43 Of The Coolest Inventions On Amazon That Are Cheap AF

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You usually get what you pay for — an expression that literally means the more you spend, the more you should expect in terms of quality. But the items on this list — 43 of the coolest inventions on Amazon that are cheap AF — are the exception to that rule. Not only are they so affordable you'll consider stocking up on them, but they're also practical and, in many cases, can save you money in the long run.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this list of innovative goodies features plenty of genius tech gadgets like smart light bulbs and multipurpose outlets with USB ports that you can control via voice commands or your phone, a secure Bluetooth padlock locks, and an amazing acoustic speaker that attaches to your smartphone to amplify the sound when you're watching movies or FaceTiming friends.

But even if tech gifts don't tickle your fancy, there are other innovative products on this list to love, like a space-saving multi-styler heated hair tool that can both curl and straighten hair, or a garlic peeler that you simply roll on your counter to remove garlic peels, saving your hands from the fate of a nasty garlic odor.

This list is proof that innovative products don't have to cost a fortune to completely change your life.

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