43 Smart & Practical Products On Amazon That Are Worthy Of Their 5-Star Ratings

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On a site like Amazon, reviews are pretty much everything. Sure, a solid description and professional pictures never hurt, but once a product picks up momentum in the reviews section, there's no stopping the sales. Four stars are a pretty solid indication of quality, but Amazon products with five-star ratings? These are like unicorns amidst a field of mere horses. Products like that might just change your life, according to all the people who've already tried them.

If there's anything I've learned about the internet, it's that if someone has something negative to say — especially about something they've spent their hard-earned money on — they're going to say it. When Amazon products have extremely high ratings, it's usually because those products are worthy of past buyers' approval. The fact that reviewers had every chance to voice all concerns or disappointments and straight-up didn't? That's pretty impressive. Instead, they chose to sing their praises and smack five stars on it, which makes your shopping decisions a whole lot easier.

So whether you're looking for cult favorites that actually live up to the hype or products just starting to skyrocket into popularity, you'll find all of them here — as long as they have a near-perfect five-star rating attached to them.

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