth replacement in five years) and it looks great and is solid all day!"


35. A Textured Makeup Brush Glove Cleaner That Lifts Dirt & Makeup In Seconds

Aesthetica Cosmetics Makeup Brush Cleansing Mitt, $10, Amazon

Add a little soap and warm water to this brush cleaning glove and you'll be amazed at how much makeup it removes from brushes, without fuss and without the need to invest in costlier makeup brush cleansing systems. The silicone glove was designed with a variety of textured surfaces, all of which can gently, effectively lift powder and liquid makeup from brushes of all sizes, without damaging bristles.


36. This Smart Night Light You Wear Around Your Neck When You Read

Singhong Neck Book Light, $14, Amazon

Stop straining your eyes when reading late at night. You can enjoy your book, even when your partner is snoring next to you, with this neck book light, which you wear around your neck to give off a flash of LED light where you need it. The comfortable wearable light features four LED bulbs and four levels of adjustable brightness.


37. The Plush Memory Foam Neck Pillow That Twists To Contour To Your Body

Dot & Dot Memory Foam Travel Pillow, $25, Amazon

Most neck pillows are limited in terms of how they can actually support your body — but this memory foam travel pillow can be twisted, literally, so that it conforms to your neck and upper body. The breathable pillow comes with a removable, washable cover and has a snap closure so you can attach it to your backpack or suitcase.


38. An Eggshell Peeler Tool That Cracks, Peels & Removes Egg Shells

Fusionbrands Eggshell Peeler, $6, Amazon

Got a hard-boiled or soft-boiled egg you can't seem to crack with your fingers? Grab this eggshell peeler and use it to crack, peel, and remove egg shells in seconds. The handy tool is made from BPA-free plastic, comes in three colors, and is dishwasher safe.


39. The Eyeliner Stamp That Gives You A Flawless Cat's Eye Every Time

PrettyDiva Winged Eyeliner Stamp, $10, Amazon

Get the perfect cat's eye in seconds with this genius winged eyeliner stamp, a dual-ended tool with a highly pigmented eyeliner pen on one end and a stamp in the shape of the perfect wing on the other. The set comes with two pens, one for each eye, and reviewers say it provides a long-lasting wing that looks like you had your makeup done by a professional MUA.


40. This Wireless Panda Charger That Delivers A Speedy Charge Without Cables

Choetech Wireless Charger, $15, Amazon

This speedy wireless charger is compatible with newer iPhones (8 and up) as well as several Samsung Galaxy Note models. Simply place your phone on top of this charger and it delivers a super fast charge without the need to deal with loose, ugly cables.


41. The Rechargeable Solar-Powered Lantern For Camping & Emergencies

Nokero Solar Powered Lantern, $20, Amazon

Keep this solar-powered lantern in your home in case of an electrical outage or other emergency or bring it along with you on camping and hiking trips for a secure source of light. The compact lantern runs on lithium batteries, can maintain its brightness for up to 15 hours, and features two brightness settings.


42. These Colorful Bottle Openers That Attach To Your Key Chain

TOODOO Beer Bottle Opener Key Ring, $14 (Set of 5), Amazon

You'll get five colorful beer bottle openers in each set, and each can be attached to a key chain to ensure no bottle ever goes unopened when you're around. These sturdy bottle openers also feature a cap launcher that holds caps in place until you're ready to discard them.


43. A Pair Of Special Gloves That Massage And Groom Your Pet

Meetest Pet Grooming Gloves, $10, Amazon

Wear these five-finger grooming gloves and keep your favorite kitty or pooch happy and looking great. The adjustable gloves (which are one size fits all) feature silicone tips that provide your pet with a soothing massage while attracting and removing any fur that might shed and make a mess on your furniture and floors.

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